Top 5 App Ideas for Beginners and Students

Peter Martinez updated on 2023-03-23 14:48:53

Beginners and students that are learning app development find simple app ideas that they can implement easily. Day by day, the mobile application market is getting more competitive, so it is difficult to find the best mobile app ideas for beginners that have the potential to grow. Today, we are going to share some app ideas for beginners. We will share some simple android and iOS app ideas for beginners that do not require experience. We will also share how those ideas can work and generate money. Moreover, beginner app ideas are simple, so they are easy for newcomers.

For beginners and students, we will also share how they can design a prototype application and make their design ready. They can show the prototype to investors and project managers or create a flawless design that can be implemented with confidence. Let's start the discussion.

Best App Ideas for Beginners

Here are some iOS and Android app ideas for beginners. We will explain how you can implement them and how they can be monetized.

Tourist Guide App

Tourists need guidance when they visit a new place for the first time. Every tourist wants to spend time wisely because there is a limited time to cover all places. A tourist guide application can help tourists to make their tour more amazing and memorable. They will get every bit of information from the application. They can easily travel to the places they should not miss. This way, they will be able to enjoy the tour to the fullest and will not regret it because they will not miss anything.

The tourist guide app should not only guide the tourists about places, but it should also provide information about the culture and cuisines of the place. Moreover, there should be some tips, guidance, things to know, and other important suggestions for the tourists.

It is an excellent app idea for beginners as they only need to gather information in the app and keep it updated. They can earn through advertisement and paid subscription. The app can also have a free and full-paid version (without a subscription).

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Language Learning App

Language learning is quite easy because of mobile applications. There are language applications available, but students and beginners can create a better one with more features and fewer flaws. Language learning app is one of the best mobile app ideas for beginners because it only requires information related to different languages. You can design a course for different languages with the help of experts and offer certificates at the end. Moreover, there can be some interesting games and quizzes to make learning more interesting.

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The application can generate money through advertisements and paid certificates. It will be excellent for people who want to learn any other language.

Fitness App

Beginners that want to stay fit and healthy need proper guidance and training. You can take help from a professional trainer or expert to create useful content for them in the form of an application. The content should be to guide fitness enthusiasts about the diet, exercises, benefits, side effects, and everything that they should know. There can be short videos to show the exercises to guide the beginners in detail.

The application can also contain a calorie calculator to manage the calories per day. Beginners can easily enter what they have eaten to calculate the calories. This will help them gain, lose, or maintain weight.

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This application can also have a subscription model; however, you can offer some features for free. People who really want to use the app and its all features will surely subscribe.

Pet Care App

People consider their pets as their family members. They do everything to keep their pets comfortable and happy. Pet care applications can help pet owners to take care of their pets. The application can show the guidelines for pet cleaning, food, vaccination, and other important things. This will guide the pet owner in a better way, especially those who are new pet owners.

The application can be a simple informative application, but you can also sell pet care products using it. An online store will be a source of earning other than advertising and application fee.

Students To-Do List App

To-do lists applications are common, but a to-do list specially made for students is a unique idea. This application will be helpful for students, and you can target a huge market. The application should have everything according to students' needs. From study time to enjoyment time, it should have everything. You can also include a timer in the application that will help students to focus on their work using the Pomodoro technique (a technique in which a person works for 25 minutes and takes a 5-minute break).

The application must have the sole purpose of facilitating students. It should also have alarms to remind the student about any task.

The is one of the best app ideas for students. Since it is for students, advertisement is the only suitable way to monetize the app.

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How Can Beginners Create a Prototype Application?

It is important to create a prototype of the application before working on its development. This will help you see how your idea works, and you can also show your idea to your investors, teachers, or project managers.

Prototype applications can easily be created using a prototyping tool, and we recommend Wondershare Mockitt in this case. Mockitt is an excellent prototyping tool that anyone can use, even the person who has no idea of app designing or development. Everything is available in the tool, so you only need to drag and drop the items to the canvas. Moreover, there are various templates available, so you can use any of them and customize them according to your needs.

Mockitt allows you to design an application without any hassle. After designing, you can use it to test the application. The preview feature of Mockitt will help you eliminate the errors and flaws in the idea or design. The best thing is that the prototype application will work almost like the real application. So, it can be used to pitch the idea.

Mockitt has a free plan, which allows you to create a small application of up to 10 screens. You can use it to implement the app ideas for beginners that we have discussed. If you need more screens, you can upgrade to the premium plan later.

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