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Peter Martinez updated on 2020-09-25 17:19:49

Why do you need a mobile app builder? Building a mobile application that powers your ideas to reality is an exciting thought, a thought that can empower your life or change the world by just a few clicks on a smartphone!

However, it's not secure or viable for everyone to build an app by actually coding it themselves. And, it is needless to say that coding does play a significant part in this delicate process.

So, what do people who have almost zero programming knowledge or coding acumen do? Well, the solution is simple and staring right at your face! Free app builder! These are platforms that help you to build and deploy incredible applications from scratch without ever needing to code even a single line!

Top 10 App Builder

In this simple yet informative piece, we are going to help you explore a fantastic ecosystem that works as an effective bridge between the world of binary and the colours! Whether you are a business or a lone warrior with a brilliant idea, having access to free app builders takes away your worry of creating an application that effectively empowers your venture.

There are many brilliant and diverse solutions available on the internet that helps you to create and deploy "scalable" mobile applications. This is made possible by using simple drag and drop elements from an integrated website builder that does the actual "coding" for you in the background/backend.

Although some of the required coding to an extent, most of them are free from scripts with only visual interactions. App builders are available to build apps for both Android and iOS, wherein iOS; you need to have your own publisher's account (with the $99 per year fee) to publish your app in the iOS app store.

So, let us explore these amazing online apps builders and understand their efficient usage:

1. RAD Studio

A dynamic and highly scalable app building solution, RAD Studio allows you to build and deploy applications for a variety of platforms like Windows, iOS, Android, Linux, etc. It's an ideal platform for integrated development with cross-platform mobile and desktop support. Its versions support the latest OS offerings in the market, and the development environment not only makes it easy to build apps but also makes the process enjoyable. However, the overall platform may seem a bit complex to complete rookies and can even seem daunting sometimes, especially the parts that involve coding.

2. Appy Pie

This fantastic platform allows newbies to create and deploy mobile apps in one of the fastest timelines in the industry! The fast-paced creating process is backed by equally capable features and Add-ons like instant messaging plugins, ads, in-app purchases, etc. However, it also has limitations in the theme frontier with minimal and almost identical offerings to choose. You can access a comprehensive list of explanatory tutorials and videos to address any lingering issue in your building process. This best app builder is an ideal solution for start-ups and small businesses whose requirements are less. Anything more complicated and Appy Pie falls short on its promises.

3. BuildFire

One of the more dominant and popular players in the market, BuildFire makes the game interesting when it comes to online free mobile app builder platforms. It allows you to create a brilliant application that can be quickly readied for launch in two-three days. It has been a popular choice for over 30,000 ventures and businesses across the globe powering start-ups, major brands, companies, influencers, etc. It has a massive repository of customization options, and the process of development is highly configurable as per your needs. You can also make dynamic changes and check those changes at the same time. However, the integrated billing system with missing bills and a comparatively sophisticated editor leaves room for improvement.

4. Shoutem

Just like its millennial sounding name, Shoutem makes sure to back up its image with a platform that enables you to create visually stunning mobile applications to mesmerize your users! Don't think that we're exaggerating when we claim that Shoutem has effectively been able to implement design thinking in the online apps builder industry. If the design of your application matters to you the most, then this is one of the best choices for you.

5. iBuildApp

iBuildApp is a simple mobile app builder that allows you to take advantage of its intuitive and straightforward drag and drop feature to create high applications. These are often backed by a robust content management system in case the need arises. You can choose from a hoard of templates to create professional applications that appeal to your customers with stunning layouts, quick loading speeds and blazing performance.

6. GameSalad

Are you planning to create the next winning mobile game that reaches the ranks of Angry Birds, Clash of Clans and PUBG? GameSalad allows you to do just that with its intuitive drag and drop game engine that is also an online app builder free that will enable you to create fun and dynamic games for Android, iOS, iPad OS, HTML5, etc. With only $17 per month, you can create and deploy iOS(publish) and Android apps from a single platform.

