How to Create a Good Restaurant App Design

Peter Martinez updated on 2024-06-06 13:48:40

In recent years, the food industry has become very big and competitive, and now if you want to survive this fierce competition, then you will have to provide the best services. However there are many ways to do that, but a good restaurant app design is one of the best. It increases your goodwill and makes your restaurant customer-friendly. So if you want to design a restaurant app but confused about what to do, then this article has everything you need. This ultimate guide will walk you through the restaurant app designing process and help you understand everything properly.

The Best Tool For Restaurant App Design

The first thing that you need to make a restaurant mobile app design is a professional app-building/prototyping tool. However, many tools are available in the market but if you are a beginner, then Wondershare Mockitt is the perfect choice for you. It is one of the leading prototyping tools that can help you make professional restaurant menu app designs. Mockitt is a beginner-friendly tool and you can use it to create working prototypes of all kinds of apps.

restaurant app design tool mockitt

It doesn't require any coding knowledge, which means that you can make restaurant app design PSD without any complications. If you don't have any experience, then you can also use its restaurant app design templates free to make everything easier. Here are some amazing features of Wondershare Mockitt that you should know:

  • Cloud collaboration- With Wondershare Mockitt, you don't need to perform manual file transfers. You can simply send a link and give others authority to make changes in the project
  • Make interface design faster – It offers stock asset library with simple drag and drop format, which helps you create beautiful designs very quickly
  • Wide range of transition and gesture effects- It offers 17 different transition and 9 gesture effects, so you can create prototype without coding

Steps to Design a Restaurant App

1- Create a New Project

First, you have to log in to the website panel and click on "Create Project" to start the app designing process. Decide whether you want to create an app for android, IOS, Web, TV, or Pad. Once you are done with the basic steps, then you should move to other advanced steps. If you want to change the project name, device type, size, or save, then you can do that by clicking on settings.

restaurant menu app design tool mockitt

2- Design the Restaurant App

  • Add Widget and Icons- After creating the project, you should start the designing process by adding widgets and icons. On the left side, you will see fast widgets and you can add those widgets by using three ways. You can either double click the widgets or drag the widgets or click on the hotkeys and draw. On the right side, you will see three different types of assets, which are my widgets, built-in widgets, and icons. You can add these widgets by following the same ways. If you wish to edit a widget, then you can do that by clicking on it.
mockitt restaurant app design template free
  • Add Links- After that, you have to add links for screens. To do that, you just have to choose a widget, press "New Link" and then set the action, gesture, animation, and target state for the widget.
restaurant app design psd for mockitt
  • Add Notes- You can also add notes by utilizing "Sticky" which is present in the Built-in widget library.
restaurant app design template for mockitt
  • Create Animations- Now if you want to create animations, then select the Widget icon and choose "New Widget" to create a fresh widget. After that press the "State" icon and choose "New State" to create a fresh state. Now simply drag the link icon to the target state to link the states. To adjust the animation settings, you could also utilize The Link Panel
restaurant mobile app design tool mockitt

3- Preview and Share Your Restaurant App Design

If you want to interact with your prototype on PC, then you have to click "Preview", which is located on the top toolbar. To preview on the mobile phone, you could download the Wondershare Mockitt Player and log in onto it.

Now to share the app, you just have to press the "Share" button, which will generate you a sharing link or QR code. You could use the sharing link to allow others to inspect and monitor your prototype.

restaurant table booking app design tool mockitt

Useful Tips to Do Restaurant App Design

After discussing the technical things, it's time to talk about some useful tips that will help make restaurant table booking app design more effectively.

1- Keep the Application Simple to Use

Simplicity is the primary expectation of the customers. You should always try to keep the UI/UX design of the app simple, so users can understand everything properly. One thing you have to keep in mind while designing a restaurant app is that your majority of the customers will be older. That's why you should always keep things simple.

2- Work on the Application Speed

Customers always prefer an app that loads quickly. You should always try to make your application as fast as possible. Make sure there are no glitches and all the functions of the app work in an optimized manner.

3- App Should Have New Payment Technologies

You should make sure that your app has new payment technologies. By doing so, your customer will be more likely to use your application, which will increase your business's goodwill. It will also improve the overall customer experience and help you be ahead of your competition.

4- Include a Review and Rating Section

Reviews and ratings are one of the most important things for your app. You should try to improve the overall experience by getting the suggestions and feedback of your customers. To do that, you will have to include a well-optimized review and rating section. This way you will know where you are lacking and you will be able to make better amendments.

5- Appearance

When it comes to any food-related apps, the look of the app matters very much. You should try to get a professional photographer to click some good pictures of the food menu items. This will increase the appearance of your overall application and develop a sense of reliability on your customers.