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Peter Martinez updated on 2024-06-06 13:46:31

Personalization and customization have never been Apple's thing. But with the recent IOS 14 update, users can think of some great iPhone home screen ideas and implement them right away using various ways. One can easily play around with their phone's interface – from your widget icons' color and size to a home screen that can align with the complete theme.

What Can New iPhone Update Bring to iPhone Home Screen Ideas

The new update of the iPhone made it possible for its users to add widgets to their main phone home screen – now, you can creatively turn your phone's landing page into more than a hub for your apps.

With a new update, IOS 14, improved widget design, and different size options show some more information at a glance. Widgets are the large app icons that refresh automatically and show data in real-time. iPhone offers many widget options for displaying the upcoming calendars, current weather, gallery photos, events, and much more.

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How To Implement Home Screen App Ideas on iPhone

Making an aesthetic home screen on the iPhone is a popular trend, and you need to follow a few steps to make it happen. So, update your latest IOS and customize your apps as per your requirements.

  • Go to your iPhone and open the shortcuts app
  • At the top right corner, tap the + icon
  • Select Add Action
  • Go to a search bar and type "Open app," select it
  • Tap "choose" and select an app you need to customize
  • In the upper right corner, tap the three dots. Give shortcut the name and tap "Add to Home Screen."
  • Rename the shortcut as per your requirements (change it from home screen name and icon)
  • Go to the safari app and find a new icon image. For instance, you can look out for an Instagram icon and save the one that you like.
  • Now go back to the shortcuts app, and there you will have to tap the current icon. Select choose photo and tap the saved image (the image you saved in the last step). Choose that image and tap add.
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By this point, you will be done with the customization apps on your phone. Original apps will stay on the phone, and you can place them in a folder.

Use the Widgetsmith app to implement your iPhone home screen layout ideas

Customization options in Apple's widget are limited, but you can use third-party apps to use some personalization options, such as adjusting your widgets' design and color. And one of those apps is named Widgetsmith. So, follow the below steps to install and use Widgetsmith.

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  • Open your app store on iPhone, search for a Widgetsmith, and download it.
  • Within the app, select widget size you would like to customize – you can choose between small, medium, and large.
  • You can change the colors and fonts of a widget – tap to customize your widget and select save after you are finished.
  • Go back to the home screen, hold and press down an app. Tap "edit home screen."
  • In the top left corner, tap the + icon and look out for Widgetsmith – tap the icon
  • Choose the widget size you would like to add onto your home screen tap "add widget."
  • Now by pressing down on the app, you can change the widget. Select the edit widget, and you will be done.

By now, your home screen will have a different sized icon.

Note: There are many other apps available that you can use to perform some customizations. For instance, you may use "color widgets" that offers a battery widget and generic time, along with lots of different colorful styles. Some more includes Weather widgets, fitness, and nutrition, Finance, travel, and more. So, generate various ideas for home screen of your iPhone and use these techniques to perform some customization as per your likings.

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Aesthetic Homescreen Ideas

You can look across the internet for your phone home screen ideas and create, for instance, neon aesthetic, black shadow aesthetic, aesthetics red/black, white shadow icons, and colorful icons set for your phone. If you are using another phone, such as Samsung home screen layout ideas can be searched on the internet and implemented accordingly.

Note: You can google about iPhone home screen layout ideas 2019 and look out for some amazing designs for inspiration that has been implemented in previous years. Make sure not to copy them but take an inspirational thought for your project.

How to Design an App Prototype

If you are working on a couple of projects for your customers, it is advisable to use a structured approach. You can create various design prototypes by incorporating the iPhone home screen ideas of your customers with Wondershare Mockitt. And when they approve those design prototypes, you can use the above techniques to implement those shortlisted designs.

Mockitt is a design prototyping tool that you can use to design any mobile home screen.

You can use Mockitt in your web browser, so you do not have to install it within your system. It works on every system, be it Mac, Windows, or Linux.

You will not have to learn any programming language to use Mockitt – it works on the drag-drop feature.

You can select various pre-installed mobile screen sizes, or there is an option to create a custom screen size – by just putting in dimensions, you can start working on your custom-sized screen.

Mockitt has a big library of widgets and icons that you can use to place any elements into your working screen.

To make your design look more appealing, you can use different color combinations available within the color palette of Mockitt.

With its collaboration feature, you can have all of your stakeholders on board and show them the design for feedback and approval - you can share your design with a link and a QR code.

Mockitt allows you to create and test stunning home screen designs for your iPhone so make sure you use it before you start customizing iPhone screens using the techniques mentioned above.

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