Top 5 App Design Ideas in 2024

Peter Martinez updated on 2024-06-06 13:46:51

For any mobile application, UI design has always been a must because it creates the first impression. And this is what inspired us to write about the top five app design ideas which are going to rule in 2023. With proper UI design, your app will be able to resonate well with the buyer's persona, connect well with the brand, and also allow the user to have a smooth app journey experience. When you think of UI design as client-centric, and load it with engaging content, your app is bound to become successful. However, UX landscape changes and transforms continuously, and you will see all the new things happening when it comes to mobile app design ideas. Let's check out some of the app design ideas which will inspire you.

Top 5 App Design Ideas 2023

1. Designs for Bigger Screens

All the new generation mobile phones and phablets have gigantic screen size, and to cater to a wider sum of the audience, UI design will now get bigger and better. Customers are getting more inclined towards visual content, and this is what designers are now keeping in mind while designing an app. However, designing for bigger screens will have its own challenges, and one of them being the navigation and changes in UI/UX. Plus, the designers will have to think about the comfort level of the customers browsing through the app as well. Hence, designing apps for people who have bigger size smartphone screens is definitely a trend but has its own challenges to overcome.

2. User Interface Being Simplified

Most of the app designers nowadays incline to create an app that has to offer a simplified user interface. For better functionality, it is necessary to have a clear and simple interface. That's how users find the app more intuitive and interesting. If you notice carefully, the designs that apps offer are flat design to fit well with the digital screens. By 2023, we can see a lot of designers focusing on clarity and bespoke functionality, taking advantage of screens, minimalizing the UI design, and designers are also working on blank screen space. The end goal is to allow users to have a seamless experience while using the app.

3. Swiping is On the Rise

Another app design idea 2023 that is trending is swiping as one of the main features of an app. You might now feel that swiping is nothing new, but the designers are working on it to make it even better because there is scope for improvement. It has been evaluated that the swiping mechanism of older phone designs was too small, making it hard for users to swipe the button easily. However, designers have made it large enough for anyone to swipe them effortlessly. The designers are getting inspired by the card-based feed, and they may continue to add universal swiping and card layouts.

4. Storytelling and Branding

Mobile app makers have understood that their apps play a vital role in telling the company's story to the users. They have also understood how important it is to have a good story because that helps in creating long-lasting relationships with the audience. Keeping the essence of this in mind, the app designers are focusing on creating apps that will tell the company's objective loud and clear. This design helps in creating the right audience base who will always shop from the chosen company. To tell the right story, designers have been using graphics and illustrations more. This is how the brand's story gets delivered.

5. Choosing Fresh Color Palettes

All the new apps come with fresh color palettes to attract more and more customers. Colors give life to the app and make it look appealing. Till date, designers were more focused on minimalistic design feature, and that's why they have been using fewer colors as possible, which create a lot of white space. The latest color scheme comes with both dark and light backgrounds. In fact, fresh color palettes are being used in designing websites as well. It is not recommended to make your app overloaded with colors, hence choose the color palettes wisely.

The Best Tool to Bring App Design Ideas into Life

Now that you know about some of the best app design, we are confident that you would like to try these ideas! To try them and turn them into a reality, you will need one of the best prototyping tools that will allow you to try out all of the ideas to create a robust app that you want for your client. Convert all the new app design ideas into a reality with Wondershare Mockitt. It is one of the best prototyping tools that lets you collaborate with your team, get instant feedback for the wireframing tool, and design the tool just the way you want it.

app design ideas

Here are the main features of this tool:

  • Designing - You can use it to design and create prototyping and wireframes freely. There are lots of features to use, and the features will allow you to design a prototype without any hassle.
  • Library - The tool comes with abundant widgets and icons that you can use to customize the app and even save them. You don't need to have the experience to use this tool.
  • Inspect and Discuss - The number of features Wondershare Mockitt has will let you use them seamlessly, and after creating the prototyping tool, you will be able to discuss and communicate with everyone in the team effortlessly.
  • Lots of templates - This tool offers tons of beautiful templates to design your prototype effectively.
  • Cloud - Once you are done creating the app, you can save it in the cloud storage to modify it or share it with your team whenever you want.

There goes your top five app designing ideas to try in 2023, and the best app to try these ideas out is Wondershare Mockitt. Take inspiration from these ideas, and develop an app that your client and team members will be proud of.