4 Seasons of Color Scheme

Albert Shepherd updated on 2023-03-23 14:48:53

It's not mandatory to use the color wheel for choosing color combinations for design. You can choose different colors with the help of nature. How does nature help us to choose color combinations for our designs? Well, this article is for those who think that nature will allow them to create beautiful color combinations for their designs.

In this article, you'll differentiate between warm color scheme, summer color scheme, fall color scheme, and other seasonal colors. As the name suggests, this scheme contains all the four-season colors. For the summer season, we use warm colors for winter; we use cold colors for autumn yellow and rusty red. And lastly, for the spring, we use canary, White + Kelly Green, and many more to compare colors that appear together in nature.

4 Seasons of Color Scheme

Let's move ahead from the introduction part and discuss all the four-season color schemes in detail. With these color schemes, you'll be able to choose colors naturally.

1. Spring Color Scheme

Spring always makes everyone feel fresh. Like it's a season, the spring color scheme also makes anyone feel fresh. Want to generate a lead for your business? If so, use any color scheme that brightens the mood of the visitors. Your website design is the first and last impression for the visitors. If your website has a fair use of colors and well-designed, adequately placed animations and images, then no power in this world can't stop your visitors from visiting your site.

Back to the spring color scheme, this color scheme can be very beneficial for those who want to use solid colors in the website design. What if we tell you? With spring color schemes, you can even design professional-looking logos. Isn't this amazing?

2. Summer Color Scheme

Whenever you think about summer, the first thing that comes to mind is warm and sunny days. When summer comes, it brings lively colors with it. The summer color scheme is similar to its season. Whenever this scheme is used on the website design, it brings joy to the visitors' eyes. Plus, it also brings lots of color choices for the designers if they are closely following nature. In the summer color scheme, you can use fresh and vibrant colors for your website design.

In the above picture, you can see the five different combinations of colors inspired by wheat crops. This color scheme or palette can be very beneficial for those websites whose background is related to colorful images of e-commerce websites like; colorful clothes selling sites and the photographers who want to create portfolios with bright, fresh photos.

3. Fall Color Scheme

Autumn colors are trendy colors from all seasons. Here's why fall color schemes have been more popular than others. Autumn is the season that we cannot combine with any other particular color scheme. Like the dominant blue color of winter color schemes, fall color schemes are much different in colors.

Here, we will see the fantastic combinations of yellow, orange, red, purple, and blue to help designers benefit from these colors and implement them in their designs. You'll see a lot of reddish hues in the fall color scheme. Red is the primary color of the fall color scheme. Above is the perfect example of how to use Monochromatic colors. With a monochromatic color scheme, you can easily separate elements and create a visual hierarchy.

4. Winter Color Scheme

The nature of winter color schemes is similar to the fall color scheme. These two schemes have unique color choices or combinations; you can't separate and mix these color palettes with other ones. These two have their class. Like the autumn color scheme, the winter color scheme has its primary color; bright blue or dark blue. You'll find these two colors everywhere in the winter color scheme. The winter color scheme is all about subdued colors. There's another term that is used as an alternative to the winter scheme is the cold colors. Cold color palettes are always dimmed in nature.

So, these were the color palettes or schemes from the whole four seasons. Designers can get inspiration from these natural colors for creating different websites, logos, mobile apps, and much more.

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