6 Steps for You to Mockup Web App

Peter Martinez updated on 2020-09-25 17:19:49

When developing a web app, it is good to have a feel on how it will look and function. This saves you the agony that might come when you launch the app just to realize it does not have the look or function the way you anticipated. Doing mockup web app is a great way to get a first feel or impression it will have. The process ensures you do not wait for the final design to know whether you have nailed it or not. By doing the mockup, you can do the necessary corrections before launching it. Before looking at how you can do mockup web app, let's look at what is web app.

What is Web App?

A web app refers to a computer program that makes use of web technology and browsers to carry out several tasks over the internet. It utilizes several server-side scripts to in handling the storage and retrieval of the information. Web app also makes use of client-side scripts to provide the information to users. This makes it possible for the users to interact effectively with the firms by use of content management systems, online forms, shopping carts, among other ways. Web apps are coded in languages like HTML and JavaScript since these languages depend on the browsers to make the program executable.

The Best Web App Mockup Tool for Free

Performing web application mockup is now easy with the many free online tools you can utilize. Among the many tools, Wondershare Mockitt has proved to be unmatched. It comes with many features that make it easy for you to do the website mockup app easily and fast. This tool allows you to create build-in widgets, object and combo templates. With the drag and drop functionality, you do not need to do the complex coding. The tool stands out since it allows for real-time collaboration because you can share your prototypes with other team members by adding them to your project.

By using Wondershare Mockitt, you can create a URL that can be viewed in a web browser and help generate QR codes that allow you scan the code by use of your Android or iOS device camera to mockup the prototype. Besides, this web app mockup software allows you to showcase the functionality of your prototype and get feedback for improvements. Your work is made easy since the tool makes it possible for you to see all the app screens in one place instantly. You can experience the full workflow and do editing where required. This web app mockup tool-free also has an icon library with more than a hundred icons. What you can be sure of is that your web application mockup process will be easy by using this platform unlike when you do balsamiq mockups web app.

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How to Do Web App Mockup

Wondershare Mockitt is a web app mockup tool that makes the entire process of creating web app mockup easy even for beginners. With its ease of use, you can be sure that create a web app that will look and function correctly. It makes it easy for you to develop prototypes for web app. Here are steps involved in creating mockup web app with this tool.

Step 1: Create a New Project

  • After logging, just tap create projects to begin the prototyping work. If you want to design a blank project, select the correct device type and name it. Wondershare Mockitt also gives you the option to create project for demos.
  • From here, you can now change the size of your web app by hovering the mouse and tap setting where you can change the name, size and then save.

Step 2: Add and Edit Widgets to Your Web Application Mockup

  • Add the icons and widgets. You find the fast widgets on the left side. You can add them by double-clicking, dragging and then pressing hotkeys and draw. On the right side, you find three kinds of assets, i.e. my widgets, build-in widgets and icons. You can add these either by double-clicking or dragging the widgets to the canvas.
  • Edit the widgets by clicking each and change the properties in the inspector panel.
  • After you are done with the editing, you can now save the widget to use in the future. Wondershare Mockitt allows you to do the saving by adding it to My Widget library by either dragging the widget to My Widget Panels or right-clicking the widget to Add to Widgets.

Step 3: Add Links Between Screens

  • Now you can add links between screens by choosing on widget, click New Link found in the link panel of the right side. Set the action, gesture, target screen and the animation for your widget. You can also add link by dragging link icon on the left side of the widget to the target screen, then adjust action, gesture and animation on the panel.

Step 4: Convert Widgets

  • To master bulk editing, you can convert widget. With Wondershare Mockitt, you just need to convert to a master and change the properties, and in all the instances you apply, all the changes are inherited. Converting widget to master is simple. Just right click it to create master. The master is then saved in the master library where you can always edit it.

Step 5: Add Note to Your Mockup Web App Design

  • If you want to add notes to the design, just use the sticky found in the Build-in widget library.

Step 6: Mock up the App

  • Wondershare Mockitt makes it easy for you to mockup your web app on mobile, PC or offline. You do this by clicking preview found on the top toolbar, and you interact with the prototype on your PC. You can also make adjustment of the preview settings such as highlight on click, shell, page scroll and sticky. To have a more detailed presentation effect, you can tap the full screen on the top right corner. Besides, there is a black and white background switch for you to use too.

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