How to Improve Customer Satisfaction for Your Ecommerce Website

Peter Martinez updated on 2024-06-06 13:46:46

One of the most important metrics that you must track while growing your business is Customer Satisfaction. Irrespective of any online business, these two words can define the destiny of your online company. And this metric becomes even more relevant and critical when we talk about eCommerce businesses. If your customer is not satisfied while interacting with your online store, you might end up having low to no sales. So it is crucial to measure customer satisfaction so that improvements projects can be initiated based on that data.

This article has laid down four main strategies to improve the overall customer journey on your eCommerce website.

But first, it is essential to know what exactly Customer Satisfaction is?

What is Website Customer Satisfaction?

Defining customer satisfaction is essential when we work on the project of improving it.

The American Society for Quality defines it as how happy the customers are with the services, products, and capabilities. Wikipedia defines it within the context of customer satisfaction in marketing - a measure of how services and products supplied by the company meet or exceed customer's expectations.

From onwards, we shall share all those strategies that you should consider and apply to boost your customer's satisfaction on your eCommerce website.

How to Imporve Website Customer Satisfaction?

As Lord Kelvin said that if you can not measure it, you can not improve it. So the first step of any improvement project is to measure it. You must know the current situation of what you are doing and how you are doing – only then would you be able to analyze and improve it.

An online survey is an excellent option if you want to measure customer satisfaction effectively. You can either send an online survey to the customer after they purchase something from your site or ask their opinions in the form of a Pop-up. Few other metrics can also give some picture of how your customers are satisfied with your services.

  • Look out for the conversion rate – how many customers coming to your website are making a purchase.
  • Bounce and Exit rate – number of customers who leave a single web page of your website without navigating through to the other pages of your website. The lower number is better.
  • Rate or Cart Abandonment – the percentage of online shoppers who have some items that remain within their shopping cart but never completes the checkout. Again, the lower, the better.
  • Returning Customers – number or percentage of loyal customers and have purchase items from your online store more than once. The higher number is, the better.

Using this kind of information would help you to derive an effective strategy to improve customer satisfaction.

Intuitive Navigation

It will help if you strive to make a seamless user experience for your customers. The design should be intuitive enough to direct customers to the relevant information. Whenever users visit your eCommerce website, they should know where to find the products, use the cart, find the blog section, and select different sizes for every product.

You should use best practices to ensure that your design is intuitive. For instance, using breadcrumbs, advanced filtering option, and putting the navigation bar at the top prominent position of a web page.

Easy and straightforward Check out Process

No matter how institutive your website design is, visitors will abandon their shopping carts if your checkout process is too complicated. Indeed, you do not want to see more and more abandoned shopping carts. So it is imperative to design an uncomplicated check out process. It would be best to allow customers to select product sizes and colors on their check out stage. People usually change their minds when they reach a checkout process, so it is beneficial to provide them with all the possible online shopping features at their check out stage.

Potential buyers must be able to see shipping and applicable taxes before the final check out stage. As per one research, 55% of the abandonment is due to the unforeseen costs users see at the last check out phase. So let the users see the right price at a very initial stage of a buying process.

Multiple ways of Customer Support

One of the best ways to keep the customers engaged and motivated in their buying process is to facilitate 24*7 live customer support. During online shopping, users come across many queries that they want to be addressed right on the spot. And if they would find no support in the form of live chat, the chance of them leaving your online store without buying anything will be increased. For common questions of clients and visitors, you can deploy chatbots. And for specific inquiries that need team support, a live chat feature should be given within the website.

Apart from the email support, the live chat should be available on an official website and all social media pages.

Addressing client concerns through all of the above platforms and ways will surely boost customer satisfaction overall.

Software for UI/UX design

There is a tool with which you can make a prototype of your eCommerce website and can put that prototype under test to see if that design will work after development. And that tool is Wondershare Mockitt. Mockitt is a user-friendly and features loaded tool developed by Wondershare to cater to all the novice and professional designers' needs.

  • Mockitt comes with a lot of interesting features. It has a premium and freemium version. With the freemium version, you can create up to 3 free projects. It is recommended to upgrade Mockitt for its premium version as it has an unlimited number of project options.
  • One of the most striking features that come with a premium plan is its collaboration feature. You can collaborate with various team members and ensure if the project is working as per the desired specifications or not.
  • You can use Mockitt without installing it within your operating system; yes, there is true as you can create stunning prototypes using your web browser. It works on Linux, Mac, and Windows.
  • Mockitt offers you to select any of its pre-installed templates (you will find separate eCommerce templates as well). In such templates, half of the work is already completed. You can tweak these templates as per your tailored requirements
  • You can select various widgets and icons from the vast library of elements. You can create an interactive and appealing design prototype by just dragging and dropping these elements onto a working screen.
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