Best App Ideas to Make Money in 2024

Peter Martinez updated on 2024-06-06 13:46:30

Mobile applications are excellent for earning money because almost everyone has a smartphone. They can be monetized using advertisement, paid services, and various other methods. Unfortunately, there are millions of applications in the application stores. Only Google Play Store has more than 3 million applications. Therefore, it is a bit difficult to find a unique idea that can generate money. You don't need to worry about it because we are going to share some of the best app ideas to make money in 2023. We have brainstormed and collected some of the best app business ideas that you can implement and pitch in front of investors.

We also have a bonus tip at the end of the article that will help you design a prototype application. The prototype would be better to implement the idea and present it in front of investors. Let's start without further delay.

Best and Simple App Ideas to Make Money

We are going to list some of the best ideas to make money. The ideas have the potential to create a business and generate money for you. You can try any of the ideas if it aligns with your interest.

Online Medical Check-up and Appointment App

This idea is at the top of our best app ideas to make money list because it has a huge audience and massive growth potential. Online medical check-ups are quite important, especially in any pandemic situation. People who cannot visit any hospital or do not have enough time to go to the hospital can easily benefit from online check-ups. There is no doubt that some cases require a physical examination, so there should be an option for an appointment or physical check-up.

The developer will have to gather authentic and qualified doctors on the platform. Then the patient will surely come after effective marketing. The application can earn through a commission that will be based on the fee of the check-up. There could be a percentage of the commission. This way, the application developer can make money. Another earning method is by doctor subscription, which means doctors will have to pay a monthly subscription fee for their accounts, but this method can work well once there are enough patients and doctors on the platform.

There are similar applications in the market, but they still need improvement. The application should also keep the medical history of the patients. It will be a unique idea that will benefit both patients and doctors. Similarly, you can add more beneficial features to make your app unique and more effective.

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Exercise and Diet Application

People are conscious of their health and diet. They need to get the right advice from qualified trainers and experts. But not everyone has the time to visit the gym every day. Therefore, an exercise and diet application would be quite helpful. This will be beneficial for people, and people will be able to maintain a healthy lifestyle without any hassle.

The application must have qualified trainers that can offer their time and consultancy to people. People need to have a monthly subscription to get training and diet guides from an expert. This is one of the best app ideas to make money because it has a huge audience. Almost everyone needs exercise and a proper diet, so this has huge growth potential.

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Virtual Trial Room App

Buying clothes online is not easy. Therefore, people usually prefer buying clothes from physical stores. The problems that they face are the size and look of the clothes. But if an application can help customers try the dress or anything else virtually, then people will buy clothes confidently. This is one of the best app ideas to make money using Augmented Reality.

This application is still in the development phase because it requires more improvements. It could be an excellent idea to facilitate customers and earn more.

Voice Translation Application

For people who visit other countries or who are new to any country, a voice translation application will be a blessing. The voice translator app will recognize the voice and translate it to any language you need. There are several devices available to translate the voice, but an application will be better. You will also find various applications, but they also need improvement.

The application could be paid or subscription-based. People who need to translate the voice will definitely use this application. It does not have a very wide audience, but it has a targeted audience that can help you earn without any hassle.

Best Deals/Discounts App

Everyone would love to buy things at a discount and get the best deals. Many people find the best deals and discounts on various online stores and websites. An application that can gather all available discounts and deals in one place will be time-saving and easy to use.

The application needs to find the latest deal and discounts and show to the application users. There could be a commission on every purchase, or it could be a subscription-based model. If you are tired of looking at different app ideas to make money and you need a simple one, this could be the best choice.

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Bonus Tip: How to Create a Prototype Application?

Creating a prototype application is an essential step in application development. When your prototype is ready, you know what you need to do next and how your final application will look. It is also important if you want to present your idea to someone. After brainstorming some app ideas to make money, it is better to create a prototype.

A few years ago, creating a prototype was a bit difficult, but now it is quite easy because of prototyping tools. There are many prototyping tools available, but we recommend Wondershare Mockitt for creating prototype applications. Mockitt is a simple and beginner-friendly prototyping tool. You can easily create an application design without any hassle. There is no experience or knowledge of designing required; you only need to drag and drop the items in the canvas to implement your money-making app ideas. Every tool is available, so you only need to place the widgets at the required locations.

Mockitt is a high-fidelity tool, so you can also interact with the application. You can link the screens and implement your idea without any hassle. Your app will work almost like the real app. Moreover, you can also test your design using the preview feature. You can eliminate the errors in the design and create a perfect prototype that you can show to your investors. You can easily implement your app business ideas before developing an actual application.

Mockitt has a free plan available. You can use it to create a small application of up to 10 screens. For adding more screens, you need to upgrade to the premium plan, which is also affordable.

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