Figma VS Adobe XD VS Sketch: Which is the Right Tool for You

Peter Martinez updated on 2024-06-06 13:48:22

“Which is the best designing tool to develop prototypes for apps and websites? Can someone let me know about the Figma VS Adobe XD VS Sketch comparison?”

Gone are the days when designers only used to have a handful of tools to work on. Now, you can see numerous applications in the market to help you come up with stunning designs on the go. Out of them, Sketch, Figma, and Adobe XD seem to be the most popular options. To help you pick the right tool, I have come up with this detailed Adobe XD vs. Sketch vs. Figma comparison in this post.

Figma vs Adobe XD vs Sketch: A Comprehensive Comparison

To start with, let’s quickly get to know about the major offerings and unique features for each tool.

Figma: A robust web-based solution

Most of people use Figma on their browsers due to its compatible interface. The application is pretty easy to use and offers several designer templates. It also lets us collaborate with others and is mostly used to make wireframes and prototypes.

Sketch: The go-to Mac Designing Solution

Sketch has been around for a while now and is mostly used by Mac owners to create various designs. While learning Sketch is a bit complicated, it offers a wide range of features that can help you in the long-run. Most of the applications also let us import Sketch projects directly.

Adobe XD: Extensive designing support

Adobe has also come up with a dedicated application to help us create mockups, prototypes, and wireframes. One of the best things about Adobe XD is that there is a wide range of plugins, letting us integrate our designs with a database, user-testing, and other services.

After getting to know about these applications, let’s quickly do a comparison of Figma vs. Sketch vs. Adobe XD based on different parameters.

User interface

Figma is a web-based solution and is the easiest of all the three applications. Besides that, Adobe XD will let you perform all the basic jobs without too much experience. On the other hand, Sketch can be a bit complicated and will need a few weeks to master.

Available platforms

While Sketch is only available for Mac, Adobe XD can be accessed on either Mac or Windows. Figma has the best support as it can run on the web and have dedicated desktop applications as well.

File Support and Plugins

Adobe XD is a clear winner when it comes to the file support and plugins. It supports Sketch, Illustrator, and Photoshop files and there are plugins for dribble, user testing, database, and so on. Sketch only supports its native files and there are hardly any plugins. Figma comes in between and it supports .fig and Sketch files with a handful of plugins.

Resources and features

Sketch has dedicated kits for prototyping and the development of apps. Adobe XD has a dedicated tool to create prototypes and wireframes. The features in Figma are almost the same as Sketch, but it offers a smoother interface. You can use either of these app When it comes to designing, Adobe XD only lets us share the details but not the actual CSS. Figma is pretty flexible as it lets us export the file’s CSS, design specs, and even its XML code. In Sketch, you can export the design specs, but can only copy CSS (can’t export it)..


The pricing for individuals for Adobe XD starts from $9.99 per month, and for teams, it starts from $22.99 monthly.

If you are an individual user, then you can buy Sketch for $99 (one-time payment) while teams can get its subscription for $9 per month per user.

Lastly, Figma offers various plans that start from $12 per month for individuals and $45 per month for teams.

Overall Comparison

To help you pick the right tool, I have listed a quick Sketch vs. Figma vs. Adobe XD comparison.

Figma Adobe XD Sketch
Runs on Web, Mac, and Windows Mac and Windows Mac
Collaborative Support Yes Yes No
Offline mode Limited Yes Yes
Multiple boards and projects Yes Yes Yes
Nested art boards Yes Yes No
Plugins Limited Extensive Limited
Ease of use Extremely easy Easy Moderate
Free trial Yes (for 30 days only) Yes Yes
Plans start from $12 per month $9.99 per month $99 one-time

The Best Figma and Adobe XD Alternative in 2020

Besides that, if you are looking for a more user-friendly web-based designing tool, then you can also try Wondershare Mockitt. It offers desktop applications and can also be accessed for free via its online designing solution. Since the application is not as complex as Figma or Adobe XD, it is highly recommended for beginners and lightweight users.

  • Professional templates

On Mockitt, you can find several pre-made templates that are designed by professionals. You can select any template and make quick edits in it.

  • 100+ Design elements

There are hundreds of widgets, icons, vectors, and other design elements in Mockitt that you can use via drag-and-drop actions.

  • Dynamic widgets

All these design elements are entirely editable and can be reused. You can also use them to link different screens and include dynamic elements like animations or transitions.

  • Import/Export options

If you want, you can easily import a Sketch project on Mockitt and further export your work in other formats like HTML, PNG, SVG, and HTML.

  • Instant preview and sharing

It lets us save our work in the cloud and share it with others instantly. You would also get a live preview of your apps and designs on the interface.

figma vs adobe xd

Why you should switch to Mockitt?

Here are some of the major reasons for switching to Mockitt from other platforms like Adobe XD and Figma.

  • You can access Mockitt for free and don’t have to spend a single dime working on your designs.
  • While it might take weeks to learn applications like Figma or Adobe XD, Mockitt needs to technical hassle or experience.
  • You can find hundreds of widgets and templates that you can use to save your time in designing.
  • Apart from its desktop application, it is also available on the web and can be accessed on any platform.
  • You can directly import your app designs into APK formats and upload them to the Play Store.

After reading this Sketch vs. Figma vs. Adobe XD comparison, you would be able to pick the best tool to meet your requirements. If you are still not sure and confused between Figma and Adobe XD, then consider giving Mockitt a try. It is one of the most user-friendly designing applications out there that would let you come up with mockups, prototypes, and wireframes on the go.