A Review on the 10 Adobe XD Wireframe Template

Laura Angelica updated on 2023-03-23 14:48:53

The Adobe XD wireframe templates ease the web design tasks and assist the designers to create a stunning webpage for the clients without any compromises. In this article, you will discover amazing templates with reliable elements to embed in the working space. Every element and component in the Adobe XD wireframe kit stands unique from the crowd. Utilize the templates which serve your needs and do not hesitate to try out the perfect layouts. It is high time to save valuable time while developing an interactive website for your requirements.

Top 10 Adobe XD Wireframe Templates

In this section, you are going to explore innovative and creative Adobe XD Wireframe templates to build an astonishing webpage for business. Using these templates, you can design layouts with extraordinary functionalities. Choose the perfect match and connect with the best template which serves you the best without any regrets.

4ocal UI Kit

It is a fully customizable template with 260 well-designed layouts. The stylish layouts are assembled in a well-structured way and categorized optimally for easy reach. The files are listed out in. XD format. This kit is available in the online space for free download.

adobe xd wireframe templates

Trio UI kit

It is an awesome wireframe kit compatible with Adobe XD. In this kit, you can find more than 160 screens and organized into 9 categories. There are 700 elements in the list and are ready to use for the quick design process. To design a modern webpage, you can employ 3 color versions with customizable vector shapes and fonts.

free adobe xd wireframe templates

Darkmoon UI Kit

This kit is exclusively designed for commercial and personal use. It is a stylish kit with huge collections of attractive templates. The kit is comprised of 10 categories along with 120 screens. You can find more than 1000 UI elements to make your webpage attractive and innovative in the digital market. The advanced bootstrap grid and vector framework give a new look at the webpage development process.

adobe xd wireframe templates free

Ebook App Kit

As its name indicates that this kit is an exclusive product for the E-book app. In this wireframe kit, you can find automatic animation features inserting the curling effect for the pages to help the readers with comfortable reading. Apart from this effect, this kit contains well-organized layers, a night mode option, and responsive design elements.

wireframe template adobe xd


This kit is specially designed for commercial purposes. The templates and layouts are developed in such a way to highlight the products leaving behind the distractions on the website. It is exclusively designed for developing product sales pages.

adobe xd website wireframe templates


It is the best Adobe XD wireframe template. You can use this layout to design iOS apps and it is free to download. There are 60 screens with customization options. You can insert 3D animation effects on the layouts easily in this kit. This is the highlighted part of this wireframe kit.

adobe fireworks wireframe templates

Vault UI Kit

The Vault UI kit is available for free download. This kit contains functional elements with secure components. There are 20 screens customizable according to your webpage design needs. It has the latest prototyping feature. It is high time to insert the unique components from this Vault kit to make your webpage responsive and attractive.

adobe wireframe templates


This wireframe kit is exclusively designed to create a digital reputation for non-profit organizations like charities, trusts, etc. In this kit, you can find built-in key pages like home, about us, resources, news, stories, etc which can be directly included in your website and personalize it depending on your requirement.

wireframe adobe xd template

Tractiv UI kit

It is a simple kit containing 15 screens for mobile applications. These screens are fully customizable. You can find basic components like symbols, buttons, colors, grids, etc that can be readily inserted into your webpage design quickly.

adobe xd wireframe templates


This wireframe kit exclusively employed to develop a webpage for online stores. There are basic elements suitable to design a common website for your business. In this UI kit, there are 22 organized screen designs well-structured optimally. The UI components like tags, bubbles, comments, etc enhance your designing tasks for desired results.

free adobe xd wireframe templates

A Better Tool for Wireframing and Prototyping

For a flawless workflow and collaborative teamwork, Wondershare Mockitt app plays a vital role. Scale your design thinking and bring innovative changes to your web design in no time. Animate the prototypes and make them interactive with amazing UI elements effortlessly using this Mockitt app. You can easily get access to the asset libraries in Wondershare Mockitt and customize the elements as per your comforts for desired results. Connect with your teammates in real-time and enhance your design tasks using this incredible program Wondershare Mockitt.

adobe xd wireframe templates free

Take a quick look at its awesome functionalities below:

  • Create a prototype in just 10 minutes.
  • It is a developer-friendly tool with browser-based elements and export tools.
  • This app contains built-in UI elements and templates to enhance your design process to the next level.
  • The user-friendly interface helps the users to access the controls easily without any difficulties.
  • Insert the gestures and transitions to build an interactive webpage for your needs.
adobe xd wireframe templates free

Mockitt comprises built-in resources to save your valuable time during the design process. In the 'Libraries' you can find a wide range of UI elements and components to create a comfortable webpage for your needs.

As soon as you sign in Mockitt, tap the "Resources" to find plenty of templates for your design. If you are in the working area, you can also tap "Library" to use customizable widgets which can be fully edited according to your requirement. Double Click, drag, and drop the widgets into the working area and modify the style to customize it. You can also save these widgets for future use.


Thus, you are at the end of the discussion about the fascinating Adobe XD wireframe templates. Surf through the templates and get a clear picture of its features before employing them in your design layout. Every kit is unique with amazing functionalities and you can go for the perfect template which serves your needs optimally. Connect with the right layouts to design a highly interactive website for business activities. Reduce your design time using these templates in the right space and help your clients to reach out to their target audience effortlessly. Using layouts, you can build a flawless website design with interactive features. Stay tuned to this article to explore wireframe kits for an effective web design development process. Grab the perfect template and save your design time with responsive functionalities. The Wondershare Mockitt assists you to develop a digital presence for your business precisely.