Top 5 iPad Design App in 2024

Peter Martinez updated on 2023-12-19 17:46:11

You will find the best iPad design apps as useful as your laptop and will enable creative to work efficiently even on mobile devices. The iPad design apps set it apart from other tablets regardless of the purpose you use it. Whether you are working on your office task, planning to learn something new, recording your music, designing or creating arts digitally or even watching a movie, people feel comfortable and safe with their iPad.

Do you want to make difference to your creative life? Yes, why not? But before that, you need to know what apps are worth for you. These apps are not only user friendly, but also consume less time. We have listed below the top 5 best iPad designs tool.

5 of the Best Design Apps for iPad

We have listed here some of the best design apps or iPad pro that your ex-cool tablet, iPad has to offer. All these apps listed below have something unique to offer while addressing certain functions suited for both professionals and enthusiasts. Hopefully the article can inspire you or upgrade your existing tools.

1. Wondershare Mockitt

With a convenient ad free design environment for designers, Wondershare Mockitt, a collaborative prototyping tool for several UI/UX designers and product managers. This tool helps in preparing wireframes and clickable prototypes. This best design iPad apps supports prototyping for diverse platforms including iPhone, iPad, Android, PC and Watch.

Designers can effectively customize their device size according to the needs. You can avail abundant widgets including text, button, map, video, and images. It also includes IOS and Material design library and icons, which will help you, create wireframes and prototypes such as playing with Lego.

Besides, with the help of this too, you can get various other features such as page transitions, animations and gestures that you can easily implement. Do you want to take your prototypes to higher fidelity level? Yes with Wondershare Mockitt, it is possible. The Sketch Plugin feature helps you in sync with your sketch files and link your screen. Sharing your project with your team, users and clients are now quick and hassle free.

ipad design app


  • It has a great intuitive interface and smooth functionalities.
  • The platform is very fast and it's a one-page app based on HTML5.
  • It has a low to moderate level learning curve.


  • It has limited features for wireframing and prototyping.
  • To newbie users, the advanced functionalities of this tool are complicated and tough to handle.

2. Affinity Designer

Are you professional artist or a designer? Then, The Affinity Designer by Serif Lab is one of the best design app for iPad Pro/iPad. Serif Lab based their app off the original desktop version. The app is no less powerful and packed with features and is the best for your iPad. Serif Lab developed the product with an aim to capture and provide the professional graphic designers like you with an exclusive tool. This iPad design app will help you in creating anything from illustrations to UI/UX designs as well.

You can carry out your designs with all the facilities offered by your iPad. What's better? Although you can draw with your finger some great stylish designs, you can simultaneously use their exclusive vector and raster features. Moreover, these features come with advanced grids and guides that will help you in making excellent designs.

best design apps for ipad


  • 2D drawing option and image editor available.
  • Data import and export option available.
  • Drag and drop system.


  • Rendering is not available.
  • Animation and image tracing is not possible.

3. Procreate

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, Procreate is always a right choice. This best design app for iPad comes with packed tools along with several unique features. The advanced and unique features of the app are sure to turn your iPad and Apple pencil into an executive art studio. How?

You can access to more than 2000 handcrafted brushes including pencils, ink, and even charcoals. The best is that you can customize and control your brushes while creating unique designs. Worried about the app? Believe us, it will not consume much of your time in realizing the potentiality and the power of the design app for iPad.


  • Many cool brushes available.
  • The workflow is really smooth.
  • Time-lapse recording system available in video recording.


  • It has some basic layer masks.
  • There is no vector shape.

4. Moleskine Journey

An organizational tool pitched at "creative minds", "independent workers" and "free spirits", which effectively blends productivity tools and wellness. These tools and wellness will help your throughout, regardless whether you are at work or trying to achieve your personal goals. This ipad pro design app has full access to your apple calendar data and looks for events in your apple calendar and enhance them with images, PDFs and links. Along with the project manager, the app contains a task-based commotion list that helps in grouping complex requirements by topic.


  • It has a simple, effective and good-looking interface.
  • It has big range of tracking features available.
  • It has a lovely calendar ticker included.


  • The price tag seems too hefty.

5. Concepts

Concepts is a powerful tool and one of the best iPad pro design apps. This app will help you in sketching your ideas in the most fashionable way. Concepts is a professional level design app with which it is a pleasure to work. The color wheel presented by the app convinces the users about its potentiality.

Besides, since it is a vector-based sketching app, Concepts provide flexibility and great performance. With these features, you can bring your ideas to life and allow them to flourish even on a single "infinite" canvas.


  • It has smooth performance.
  • Attractive with variety of creative tools.
  • It has Microsoft-specific features.


  • Small learning curve for user interface.
  • There is no option to purchase full version outright.

Comparison among the 5 Best Design Apps for iPad

Parameters Wondershare Mockitt Affinity Designer Procreate Moleskine Journey Concepts
Compatibility Very Compatible Compatible Not very Compatible Non-compatible Compatible
Price $9 $19.99(50% discount is offered) $9.99 $4.99 Free (In-app purchases)
Safety Completely Safe Completely Safe Completely Safe Somewhat Safe Completely Safe
Easy of Using 9 8 4 5 6
Fidelity High Medium Medium Low High

The above table analyzes the five chosen app designs for iPad. The scores obtained by Wondershare Mockitt (4) and Procreate (4) shows that these two free design apps for iPad are very easy to use. However, working on Moleskine Journey (5) and Concepts (6) is a bit difficult and requires a bit of expertise, whereas, Affinity Designer (8) requires a lot of expertise. Both Wondershare Mockitt and Concept has high fidelity, Affinity Designer and Procreate has medium fidelity, and Moleskine Journey has low fidelity.

However, if you have lack of capital at hand, you need to go for Concepts as purchasing it is free, although you need to opt for the in-app purchases. If you have strict capital and looking to invest less while enjoying a good app, you can always opt of Wondershare Mockitt. Although a new app for the world, it is a great app with exclusive features.


Though all 5 iPad design apps mentioned in this article are top notch service providers for any kind of user, but Wondershare Mockitt is still the best design app for iPad. So instead of wasting your time on other apps or trying other apps to check which one suit you well just start using this tool to get the best result.