Steps to Create a Minimalist App Design

Peter Martinez updated on 2024-06-06 13:47:56

Minimalism is an approach that has gained popularity in app designing. A minimalist app design is one that offers a great user experience, compatible with different screen sizes and has a fast loading time. The minimalist approach is used to improve app stickiness. The app design is simple to create, understand and has only fundamental elements. A minimalist app design is popular because of the high-level comfort it offers to the end-users. As a designer, this is an approach you should apply to create a navigable, concise and aesthetic mobile app. This article shows how you can do it correctly.

The Best Tool to Do Simple App Design

When you go online, you find a lot of tools you can use to create simple app design. Wondershare Mockitt is the best you can use to create a mobile app design with all qualities end users will enjoy. This minimalist app design tool allows you to create interactive prototypes for mobile applications or websites. The tool has a sketch plugin that gives you an opportunity to import sketch files and make the prototypes fast. The Handoff feature enhances a smooth, simple app design workflow from the start to the end. You can get multi-platform code and specs when you share link and export all assets with a single click.

As you do the designing, the Wondershare Mockitt allows you to know the friction happening in the process. The tool has several design icons and widgets that are helpful in the minimalist mobile app design process. They include material design library, button, map and others. They make the designing work simple even for novices. This platform has a multi-format offline files download that allows you to export PNG/HTML/IPA/APK offline files. This offers convenience in case you want to present the prototype to any environment you like. It is also possible to get comments or feedbacks that are helpful in any successful simple mobile app design process.

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How to Design a Simple App

Designing a mobile app with Wondershare Mockitt is easy even if this is the first time to do it. It allows you to create a minimalist mobile app design for mobile android and iOS. Here are simple steps on how to design a simple app with this simple mobile app design builder

Step 1: Create a New Project

  • Log in and click create project to start the designing process. Here you can either decide to design a blank project, by choosing the type of mobile device you want to create the app including mobiles and tablets. The tool also allows you to design mobile apps for demos.
simple mobile app design
  • Choose the size, name and save.
simple app design

Step 2: Design the App

  • Add icons and fast widgets by double-clicking the widgets, drag them to the canvas and then press the hotkeys and draw. On the right side, you find the icons, build in widgets and my widgets. Add them by double-clicking the widgets or dragging them to the canvas. You can also edit the widgets' properties by clicking the edit button located in the inspector panel. After that, you can now save them for re-use for easy app design in the future.
how to design a simple app
  • Add links between the mobile screens by either selecting one widget and tap new link in the panel found on the right side or dragging the link icon on the left of the widgets to the targeted mobile screen. After that, you can set action, gesture and animation to the widgets as with many simple design ltd apps
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  • To add notes to your minimalist app design, make use of the sticky feature found in the built-in widget library. The tool also allows you to add folders, labels, manage asset library and use the widgets to design interaction animation.
minimalist mobile app design

Step 3: Preview the App

Now you can review the minimalist mobile app design by clicking the share button to receive QR code and link of the project. You can now open the link on your device or scan the QR code to preview the mobile app design.

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Useful Tips to Create a Minimalist App Design

Creating a minimalist app design is not as hard as you might think. Integrating minimalism in the app design should be clear, consistent and concise. Here are some tips on how to design a simple app.

Do Not Include Unnecessary Elements

One of the tricks is to avoid having unnecessary elements on your mobile app. Excess elements make the app of no value to the end-users. The app becomes difficult to understand and navigate. A great simple mobile app design should have a few valuable elements to make it appealing and user friendly.

Include White Space

Incorporating white space to your mobile app design helps in development of contrast, bring more focus on certain elements and add structure. This makes the app attractive and easy to navigate, even for new users.

Limit Number of Colors

If you apply a lot of colors in the user interface of your mobile app, it looks unprofessional and messy. The design will put off users, leading to reduction of conversion rates and sales. Limiting the number of colours you use to make the app more elegant and appealing. The app engages more visitors, increasing their chances of interacting with your app. You can also decide to use monochromatic colour scheme or analogous color scheme for better results.

Choose a Single Typeface

If you adopt more than a single typeface, your mobile app design might be a mess. It is good to know the distinction between individual typefaces and where to apply them. The kind of font you use is determined by the kind of user experience you want to create or the context of your content. Test different fonts you can use. Try to look for the perfect font length, style and the right spacing that suits your minimalist app design.

Allow for Simple Navigation

As you create a minimalist mobile app design, simple navigation should be your focus. The design should not overload your menu with a lot of options. Ensure that the home icon and all other navigational features are easy to use and visible. This makes the app more appealing to your target users.