7. GoodBarber

This exciting platform derives its name from a French island in Corsica with the same name. Along with an interesting name, it also boasts about having a brilliant theme marketplace along with a flexible and intuitive app building process. Once you're signed up on the platform, the no-nonsense approach takes you right into the application editor hosted right in the app so that you can develop across multiple devices and platforms. This online apps builder is easy to navigate and includes crucial features like Chat integration, push notifications, social networking, Geofencing, etc.

8. Appery

A cloud-based mobile app maker can be a huge benefit when you need flexibility and portability in your mobile app development process. Appery offers that very attribute being fully hosted in the cloud. This means that you need to download or install nothing to get things going! You can easily access its best free app builder to use the drag and drop feature to design UIs, implement features like REST API while also being able to share the progress with your team of clients in real-time. And, you get access to all these for $180 per month, pricey enough to look for other ways.

9. Yapp

Yapp is a popular free app builder tool for simple app development processes that involves use cases like collaboration platforms for large groups, online meetings, event planning applications, social circle apps, fan apps, etc. It's an excellent tool for simple and straightforward app creation that you can deploy on-demand as per the needs. However, the platform is limited and fails to deliver when more complex use cases are used like e-commerce or highly customized applications. You need to look elsewhere if you are planning to create a dynamic app with plans to monetize the same.

10. Mobile Roadie

Mobile Roadie is a known brand in the mobile app building space with clients like Universal Studios, Disney, and under their belt. There is also one of the pricier options in this list when it comes to monthly subscriptions with prices ranging from $149 per month for their basic plan while shooting all the way up to $799 per month for their PRO plan! This mobile app builder is a great choice if your application objectives involve maintaining an online community or fanfare with useful features and Integrations like fan wall, chat, an inbuilt music player, content Geo-targeting, etc. There are ample design options in the templates for you to play around with and is a great option if you're an artist or an entertainment celebrity trying to create a mobile application.

The Best App Prototype Maker

Now that you have explored some of the top options in the free mobile app builder market, let us explore the incredible Wondershare Mockitt, an app prototype maker for your scalable mobile applications.

This mobile app builder allows you to create design prototypes that help you plan in your mobile app development process. It is a useful collaboration platform that makes product design easy with seamless cloud integration that keeps all the stakeholders on the same page. You can send dynamic updates to your team while allowing them to make live changes, as well as look at the system generated handheld prototypes to check the same.

free app builder


  • It allows users to customize their asset library.
  • You can share your team's widget library as well.
  • It has various gestures and transitions.
  • Users can create animations very easily in this platform.
  • It has automatic inspect and slice system which is very handy.

How to Make an App Prototype with Wondershare Mockitt:

Step 1: Create a Project

Sign up for a new account on this official webpage and navigate to your workspace.

Click on the "Create Project" button to begin the process. There are several built in project templates visible to you now. You can start or create a blank app by choosing any one of them. Also there is an option to start from a demo app.

mobile app builder

Step 2: Add Widgets for Your App Prototype

After that you can see various options in the platform dashboard that you can use to build the prototype including edit widgets, add links between screens, add widgets and icons, add notes for your design, save widgets for reuse, use screens and widgets from the templates, convert widget to master for bulk editing, manage asset library, use dynamic widgets to create interaction animation, add audio, video, google spreadsheet etc. and more!

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Step 3: Preview and Share Your App Prototype

Now you need to preview the app prototype by clicking on the "Preview" button from top toolbar.

best app builder

Finally, click on the "Share" button to share your prototype with other people.

online apps builder

For more details you can follow user guide to know about all the things you can do with Wondershare Mockitt.


To conclude this article, we want to mention that you now know about the best free app builders available on the market. Any of these free mobile app builders can help you to build a great app within their own limits. To be frank, Wondershare Mockitt is by far the best free app builder available that can really prove you its worth. So give it a try and see what happens!

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