How to Export Adobe XD to Flutter for Real App

Peter Martinez updated on 2024-06-06 13:48:16

Streamlining project design and project development is a challenging task. For quite some time, developers and designers spent lots of time harmonizing discrepancies. It is no doubt slowed the app development process and becomes worse in the current setup where apps are in great demand. Fortunately, you can export Adobe XD design to Flutter and make app development seamless. But how can you export Adobe XD to Flutter? Well, you want to know how? In this article, we shall take you through a complete guide on how to export adobe XD to Flutter.

How to Export Adobe XD to Flutter for Real App

Step 1. On the Adobe XD, navigate to the "Plugins" option and select "Discover Plugins". Search for Flutter and install it. Now that you have installed navigate to "Plugins" > "Flutter" and subsequently the "UI Panel". This command will display the UI panel.

Step 2. The next thing is to add the Adobe XD package to your flutter project. Simply add it to your pubspec.yaml app manifest. This Adobe XD the package offers helper functions that lessen boilerplate in the XD code that is generated.

Step 3. Now it is time to export your Adobe XD code to Flutter. If you want to export a single element, choose the individual widget, and select the "Copy Selected" button within the UI panel you just opened. This will automatically copy the respective Dart code to your clipboard.

To export the entire project, select the artboard and navigate to "Plugins"> "Flutter"> "Export All Widgets". It will export all widgets from the control panel. Now, you can then set any additional configurations of your choice. This action will create several classes in your project's lib/ subdirectory. These classes can be used directly. You can edit your XD prototype and export again using the Ctrl+ Shift+ F for windows. You can enable the Dart Hot Reload option within the Save Watcher Settings of your Visual Studio Code to automatically reload updates when exporting the design again. Now run Flutter on an emulator or hit Hot Restart to see the UI.

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The Best Adobe XD Alternative

Wondershare Mockitt is arguably the best design, prototyping, and collaboration tool. The program houses immense capabilities that make it edge other similar-purpose tools. Wondershare Mockitt is fast and is easy to use because of the intuitive and straightforward interface. The good thing is that you won't start your designs from scratch. There are plenty of templates and UI assets to pick from. These assets are suitable for several types of industries. Just pick a template and customize it to meet your need. Drag the plenty of widgets and icons then edit to create a stunning interface. You can add transitions and animations to your wireframes and prototypes to catch the eyes of potential clients.

adobe xd to flutter

With Wondershare Mockitt, you don't have to worry about uploading, saving, or downloading your projects because every project is synced on the cloud. You can access your project at any given location and time across several devices. Also, collaborate with your team members and accelerate the design and development of the project. You can preview, share, and download the project as an apk/HTML package.

Features of Wondershare Mockitt

  • The program allows users to perform real-time collaboration and co-editing.
  • The cloud feature syncs all projects, and it can be accessed anytime anywhere.
  • Wondershare Mockitt has plenty of widgets and icons that are used to make the interface more attractive.
  • With Wondershare Mockitt, users can preview their prototypes on mobile devices, desktop, and offline.
  • It offers several templates to design effectively.
  • The program allows users to share their prototypes with other people.

How to Preview the App Interactive Prototyping Like A Real App

Step 1. Open your Prototype

Log in to Wondershare Mockitt using your username and password. On the main window, select your project and open it. If you don't have a project, select the "Create" > "Prototype" to create a new prototype project.

adobe xd to flutter

Step 2. Preview your Prototype

Wondershare Mockitt allows users to preview their prototypes in three ways, namely on PC, offline, or mobile.

  • Preview on PC

Navigate to the toolbar and click the "Preview" button. Now interact with your prototype on the PC. Adjust the preview settings like "Page scroll", "sticky", "Shell", and "Highlight on click" as per your preference.

flutter adobe xd

You can also click the "Full Screen" button at the top to see a more immersive presentation. If you also want to switch to white and black backgrounds, just click the respective button as well.

  • Preview on Mobile

For the mobile preview option, Wondershare Mockitt offers two options.

Option 1. Hit the "Share" button to obtain both the QR code and the project sharing the link. Copy the link and open it on your mobile device or simply scan the QR code.

  • Preview Offline

If you don't have a wifi network, Wondershare Mockitt offers you three ways to interact with your prototype.

Option 1: Locate and click the "Download" button. The "Download to" window shall pop-up. Select the "HTML5ZIP" from the options given to fetch the ZIP file to your device. Navigate to the download folder and open the zip file you just downloaded. Open the index.html file using the Chrome browser and view your prototype as a real app.

Option 2: Again go to the toolbar and click on the "Download" button. From the subsequent "Download to" window, select the "Android APK" option and wait for the file to be downloaded. Locate the file on your device and send it to an Android device. Install it and launch the app to see how your prototype works.

Option 3: Go to App Store and download Wondershare Mockitt Player. Install it and sign in to Wondershare Mockitt using your credentials. Select the target project and two-finger tap to display the menu. Select "Download". When it is downloaded, you can view your prototype on Wondershare Mockitt Player.