Top 6 iPhone App Organization Ideas

Peter Martinez updated on 2023-03-23 14:48:53

Have you ever struggled to find a mobile application on your iPhone? Almost everyone has experienced this problem. It is because people do not organize their apps properly. Sometimes, you need to open the app instantly, but if your app organization is poor, you will need time to find the application. Today, we are going to share some app organization ideas that you can use on your iPhone. This will help you find any app you want without any hassle.

Bonus Tip: We will also share a bonus tip in this article for people who want to design their applications or create a prototype.

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iPhone App Organization Ideas

We are going to list some app organization ideas that you can follow. You can use any idea that is suitable for you.

Alphabetical Order

The easiest and simplest way to organize applications is by alphabetical order. You don't need to do it manually because you can do it in settings. Keep in mind that when you organize apps in alphabetical order, the new applications are placed in the end without any order, so you need to reset the order again.

You can arrange the apps using settings. Go to the Settings and tap on General. Tap on Reset and finally tap on Reset Home Screen Layout. Your apps will be organized automatically.

This method is not suitable for everyone because people do not use every application frequently. So, if you are someone who needs to focus on certain applications, then you can arrange frequently used applications in one screen in alphabetical order and arrange the other apps on other screens.

Action and Category Folders

If you want to find the right apps at the right location without wasting even a few seconds, then this is one of the best app organization ideas. You can categorize folders and create folders named as actions. For instance, you can create categories for social apps, navigation apps, news apps, book apps, and tools. You can also create action folders, such as message, call, shop, read, photo & video, etc. This will help you organize your applications in a better way. You will need some time to get used to the new folders.

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The best thing about this app organization idea is that you can have many apps on one screen. The apps will be in folders, so you can have almost everything on your home screen. There is no need to have more screens. In folders, you can arrange the applications in alphabetical order or by frequency of use.

Categorized Screens

You can also create separate categorized screens for different types of applications. For instance, there can be a separate screen for social applications, new apps, and reading apps, photo editors and camera apps, and many more like this. You can create separate screens for the apps you prefer, and the unused or rarely used applications can be on one screen.

Keep in mind that there will be many screens, so if you are comfortable with them, you can use this idea. But if you do not want to create too many screens, then you can use the previous idea of creating folders. Moreover, you will have to add the recently installed apps to the relevant categories.

Based on Frequency of Usage

There are several apps that people use frequently. You can also arrange the applications based on the frequency of use. Arrange the most used applications on the first home screen, and then the others will be placed based on the usage. You can also put less frequently used apps in folders. This works perfectly well for the applications that you use frequently. You will be able to open the applications in no time. But if you want to find a rarely used application, you will have to look for it.

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Classification on Color

Applications have colors, so if you are someone who remembers or finds an application using the color, then color classification will be the best option. You can create separate folders of colors, such as Blue, Yellow, Green, etc. Facebook will go to the blue folder, WhatsApp to the Green one, and Snapchat to the Yellow one.

If you don't remember the colors of the applications, then this is not for you; you can rely on other app organization ideas. Moreover, you will also have to remember the color of every new application and arrange it accordingly.

App Library (iOS 14)

We have discussed various phone home screen organization ideas and app organization ideas, but only the Alphabetical order was an automated method; you do need to do anything manually. The rest of the ideas need manual classification. You need to create folders and screens. Then, you need to place the apps in the relevant folder or screen. This requires time. If you want an automated idea for iPhone app organization, then there is nothing better than App Library.

App Library is the new feature for iOS 14. It is a special screen that you will find at the end of all screens. This arranges the apps automatically in different folders. You can add any app to the App Library or delete the existing one. The applications are classified into four quadrants. So, there will be four applications in a folder, but if there are more than four, the last quadrant will have the remaining applications.

This feature works well, but you cannot control the classification as it works on its own. However, you can add or delete apps. Moreover, it also has a search bar so that you can search for any app without any hassle. The apps will be arranged in alphabetical order when you search for anything.

Bonus Tip: Designing and Prototyping an Application

Before creating an application, you need to create its user interface/design or prototype. The prototype allows you to implement your idea and create an application that can work like the real one. We recommend Wondershare Mockitt for prototyping an application. You can create any type of prototype application without any experience or knowledge. It is a simple tool that works on the drag and drop feature. You can create any design you like. You can also use the prototype to pitch the idea.

After creating the design, you can test it using the live preview. Your application design will be flawless. Most importantly. Mockitt has a free plan, which allows you to create an application of up to 10 screens. Therefore, you can start designing your application today.

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