We Selected 3 Best and Simple App Ideas for You

Peter Martinez updated on 2024-06-06 13:46:34

Programming and coding skills are one of those skills that get refined by practicing over and over again. So it is beneficial to think of some simple app ideas so that you keep on enhancing your development skills during the implementation of those project ideas. You can not expect to be a professional developer by only seeing a long video tutorial; you need to solve practical problems yourself. For this article's context, we have curated a list of simple app ideas for beginners that anyone who wants to polish their programming skills can consider. University and college professors can also look into these simple app ideas for students of their computer science course to gauge their competence and capabilities.

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These application ideas are great

  • If you want to improve your programming skills
  • If you are looking to understand new technologies
  • If you want to impress your next employer or client with your portfolio
  • If you are looking to create an easy and features extendable app
  • If you run your coding related digital video channel and want some projects to be used as examples

So without further ado, let's explore each of them in detail.

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These Simple Ideas You Shall Not Miss

Notes App

It is one of those simple web app ideas that is designed for beginners in which you can build an app to let people create and store their notes for later purposes. Users will be able to create, edit, and delete a note as well. Upon closing the browser window, the notes will be stored, and upon the return of a user, that same data will be retrieved.

Some more features can also be added. For instance, a markdown format can be made accessible to a user to create and edit a note. Upon saving, the app should be able to convert Markdown to HTML.

Lighting Display

It is a fun project. You can create an appealing light display by using your coding talent. You can draw several colored circles in a row and change each circle's intensity based on a timer value. Whenever a new circle gets brightened up, its predecessor circle should return to its normal intensity. Doing this will create an effect of rippling lights effect. You can change the arrangement of colored circles as per your requirements.

The user should be able to start and stop the display using a press button. Also, changing time intervals should be in the control of a user. You might also like to give some more features to a user. For instance, a choice of selecting colors for each circle, intensity value, size of a circle, and the number of rows that must be included in the display.

Quiz Application

It is one of the best and practical projects as professors can also design such projects for their students and check their knowledge level against any subject.

One can also design a quiz application app to check the skills of other programmers and developers. The user should be able to start a quiz by pressing a button. You can include as many as you want possible answers – typical possible options are 4. After the user selects an answer, the screen should display the next question until all the quiz questions are finished. After quiz completion, you can let the users check the time that they took to take a complete test and the number of correct answers they have given. You might also want to tell them if they have passed the test or not. These days professionals are looking for many ways to showcase their skills on platforms like LinkedIn. You can also add a feature where a user can directly share the results to LinkedIn or other professional platforms. You can also restrict an attempt to maybe two times in a day. Another feature can also be included in which you design a dashboard for every user so that they get to see their previous attempts and results.

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When we talk about simple android app ideas, creating a mobile quiz application stands out as it requires less time.

In addition to all of the above app ideas, you can create a fitness tracker app in which you can add a feature of plotting a graph between covered kilometers and the time that has been taken to complete the journey. You can also build a calculator app that takes input from the user and displays results based on those entries. There are various other simple mobile app ideas available that you can consider to enhance your programming skills.

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How to Design an App Prototype

Whichever mobile or web app you plan to create, make sure to design an app prototype with Wondershare Mockitt. Once you gather your client's requirements or even for your project, you can design a prototype to get feedback and approval from all of your stakeholders.

With Mockitt, you can instantly design an app prototype and test its user interface by showing it to all the project stakeholders.

Mockitt has both freemium and premium plans. With its freemium plan, you can design up to 3 free projects. And its premium plan offers unlimited projects with an incredible collaboration feature. You can have your stakeholders on board and share your design prototype with them for their feedback and approval.

Mockitt has a clear and uncluttered interface that makes it user-friendly to even novice designers. You do not have to be a professional designer to use all the amazing features of Mockitt.

Also, there is no involvement of any coding language within Mockitt software – which means that you can start using it right away by not knowing even the basics of any programming language.

Mockitt allows you to create custom screens based on your requirements. Else you can also use any of the pre-installed screen sizes available for all the famous mobile models (Android and iPhone).

Mockitt, hands down, is the best design tool that is user friendly and comes with unique features. Make sure to start your app development project by creating a Mockitt designed prototype, as doing this will ensure smooth project execution with minimal to no risks involved.

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