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Top 5 iPad Prototyping App

Peter Martinez updated on 2020-09-25 17:19:49

Looking for a suitable iPad prototyping app can prove quite hectic. There is a multiplicity of prototyping tools out there, but getting the right one may take you much time and energy. If you are exhausted looking for the best iPad prototyping tool, then cease the worry and go through this article. In this article, we have prepared for you a thorough guide on the top 5 iPad prototyping applications.

5 of the Best iPad Prototyping App

Finding the right iPad prototyping app is challenging. Since we care about you, we have furnished you with the list of top 5 iPad prototyping apps. Go through them and choose the best tool for your project.

1. Wondershare Mockitt

Wondershare Mockitt easily slots in as the best iPad prototyping app. Thanks to the wealth of up to par features that takes your prototyping to another level. This app is a design, prototyping, and collaboration platform. You can create wireframes mockups, prototypes, and drawings suitable for all kinds of devices. The good thing is that you don't have to start from scratch. The available UI assets and templates allow you to customize a suitable design instead of building from zero. The several widgets and icons also make it easy to add more UI elements into your prototype. With this iPad prototyping app tool, you can work remotely on a project by syncing with team members regardless of their geographical location and time. There are no more worries about saving, uploading, or downloading your prototype. With the Wondershare Mockitt cloud, you can access your project anytime, anywhere. Share the project and receive real-time feedback from your members. This tool is suitable for all organizations and should be your indispensable prototyping tool for any device.

best ipad prototyping app


  • It has a free version and affordable premium versions.
  • It allows users to preview and share their prototypes.
  • It has an elegant and easy to use interface.
  • Users can access their projects without time and space limitations.
  • Its collaboration is superb as users can collaborate in real-time and co-edit the project.


  • None.

2. HotGloo

HotGloo is a good UX, wireframe, and prototyping tool for diverse devices, including iPad. Build and test interactions much faster and then share your prototypes with clients or members to gather feedback. With this iPad pro prototyping app, you can edit, review, and test your prototype person any mobile device irrespective of where you are. Use the over 2000 elements, icons, and UI assets to make your design faster and better.

best ipad prototype app


  • It is easy to use.
  • It has a wide range of functionality.
  • It is optimized for any mobile device.


  • The subscriptions are expensive.

3. Justinmind

Justinmind is another powerful iPad prototyping app for grabs. It enables users to create wireframes and very interactive prototypes with the help of a wide range of mobile gestures and web interactions. It is a suitable prototyping tool for both web and mobile apps that adapt to diverse screen resolutions.

ipad pro prototyping app


  • Users can test prototypes on various devices.
  • It offers free UI kits for web and mobile.
  • It allows users to create apps that adapt to various screen resolutions.


  • The cost is high.
  • The interfaces might be a bit of a challenge to newbies.

4. Principle

This is also a good iPad prototyping app that lets you animate your ideas and design apps easily and effectively. Design interactive prototypes for single to multi-screen apps then add animations to make it more presentable to clients. Easily import your favourite designs from other good design tools like Sketch and Figma and make relevant changes effortlessly.


  • It allows users to import designs from other tools like Sketch.
  • It creates interactive and animated prototypes.
  • It has a 14-day free trial version.
  • It allows users to share their designs with friends or colleagues with ease.


  • It is expensive given it doesn't have so many features compared to tools like Wondershare Mockitt.

5. iRise

Free of bias, iRise is one of the most valued iPad prototyping app. It is built for teams to collaborate and design the best app prototypes with less effort.it combines prototyping with simple management tools to make communication and iteration fast and seamless. It is a comprehensive platform that is simple, secure, and integrated. Whether you want to create low fidelity or high fidelity prototypes, iRise will surely handle your need.

ipad prototyping app


  • Users can import web pages as prototypes.
  • It supports online reviews and discussions.
  • Users can build responsive designs with the help of WYSIWYG icons and breakpoints.


  • It slows downs when lots of widgets are on the screen.
  • It is expensive.
  • It is slightly difficult to adjust the presentation layer.
  • It cannot import sketch documents.

How to Build an iPad App Prototype

Step 1. Log In

Visit Wondershare Mockitt using your browser and log in to access the main page. Locate and click the "Create Project" then select either the "Blank Project" or "Create project from demos" option. Click on "Mobiles" and select the iPad from the device drop-down icon. Provide a suitable name for your project and hit "Create" to start.

ipad pro prototyping app

Step 2: Add Screens

Click on the "Add Screen" button to add a screen to your project. You can add as many as is dictated by the project.

best ipad prototype app

Step 3. Add Widgets and Icons

Widgets and icons will allow you to draw the desired shapes and elements of your screen. Just double-click on a widget, drag it to the canvas and start drawing your shapes. If you want to edit a widget, just click on it and access the edit options on the Inspector Panel. Once you are done editing, you can drag it to the "My Widgets" library so that you can reuse it when you need it.

best ipad prototyping app

Step 4. Link Objects to Screens/Pages

It's time to create connections between objects of one screen and another screen. Click the object you want to connect to a certain screen. You should see a circular handle on the right of this object. Drag this handle to the target screen. Repeat this process for the other objects and pages/screens you wish to connect.

ipad app prototype software

Step 5. Preview your Prototype

Now that you are through with connections click the "Preview" button and interact with your prototype.

ipad app prototyping tool