How to Create An App From Scratch

Peter Martinez updated on 2020-09-25 17:19:49

Do you have an app idea but don't know how to create an app and make it happen? If so, then don't worry, this article has got you covered. For most people, creating an app is like rocket-science but what if we tell you that you can create an app within a few hours. So if you are really curious to learn how to create an application from scratch, then here we have given a comprehensive guide that will provide you all the important information. Now without further ado, let's get started.

how to create an app

10 Steps to Create an App

1- Start with a Clear Vision and Idea

If you want to create a mobile app free, then you should start with a clear vision and idea. You must identify the problem that your application will solve and decide on the features that your app will have. Having clear defined goals helps you keep going and it will also help you develop the app faster.

2- Market Identification

The success of your app depends on the research you do. That's why you should identify the target audience of the application before starting the developing process. If you are creating an application for an existing business, then you must take suggestions from your customers.

3- Wireframing and Designing

Once you have a clear idea and target audience, you should start creating and designing a wireframe. If you don't know anything about wireframe, then it is a graphical guide that represents the infrastructure of your application. In short, it is a rough layout that is generally created to layout the schemes and demonstrate the core components of the application. A wireframe helps you and your team to have the same vision but the question is how you will create a wireframe.

Well, it's very easy, you can use a powerful wireframing tool like Wondershare Mockitt to create professionals wireframes and prototypes. This tool is a leading app building platform that helps you create apps without writing a single code of line. So if you keep asking how can I create an app or how to create an app for free, then this tool is the answer. Here is the step by step guide that will help you use it:

create an app
  • Start a Project- Visit the Wondershare Mockitt Panel and click on "Create > Project". You could also change the device type, project name, and size by clicking on settings.
create an app
  • Design the App- Now you can add widgets and icons. Fast widgets are located on the right side, and other assets such as built-in widgets, my widgets, and icons are located on the right side. Simply drag the widgets to add them to the canvas. Now choose a widget, then select a new link to add links. Visit the sticky option to add notes to your application.

    To create animations, click on "Widget" and "State" icon to create a new widget and new state. Now simply link the states by dragging the link icon to the target state

create an app for free
  • Preview the Prototype- Click on the "Preview" button to view your prototype on PC. You can also install the Wondershare Mockitt Player to preview the design on the phone.
how to create an app for free
  • Share the Prototype- Click on the "Share" button, it will create a sharing link. Use this link to share your prototype with others
create mobile app

4- Create a Prototype

You have the rough layout of the wireframe, and you have decided on the development approach. So now it's time to put your plan into action. A prototype is a great way to sell your app. It can help potential buyers to get an idea of the benefits of your applications. Along with this, you can share your prototype to beta testers to get suggestions on what needs to be modified.

5- Identify the Right Development Method

After creating the wireframe, you have to decide which developing approach would be perfect for your application. However, there are many methods but here are the three most popular ways of building an application.

  • Native- Native apps are powerful and useful when it comes to delivering user experience. These are platform-specific apps and they require good knowledge and expertise. However, they provide the best user experience but developing apps by using this method could be costly and take a lot of time
  • Web- Web apps are getting very popular as they are cost-effective and require less time to develop. Though they are less powerful than native apps but you can use them on various platforms
  • Hybrid- Hybrid is the most advanced approach, which blends the web-coding and prebuilt native containers to develop any applications

6- Analytics Tool Integration

You will also need to integrate a good analytics tool with your application. This will help you analyze the amount of traffic your app gets and how your visitors are arriving on your application. Once you have the data from your visitors, you will be able to better marketing decisions.

7- Identify Your Testers

Beta testing is a great way to receive suggestions and feedback from your target demographic. It improves the visibility of the app in the app store, reduces the risk, and gives you a good start. That's why you should identify beta testers properly to increase the success ratio of your application. You should always have a clear target audience. This way you will be able to recruit better beta testers. Apart from this, make sure that there are no bugs in your applications. Conduct an alpha testing with few users first to eliminate maximum bugs.

8- Deploying the Application

Now before deploying the app, you must plan properly. It is important to schedule everything to test environments. The main purpose of deployment management is to make sure that the live environment is protected and only the appropriate components are deployed.

9- Collect the Metrics

In recent years, the number of mobile users has increased a lot and due to this, collecting accurate metrics has become very important. There are some main input metrics that you should keep in mind. For example- Funnel analysis reveals the reasons why your customers are not able to complete desired transactions. Social sharing reveals the mains aspects that are capturing your users' attention. Tracking location and time provides information regarding the time when your app was used. All this information is important to understand your demographics properly.

10- Upgrade Your Application

Once you have gathered all the metrics, it is very important to make amendments and upgrades. You should try to add new innovative features and improve the design and other elements. This will enhance the visibility of your app and also increase downloads. Make sure that all the upgrades you are making are compliant with the new guidelines of various platforms.                                   

Useful Tips for Creating an App

Till now, we have talked about how do you create an app and how to create a new app. But now it's time to shed some light on the tips that you should keep in mind while creating it.

1- Focus On Making the App Faster

If you want to make your app more successful, then you should try to increase its speed. No one likes to use an app that loads slowly. It doesn't matter how great your app looks, if it's slow, then it won't be able to satisfy your users. So focus on the speed of your app and make it respond faster.

2- Keep Everything Simple

Smartphones have become an important part of our lives. From older people to very young kids, everyone can use them. That's why you should always try to keep your apps simple, so anyone can easily operate them just like they use their smartphones. This will increase the reach of your app and also make people come back again and again.

3- Create a Customized Design

Android and IOS are currently the two most popular operating systems. However, the majority of the audience use devices with these two platforms but these two have access in different ways. That's why you should make sure that your app complies with the system policy of both of them. This way, your users won't face any problems, no matter what OS they are using.

4- Don't Add Too Many Features

Adding cool features is a good way to make your app useful and attractive but you should not overdo it. Many apps developers make the mistake of adding too many features, which do not only reduces the app speed but also confuses the users. Decide one purpose and do your best to fulfill that.

Summary: Creating an app requires knowledge and experience, that's why you should keep practicing. Some years back, it was very difficult to create a mobile app and only professional developers knew how to create an app from scratch. But now technology has become advanced and anyone can create mobile app free. So if you also have questions like how do I create an app or how to create play store app, then Wondershare Mockitt is the best solution for you. It will help you create applications without having any coding knowledge or experience.

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