Top 5 Android App Builder Free Online

Peter Martinez updated on 2023-03-23 14:48:53

Now a day, everyone is using smartphones and access several games, social media apps to enjoy their free time. There are millions of apps available in the play store for making your life easier. Many people come with the unique concept and developing the apps but due to the technical coding they can't develop apps according to their concept. To overcome this problem there are several Android app builder available over internet. If you don't know coding then you can simply choose Android app builder without coding software to turn your concept in reality.

Top 5 Free Android App Builder

1. Appypie:

Appypie is a very powerful and easy to use android app builder which enables you to create mobile apps of your choice even if you are a newbie and don't have any experience of coding. This android app builder without coding offers you an interface where you can simply drag & drop the icons and needed options and simply create your favorite apps without doing any effort. This drag and drop Android app builder mostly all type of icons such as location, adding coupon feature etc. which make your app looking processional and cool for your viewers.

2. Appsheet:

Appsheet is another Android app builder which can help you to turn your concept in reality very easily. Appsheet offers you many sample apps on the website which can help you to understand the types of apps you can develop using Appsheet. There is a free trial version offered by website which allows you to test the app and you can use Android app builder free of cost. This application can develop the apps in real time and you can see the applied changes directly while making changes. This is an Android app builder online so you can easily make your apps without any installation of software on your system. It automatically saves your finished work which saves you from losing the data.

3. Good Barber:

Good Barber app is an online website where you can directly create mobile apps using any of your favorite browsers. This is a very nice Android app builder online website where you can start making application just by signing up in the application. There are mainly three types of pricing plans offered on the website which contains classic, Ecommerce and reseller type of accounts. You can select any plan as per your need.

4. App Institute:

App Institute is Android app builder free website which totally works online without any installation of software on your windows or Mac computer. This website offers you free web builder as well which allows you to create free apps without paying anything. It claims that it is free android app builder online but actually it is not. The free Android app builder online version comes with so many limitations which can make it critical to develop the best app for to your idea.

5. Yapp:

Yapp website is also a very powerful Android app builder online. You can easily design apps for the community, team or for any other purpose with the help of this website. It allows you to create free apps as well but there are so many limitations in the free version. There is drag and drop feature of icons is also offered in website which can help you to easily make websites just by dragging and dropping the options at your needed places in the app screens. This drag and drop android app builder free website can be used for 14 days for making free app with the limited features.

The Best Drag and Drop Android App Prototype Builder

Wondershare Mockitt

Wondershare Mockitt is the best android app builder website available over internet. You can create any app using this website without any coding experience hassle. There are tons of features available in this website which makes it easier to create apps without any limitations. You can also use this Android app builder free of cost as there is a free version offered which allows you to create the apps without any limitation which is not available on any other website. It offers you tons of features and you will never face lack of options.

android app builder

Key Features:

  • The website offers you free version to create your apps without spending anything.
  • You can design your app for any purpose and express your creativity.
  • It comes with over 20 free templates to design the app instantly.
  • You can also create your own widgets and save them for future use.
  • This drag and drop Android app builder free allows you to quickly add icons and features to your app screen.
  • It offers you 9 gestures and over 17 transition effects to use with your app design.
  • You can create apps with live preview.

How to Create App using the best Android app Builder:

Step 1: Create New Project

Firstly, visit the Wondershare Mockitt website and then login to the website. If you have not created account then please create and then login. Now click on the "Create New Project". Now give a name to the project and then select the device for which you want to make app. Here we have selected "Mobile". You can also create custom device as per your project need.

Wondershare Mockitt also offers you several inbuilt templates which can help you to create app for various industries. To use the templates simply hit "Use Demo" option and then your needed industry template.

android app builder free

Step 2: Drag and Drop Icons and Widgets for Your Android App

Now you will see options to select the icons and widgets for your app. On the left side of interface there are widgets options available. Double click on the widget icons or drag & drop widgets to canvas. At the right side of interface there are three types of widget assets available which are: My Widgets Built in Widgets, Icons. You can add them to canvas by double clicking on the widget icon or just by dragging and dropping them. You can now edit the widgets using the properties panel of the widget.

android app builder online

Step 3: Add Links between the Screens

Now you have to add links between the screens. You can do this by selecting the widget and the hitting "New Link".

android and ios app builder

Step 4: Add Notes to the Design

You can add notes to the design as well. To add notes in your design simply hit sticky notes from the right side pane and then you can add any text of your choice. These notes can be viewed in preview as well.

drag and drop android app builder

Step 5: Preview your Project

Once your project is ready you can easily preview your project. To preview you need to click on the "Preview" window. Now the project preview will be available on your screen.

To get exact preview of app you can also do full screen and select black background to view the preview of application perfectly.

android app builder without coding