How to Make a Game App: Step By Step Guide

Peter Martinez updated on 2024-06-06 13:48:35

You may have heard that playing by game App is nothing but a wastage of time. Well, in my opinion, it depends upon the individual's priority of choice, how they want enjoyment. The gaming fantasy world will enhance your imagination, skill, and creativity and will make you thoroughly entertained. Likewise, let's learn how to make a game app in this tutorial if we think alike.

How to Make a Game App for Android

Unquestionably, you are eagerly waiting to be trained on how to make a game app for Android free. Nevertheless, you have no prior knowledge of sophisticated programming languages. I will then inaugurate world-class prototyping software soon that will teach you how to make your own game app. If you fear to code, there is no need to be worried please, Wondershare Mockitt will educate you on how to make a game app for free online.

how to make a game app

Step 1: Create Wireframes for your Android Game App

The most trendy prototyping tool Wondershare Mockitt allows you to drag and drop objects and set them to accomplish a definite mission. It facilitates to steer clear of people from coding and only feasible because it has programmed all of the prospective game movements. You have to decide which pre-set action you prefer to use.

Let us try your initial voyage with me by downloading Wondershare Mockitt to test first and select your device type as Android. Before creating wireframes to make a game app, you must give an appropriate name for your project. You might know how to make a game app for Android free need to consider three important things. They are Game's Description, Game's Resources, and Game's set of laws.

Step 2: Design the Game App

Undoubtedly, the superior design helps developers get higher pay and instigates gamers to pass the extension time. Earlier than designing, I will highly appreciate how to make a game app for Android and its category. You have to organize all the leading characters, including their incentives. Be a narrator behind the scenes and write down all the characterizations in detail. For example, your heroine Juliet is searching for her Romeo, who is the prisoner. You need to imagine the background of why Romeo is in Prison and why Juliet is looking for him. Divide all the scenery based frames, that's quite simple!

Indeed, you may have to design multipurpose wireframes of backgrounds, floor plans, imaginative characters, and many more! You can create particular frames of your App readily using Wondershare Mockitt as it offers spell bounded and fashionable vital features. Their excellent and stunning, Design Templates, Widgets Library, icons, buttons, color scheme, amazed you. Most importantly, their versatile resources, animations, page transitions, and gestures make you limitless auspicious on making a video game app. To earn colossal revenue of your Gaming App generated by this tool, I propose to follow the procedures given below:

  • To open the widgets, Double click on them.
  • Drag the widgets to the canvas or and right-click it to "Add to widgets".
  • Push the hotkeys to start drawing and creating gaming frames.
  • Now you have to add "My Widgets", "Icons", and "Build–in Widgets". You need to again Double click on the widgets and drag them on canvas as per your selection.
  • Click the Widget's properties in the Inspector panel to adjust those.
  • After completing detailed wireframes, save them from reprocessing shortly.

Step 3: How to Make a Mobile Game App Deal

As I pointed out earlier, Wondershare Mockitt offers you a splendid Asset Library that can remain gaming enthusiasts busy for hours. You need to handling and practical use of them according to your project. Creating a folder you might store, copy, or eliminate your preceding widgets. You can also relate the multi-selection key by using the Shift or down command/ctrl key. Consequently, create a folder, add images on them, and categorize their names. After that, you can drag or drop the required image straight and labeling all the attributes.

Step 4: Add Audiovisual Effect and Animations

It's entirely expected when you add exciting animations, and it will bestow a high-quality impression to your gaming applications. Generating an external Link Player and pick exacting URL of Audio or Video nail clippings, you can make the App so interactive. Animations can be created through Android or XML code. The fundamental concept of android animations such as slide transition, rotating, fade in-out, etc., you can learn more tutorials on website ornately. On the other hand, background music, voice-over, or sound effects are the core factors of games.

Step 5: Create Teamwork and Link Along with All the Screens.

To make your own game app using this platform, you can create a team of reliable development associates to uphold your project exceptionally. Click "Create New Team" in the panel, and you are now fortunate to remove and add prominent members of the Team. Your App became incredibly perfect by sharing mutual thoughts and ideas and making a connection among all the screens.

Step 6: Download the Wireframe as HTML/APK.

If you desire to get a direct code of your gaming App for Android from Wondershare Mockitt, you have to Install and Download "Android APK." Otherwise, by downloading "HTML5 ZIP," you will get the HTML demonstration package. Unwrap the zip file now can use Google Chrome to view the index.html.

Step 7: Test and Launch your Android Game App on Google Store.

Testing your final product or a single prototype is part and parcel of the app development process. I want to suggest you prefer beta testers or a QA to fix errors and solve them. After debugging when you think it's now fit to use, create your Google Play store listing and Launch your Game App to share the virtual world.

How to Make a Game on the App Store

Thus, constructing any iPhone game in Wondershare Mockitt, a globally recognized game engine, isn't tough. How to make a game on the app store, you call for judgments many things. In the first place, you need to recognize your requirements. After that, based on your market research, you must have to build up a comprehensive idea. Then create your unique and monetization story and make a diagram for the appealing design. On top of that, discover the most refined App development platform, where I would like to advise this tool.

Step 1: Create Wireframe for Your Game App for iPhone

You have two alternatives to know how to make a game app for the iPhone. You can build it natively by using an IDE called XCode and programming languages like Swift, Unity, Cocos Studio, etc. The alternative idea to pick the leading development platform, Wondershare Mockitt. I have discussed earlier it makes the overall game development process to a large extent. It maintains numerous platforms or devices such as Android, iTV, iOS, iPhone, iPad, iWatch, etc. That's why you need to opt for device type as iPhone to create wireframes for your Game App for iPhone.

Step 2: Design wireframes to add Graphics, Widgets,  Icons or Significant Accessories

 The asset libraries of Wondershare Mockitt are superior to Apple's built-in libraries to design naive 2D games or more complicated 3D games. Proper planning is essential in every single step of systematic development and guarantees your preceding edition as reality. Setting up all the arrangements of your iPhone game App, you could embed the entire pertinent features of this tool. They are as follows to add graphics, animation, gestures, transitions, etc. Although their free version is outstanding, you may go for a premium subscription to get sophisticated quality features.

Step 3: Follow the other noteworthy procedures.

How to make a game app methods are almost the same over various devices like Android or iPhone in Wondershare Mockitt. As I have formerly discussed Android's overall Game development procedures, I am not repeating the steps.

You should follow the process accurately, or you may want to subscribe to their YouTube channel for improved learning.

Step 4: Launch the App in the App Store

With this game app creator, you can release your Game to the iOS store, as like Google Play store, and elevate your downloads considerably. It explicitly answers your query on how to make a game app for free. Testing ensures and prepares your App for submission. Subsequently, Sign up for the Apple Developer Program. In this step, Launch your iOS app to Apple Store connects. Afterward, make an additional arrangement to support and upholding your App for an improved familiarity. Try to maintain the updates of your iPhone App with new features, prizes, or surprises.

Ultimately, Mobile games are so admired for the users because of their pure entertainment and developers as they are profitable. Here, I have tried my best to introduce with an incredibly user-friendly and resourceful prototyping tool, in comparison to others. If my blog aids you in making your game App, then I will be utmost delighted.