5 Best Web App Ideas for You to Make Money

Peter Martinez updated on 2024-06-06 13:46:33

One should continue to brainstorm and implement new web app ideas if they want to succeed in the digital world. It allows you to test your business models and ideas quickly and with minimal risk. If you are a web developer, you can right away work on various web application project ideas and check their applicability and feasibility. Even if you are not, you can hire someone to write a code for you. Anyways, you can make some good money on the side if you successfully create and run web applications.

You get some more benefits as a web developer if you transform your web app project ideas into useful applications.

  • You can upgrade your skills in a fun way.
  • In less time, you will be able to learn new tools
  • You can implement the best web app ideas for portfolio creation and can use them within your resume
  • You can be your boss if the project becomes a success

Before we discuss all web application ideas, let's understand what is meant by the web application.

What is Web Application

A web app or a web application is a client-server computer program that runs with web browsers and web-related technologies. A web app is stored on a remote server and delivered through a web browser over the internet. It allows its users to perform tasks on the internet.

For this article's context, we have curated a list of some excellent web app ideas from which you can take inspiration. We would recommend you shortlist project ideas based on the information contained in this article and your research.

Without further ado, let's discuss each of the web app ideas in detail.

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Best Web App Ideas

Chatbot Hosting

Most of the customer support service you come across on sites are usually artificial intelligence-based chatbots. You usually talk to a self-learning chatbot.

You can also build your AL-based chatbots and sell them to various types of businesses, celebrities, and public organizations. Many online companies that are receiving more and more customers every day can benefit from this service.

After they hire your chatbot services, your customers can access their website visitors' logs using your provided web app credentials.

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Memes & GIFs Portal

These days memes and funny GIFs are being shared daily. Some dedicated social media groups and pages work only on creating and sharing such kinds of stuff. In this world of constant uncertainty and unknown sadness, everyone enjoys sharing these kinds of funny things to lighten the mood. You can share your feelings, discuss a situation, and critically analyses conditions in a very creative way.

Why not start making money on the side by building an application that allows people to create GIFs and memes. If you think you creatively can handle this, you must introduce an editing web app that people can use easily to build whatever they want.

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Crime Alert

As the name suggests, such kind of web apps will ensure the safety of fellow general citizens. There could be many features of this web app. If someone has witnessed a crime within their locality, they can immediately update that information in that app to warn other residents of the society. There should be a section in which one can upload videos and images related to the incident. Also, suppose the web app can be interlinked across all the houses in a row. In that case, one can instantly notify all the connected homes regarding robbery or any unfortunate situations to get or give immediate help.

Personalized Q&A forum

Although Quora and Reddit are available to answer people's questions, there could be a more streamlined way to run Q & A forums. Specific topics oriented online platforms can be designed to allow only relevant persons to ask and answer questions. It could be a religious forum, IT, business-related, or forums where not everyone from every walk of life should be allowed. At times. People have many questions regarding their faith that they can not directly ask their religious scholars, so in this case, they can ask such questions through these forums without fear of getting judged by anyone. You can start a personalized platform for medical, education, entertainment, real estate, technology, and many more.

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How to Design an App Prototype

We have laid down a few web app ideas that should give you a good head start generating web app ideas. You should be able to think creatively after taking inspiration from the ideas mentioned above. Whatever app idea you shortlist, make sure to first design a digital web app prototype with Wondershare Mockitt. A prototype will help you transform your design-related thoughts into something you can always refer to during your web app development phase.

Mockitt is one of the finest products of Wondershare that even novice designers can use without seeing long tutorials.

Mockitt has a clean and uncluttered interface that makes it user friendly to everyone. You will not have to learn any programming language to use Mockitt – it works with drag-drop functionality.

Mockitt allows you to use it in your web browser, which means you will not have to install it in your system – type Mockitt in your web browser and start working on your first project straight away.

Mockitt allows you to choose between various pre-installed web layouts and mobile screens. You can also create a custom screen size if your specific mobile model is not available within templates.

Once you create a new project, you will have access to a big library of widgets and icons; you can use various design elements from the library to make any web app prototype.

Mockitt also gives functionality to create an interactive prototype, and you can achieve that by creating links between your various designed screens.

Mockitt, hands down, is the best design tool that you should use to create your web app prototype, as using this structured approach of building and testing a prototype before web app development will take your project to a new height of success.

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