Top 10 Tips to Get App Design Inspiration

Peter Martinez updated on 2024-06-06 13:48:33

It takes a lot to design a magnificent application. Although expertise and suitable design app are among the best ingredients, design ideas can make or break your app. Fortunately, there are several ways to obtain app design inspiration in this highly digitalized world. Suppose you are a good designer out there and stuck looking for sources of mobile app design inspiration worry no more because you are in the right place. In this article, we shall take you through some of the best tips to get app app splash screen design inspiration.

Top 10 Tips to Get App Design Inspiration

Finding the best mobile app dashboard design inspiration can be an uphill task. However, we have simplified this by furnishing you with a list of top 10 tips to get app design inspiration. Check below.

1. Visiting Goggle Images

Google harbors a variety of images that can prove very useful in unlocking your design ideas. You can curate images of diverse categories and scroll through them. Some images will no doubt contribute something to your design ideas database. If you want to access the very design app inspirations, just google with the keyword like "App design inspiration" then select the "images" tab to see images alone. There is an innumerable number of app design inspiration images. Go through them, and for sure you will pick something to pull a trigger on a design.

2. Visiting Company Websites.

There are plenty of websites with good designs. Depending on the category of the website you are interested in, you can curate and filter accordingly. For instance, if you want to design a finance website, try to visit the websites of financial institutions and see how their designs look like first. By comparing a good number of these websites, you will realize some discrepancies and similarities. This will make you understand the basic features you should have in your design as wells as elements that you can improve on.

3. Visiting Websites with Collections of Inspirational Designs.

Apart from visiting the different websites and checking on their interfaces, other websites specifically offer inspirational designs. There are plenty of these websites, and you can access them via your browser. They give images or animations of inspirational websites of diverse fields. Some of these websites include Pinterest, Medium, Creative Bloq, Fabulous, Coolors, Creative Live, Facebook Local, and Bicolor, just to mention but a few. Some of these websites are free, while others require subscriptions. Nonetheless, if you are in dire need of flat app design inspiration, then don't be written off by subscriptions. I don't mean you can't get good design inspirations for free but keep in mind that good things come with a price.

4. Joining a Community of Designers.

Joining a community of designers can be a very good decision in the long term. Every designer out there has amassed some inspirational ideas. So, the community acts as a library of design inspiration ideas. Members will share their ideas or designs, comment on designs they came across, or recommend certain websites that might give you invaluable app design inspirations. There are a lot of things you can benefit from a design community.

5. Reading Design articles and News.

Reading design articles or news is another great way to derive app design inspiration. Several designers post their content on news websites for readers and other designers to read. Also, other websites can steal media glance and get featured in media stories. You can go to news websites and search on app designs.

6. Checking on Design Exhibitions and Competitions.

Design is creativity. The world values creative talents, and this is why lots of design exhibitions and competitions are organized more often. This is a perfect place for emerging designers to showcase their prowess. They could be students or other designers who are trying their luck from potential clients. Whichever the case, watching these competitions will help you gather huge design concepts for your application and may be you can get some mobile app design inspiration.

7. Direct Chat with Designers.

If you know some app designers, you can connect with them directly. Establish a rapport and exchange design resources if possible. They can send you some of their designs, and you can have a look at it. You can go ahead and ask them how they come up with good designs, and they can lead you to other resourceful platforms.

8. Design Trends

Designs experience rapid transformations with respective trends popping up. Thanks to the fast-growing technology and changing user interests. Certain designs were highly regarded in the past but have been outshone by new designs that meet current needs. With the knowledge of design trends, you can know which elements you should run away from and what to integrate into your designs.

9. App Reviews

When an app is released to users, different users will welcome it differently. Certain elements go well with users while others flop badly on their score sheet. On the app review pages, you will find positive comments on design and negative comments. Check what aspects of the app design are undervalued or valued, then use them as a benchmark for your design.

10. Social Media

Social platforms are driving huge traffic across the world. Whether it is Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, designers would most likely post their designs to advertise themselves or the company. Others can post photos or videos of design competitions, inspiration design websites, and links to several other good design resources. Simply look for those design pages on social media platforms and follow them to access a pool of useful resources.

The Best Tool to Make App Design Inspiration into Real

After getting all the app design inspirations, no better tool can transform your ideas into a real functional app other than Wondershare Mockitt. Yes, it is the king of the jungle for designing, prototyping, and collaboration. This amazing tool is packed with great features that transform your design experience to another level. The program has plenty of templates that are suitable for different types of industries.

Besides, these templates and UI assets are frequently updated. Just pick a suitable template and start your design from somewhere. Add desired shapes from the poll of widgets and icons and create a stunning interface in no time. You can edit your widgets and save them so that you can reuse them when you need them. Use transition and animations to make your screens interactive and appealing to your clients or company.

With this tool, you don't have to be worried about uploading your design or saving them. The cloud feature takes care of that as all your projects are synced across all devices. Simply log in using a browser and access your project without time and space limitations.

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Features of Wondershare Mockitt

  • Wondershare Mockitt supports real-time collaboration and project co-editing.
  • This program has plenty of UI assets and templates that are updated continuously.
  • It has abundant widgets and icons that make it seamless to design a beautiful interface.
  • Users can preview their designs on mobile, PC, or offline.
  • It has good handoff features to enable designers to hand off the designs to developers easily.
  • It supports interactive prototyping.