How to Create Web Design with Figma【Mockitt】

Peter Martinez updated on 2020-09-25 17:19:49

Figma is a designing tool admired and used by several professionals across the globe due to its immense power for creating mockups and prototypes for software products and various apps. This article, in a nutshell, tries to cover some salient points of Figma web design. It is essential to be accustomed with the fundamental aspects of the tool before you progress to interpreting and applying more advanced concepts. The tool invariably makes your task easier to create beautiful web designs, even on a short notice. Go through the points mentioned in the next section and practice them.

How to create web design in Figma?

Figma is supported by various devices, so you will not have any problem to begin and quickly progress. You need to sign up. They you must download the tool. Install it and get started.

In order to grasp the basic concepts of Figma web design tutorial, it is very important to begin working with various Figma frames. After that, you need to understand the fundamentals of using colors. Explore the feature-rich color picker and practice rigorously on various color combos. There are multiple color libraries provided in Figma. You should also learn to play with different types of constraints.

Keep in mind that Figma is a wonderful tool where you will be able to collaborate with other team members of web designing in real-time. The edits will be accounted for and all of you can discuss in tandem about various aspects of the project.

The initial step to use Figma for web design is creating a file on the tool platform. Try out some common shapes and figures to build something. It is always wise, as a novice, to share a little bit of your incomplete work through social media handles in order to get clear opinions about the result and your abilities. The step helps you to assess your skills as you continue learning.

One of the most important steps after that to learn prototyping the design frame on which you are experimenting to create a web design product. There are several kinds of Figma web design template frames that you can try out and check the results yourself. You need to import relevant images and materials for accomplishing the goal. Also, you must learn to save and export the prototype as a reliable file.

After that, in order to add value to Figma template web, it is crucial to work with elements such as mask, rounded corners of different shapes, and also apply Boolean operations on the platform. It will make the prototype of web designing solution more robust. You also need to grasp how to align text and images and other content. You need to learn dropping shadows and using blurred layers with background effect.

One of the finer elements on which you must focus is proper usage of gradients on your designed templates. Moreover, working with texts and different font styles can be challenging in a Figma web design template. After all these operations, the website or web platform of the product becomes fairly ready.

The best Figma alternative

Wondershare Mockitt is a terrific alternative to Figma for web designing purposes. It is lightweight, fast, and extremely efficient. You and your team would really love working on Mockitt, building fabulous creative designs. The attributes of the tool immensely aid you to create both marvelously functional and astonishingly aesthetic elements through intricate web designing.

beautiful website design

Collaboration is actually a cakewalk when you are using Mockitt. The whole assignment can be completed on cloud. The tool is supported by a tremendously secured cloud platform, where all kinds of sensitive information are safe. The edits and re-edits of the members are recorded and finely synced throughout the different phases of the project.

Mockitt is excellent in terms of interaction. You will enjoy exploring its various features to continuously interact with the user-friendly interface. It also takes a lot less time to complete a project, as the interface is heavily intuitive. Its sophisticated attributes help you to prototype in lesser time and with lesser effort. Creating beautiful mockups with Mockitt is very exciting and fulfilling, both from creative and professional angles. There are thousands of templates in Mockitt that moves forward your tasks and increase your productivity across different projects from various industries.

How to create web design with Figma Alternative?

Creating a web design with Mockitt is extremely easy. You can learn quickly, even as a self-starter.

There are two versions in which you can begin your project. The first one is the basic version. You can create both a mobile-based and web-based project. It depends on you to decide the scale of the project. Set the project size as per the business requirements. After that, you need to carefully add the required widgets and set of icons for the platform. Mockitt provides an extensive widget panel that you can flexibly use in this context. After adding the relevant widgets, all you need to do is edit them accordingly. Also, keep in mind that you need to save the widgets for reusing them for later purposes.

It is essential to add important links between screens. Here lies the significance of the interactive interface of Mockitt. The tasks become easier with the sophisticated features of the tool. After you have added links, you need to convert the widget. This is done in order to master the aspect of bulk editing in web designing projects. When you are already done with the work, it is important to add crucial notes. These notes help you to improve the prototype in the later stages of web design development. Mockitt provides numerous templates from where you can use relevant screens along with widgets.

The next step involves managing the asset library. Try your hand in learning interactive animations by optimally using dynamic widgets.

The advanced version of Mockitt has its own special elements that you can explore. In this version, you will be able to add audio and / or video files. You can also add a Google Spreadsheet if you want. In this version, you will be in a position to make the web or mobile project dynamic in nature. Try your hand in creating a more interactive navigation bar. Also, attempt to make a beautiful carousel.

Gradually, you learn how to make the static files of web design dynamic. You learn to import files for more robust prototyping of your project. After that, it is mandatory to extensively preview the prototypes on multiple devices - PC, mobile phone, and tab. Mockitt provides you ample options to share the prototype on the cloud. This can be extended to Enterprise level management for better results.

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