How to Create App from Website?

Peter Martinez updated on 2023-03-23 14:48:53

Do you want to learn how to create app from website? If yes, then this article is very beneficial for you. As the years are passing, the competition is also increasing drastically. That's why you should always upgrade your business and app design is something that really matters. It sets you apart from your competition and provides a better user experience. So if you are curious to learn about how to create a web app and its advantages, then here you will get all the important information. Now without wasting a single second, let's jump into the main thing.

How to Create App from Website

Here is the step by step guide that will teach you how to make a website an app and how to create progressive web app:

1- Enter Your Business Name

The first thing that you have to do is to enter your business name. You can either choose your original business name or choose a unique signature name that matches your original name. After that, pick the suitable category and a good color scheme that complements the nature and niche of your business.

2- Add Innovative Features

Once you are done with the name and the basic steps, you should add exciting features that are important for your business. Now you don't need to add tons of features, just add the necessary ones that you love. After that use the App builder to convert your website into an application.

3- Publish You Application

Now you just have to release your application to various app stores. This will expand the reach of your business and help you gain new customers from all over the world.

Why We Need to Create App from Website and the Advantages

The main reason to create web app is that it helps you improve the visibility of your business. According to various reports, the majority of people spend at least 2 hours/day on apps that they have on their phones. So if you develop an app, then it can improve the visibility of your business.

Along with this, a mobile app also enhances your conversion streams. It brings new customers and also helps you develop a better relationship with the existing ones. To help you understand better, here are some other advantages of creating an app from the website:

  • Work Faster- As compared to a website, a mobile app works much faster. It also saves the data on the device, which makes it easy to deliver better user experience and retrieve data. Generally, most website performs all their operations by using JavaScript code, which is slower than the framework that mobile app utilizes. So if you don't have a mobile application of your website, then you should create one as soon as possible
  • Offline Capabilities- Mobile apps also have offline capabilities, which enables your users to access the content in offline mode. However, apps also need an internet connection but as compared to websites, they can offer basic functionality, even if a user doesn't have an active internet connection. This improves the relationship between you and your customers and also maintains their interest in your business

The Best App Making Website for You

In recent years, the availability of app making websites has increased a lot. But one thing you have to keep in mind is that not all online app building solutions are created equal, that's why you should choose one very carefully. So if you don't have an idea about app making websites, then Wondershare Mockitt would be a great option for you. It is an online mobile prototyping tool that allows you to build interactive mobile prototypes and wireframes for Android and IOS devices. It comes with easy drag and drops features that eliminate coding work and helps you build apps without having any coding expertise.

create app from website with mockitt

It has a streamlined workspace and you can also collaborate with other team members very conveniently. However, this tool is focused on the development of Android and IOS projects but you can use custom-sized layouts. Here are some main features of this tool:

  • No Installation Required- With Wondershare Mockitt, you don't have to download or install any software. You can simply log in and start prototyping through a browser
  • Design Anywhere- It allows you to work from anywhere. You don't need to save anything as the system saves everything automatically. This reduces the risk of data loss and you won't have to save again and again
  • Wide Variety of Transition and Gesture Effects- This tool provides 17 unique transitions and 9 different gestures effects. It also comes with custom micro-animation and magic move, which helps you create prototypes without coding
  • Easy Asset Library Management- Wondershare Mockitt offers a number of widgets and icons and you can also choose various design templates. Along with this, it helps you customize your widgets, reuse and save very easily