Best way to Improve Google Ads CTR in 2024

Peter Martinez updated on 2023-12-19 17:46:15

When you start driving a Google Campaign, it is so necessary to get more traffic. Because without traffic. You cannot run your ads. Running ads on Google is the right place because Google is the most popular website today, and with just a little effort, you can achieve your goal.

To improve CTR on Google ads, there are various ways. Here we discuss the easy and most straightforward methods for improving the quality of CTR.

What is a Good CTR in Google Ads?

What makes a CTR good?

Well, we know that CTR depends on the viewing and clicking of your ads. Many other factors also depend upon CTR quality like the position of ad, Keywords, ad testing, etc.

If you ask someone what is good CTR? You probably would not get a clear answer if you do not know how your campaign is going.

Researches show that Good CTR for Google ads is 2%.

As we can see, there are also different rates for CTR. It is difficult to decide that how your campaign is going because CTR is not specific to ads. It is different for every type of ad. Some campaigns have higher CTR than others, like search ads, and shopping campaigns have higher CTR than other ads. Landing page of your ad is a crucial thing for improving CTR.

How to Improve CTR in Google Ads?

There are various methods by which you can improve the CTR of Google ads.

1: Protract ads:

With ad extension, you just add additional information about your ad like more features, more website links related to your ad, etc. Adding information is far more comfortable. More information you add, much better results you will find. Search networks are available for providing material like this is very useful for improving CTR quality.

2: Different Text ads:

Using different types of text ads, the Quality of CTR improves a lot. This increases your chances of showing relative ad searches. You just add different text types to improve the ad's quality. Try to highlight Unique text about your ad.

3: Usage of Effective Keywords:

It is a critical point that increases your ad's quality. Usage of keywords can help the people when they search about it. Keywords are the backbone of your article. You must use wisely and appropriately in your article. There should be no repetition. Relevant keywords must be in use.

4: Promotion Offers:

You must add different promotion offers in your ad details. This can attract an audience searching for ads. Offers like Buy more Save more or coupon Give away, free returns, etc., can increase CTR more effectively. You can also add different types of buttons like Contact us, buy now, Save, or many others for increasing audience interest.

5: Ad Competition:

You must know that ads also go in competition with other ads. You should always keep in mind that your ad's quality matches other companies or people. Must check the quality and other factors of the competitor ads. It gives you inspiration for improving your ad.

The above methods are useful and reliable for the improvement of CTR of Google ads.

Software for UX:

The are many software designs for user experience. Many people suggest different types of software. But here I am discussing Wondershare Mockitt.

ctr google ads

There are many different reasons for suggesting this software.

Wondershare Mockitt is a platform for designing and prototyping. It is such an excellent tool that helps in making different types of wireframes and other interactive apps. Following are the functions that wonder share Mockitt can perform:


By using wonder share Mockitt, you have the facility of sharing with great ease. By just clicking the share option, you can share any type of link or data with people around worldwide. It is an excellent solution for remote teams to get in contact with anyone.

Team management is essential for any type of project, especially in a software project. This excellent tool also provides team management.

Has Rich Library:

Wondershare Mockitt, with other unique facilities, has the facility of a lot of templates and assets that can help anyone greatly. You do not need to make templates separately. This tool is providing many templates of your taste-free. A lot of media assets can offer different flavors to introducing a very different word to you.

Free to Use:

One of the most exciting features of this tool is that it is free for everyone's usage. Mockitt is such an impressive tool that it has no expiration. If You want to do work with the Mockitt team, you have to join the paid membership in everyone's range. But without membership, you can use it free of cost. You can design anything without spending a cent.

Speedy Working:

Wondershare Mockitt is such a speedy tool that it provides you various techniques to design anything or do any work. You can do prototyping in just 3 steps. You can scale your design thinking in a short time.


Wondershare Mockitt is such a useful tool that it has different applications for use. There are links for going to different programs. A single link can reach you to all codes and files. It is also available in App form for cell phones. You can quickly get it. On the website, it has 20 screens per project and a lot of assets.

Online Forum:

As wonder share Mockitt is easy to get access for everyone; it is an online forum. Today, the internet is available in everybody's hands, so this tool is an excellent opportunity for building different qualities. If you are a designer, then it is a great site and a big chance for you.

Easy to learn:

The best tool is the one that is easy to understand by beginners. Wonder share Mockitt is very easy for the understanding of newbie. It guided the designer step by step and made the work easy.

Final Thoughts:

CTR for Google ads is so important, and taking steps to improve it can make your ads better. Wonder share Mockitt is an excellent software for scaling your abilities. Don't hesitate to use it, give it a try, and you'll know the difference.