8 Stunning Contemporary Graphic Designs to Check Out

Laura Angelica updated on 2023-04-06 17:41:04

Whenever we are planning for contemporary graphic designs, the most significant help we can get is by having a look at a few examples under the same niche. With the help of this small step, we would be able to widen our thoughts and bring out the best possible results for the graphics designing work.

Moreover, with some examples of contemporary graphic designs, you would be able to mix up your ideas and create a perfect blend of your final graphic designing ideas. Along with that, you can even check out the kind of trends under similar graphic designs and develop an idea based on those trends.

In this post, we will be having a look at 8 best contemporary graphics designs that will help you generate new ideas with a better approach.

What is Contemporary Graphic Designs?

Contemporary graphics designs are considered as modern styled graphic designs with the help of which a user can share his message to the viewers efficiently. Moreover, it perfectly fits the modern designed lifestyle of people nowadays and along with that such designs are easy to use. 

Within the interiors of such graphic designs, you would be able to notice natural elements along with bold colors. Hence with the help of such integrations, you can enhance the focus of the viewer to check out the developed content.

You would be able to notice several characters in these graphic designs that are going to help you understand the context of the design.

8 Great Contemporary Graphic Designs

Here is the list of 8 great contemporary graphic designs from where you can pick up an idea and information to design your contemporary design. Let us have a look at them one by one: 

1. Obama-Hope

contemporary graphic design

The first contemporary graphic design in the list is Obama-Hope in which you would be able to notice the picture of Barack Obama along with the word written Hope. The overall design looks amazing, and you would be able to see how beautifully they have fitted the word HOPE along with the picture. 

If you are trying to develop one such graphic design, then try to fetch ideas from here. Although in this design, they have added a single word only, you can add a complete quote or line by managing the text size and cropping the photo efficiently.

2. The Social Network

what is contemporary graphic design

The next option from the list of best contemporary graphic design ideas is the social network poster within which you would be able to notice a catchy background image. In this case, there's a person's image in the background, but you can use any object or place's image. 

On top of this image, you would be able to see a complete line or quote. If you are trying to find an example of graphic design with complete sections, then this is the most appropriate option for you. Instead of a single image, you can even use more than one image. Moreover, it completely depends upon the requirement.

3. The Lobster

contemporary graphic design style

By having a look at this graphic design idea, you would be able to figure out how to use the empty spaces in a graphic design easily and on purpose. You will notice that there's a man in the design hugging an empty space, by this the designer wants to depict a message.

Along with that, you will not notice any quote in it, as the design says it all. If you are trying to design one such design in which you would not need to add any quote just everything will be depicted from the image itself, then this graphic design idea is a must-look for you.

4. Lord of War

contemporary graphic design 2020

Here we have our fourth option from the list of best contemporary graphic design ideas which is the poster of the movie Lord of War. Once you have a look at the design, you would be able to notice that the designers have added bullets in the design and they are used efficiently. 

So if you are also trying to create one such design in which you can use elements that tells you about the story behind that design, then you should surely have a look at this design.

You would be able to get amazing ideas from here for your next design.

5. No Country for Old Men

contemporary graphic design blog

The next contemporary graphic design is from the poster of No Country for old men in which you would be able to notice a man running alone. Hence with this small element, the designer wanted to depict something about the story of that movie. 

In case if you are also developing a kind of contemporary design for some poster or anything else, then you should have a look at it. Along with that, you will also notice the complete quote or branding below, so you would be able to add quotes within such graphic designs easily.

6. Moon

contemporary graphic design

If you are trying to develop a design within which you can use both modern graphic designs and older graphic design tactics, then the Moon poster is one of the most important things you need to check out.

You would be able to notice that they have used a simple black background, and on the top, they have a white circle effect that looks a bit hypnotic. Along with that, they have also added a picture of the main character of this movie.

7. Burn After Reading

what is contemporary graphic design

Here we have our 7th contemporary graphic design option which is from the poster of the movie Burn After Reading. Under this design, they have used a simple tactic of placing a small element in the below, and along with that, the designers added the whole information about the movie. 

8. Wolverine

contemporary graphic design style

The final option from the list is a Wolverine movie in which you would be able to look at the modern design that does not contain many elements. The only single thing within the poster is of the wolverine itself.

Graphic Design Tool You Need to Know

Although there are plenty of graphic design tools with the help of which you can develop contemporary graphic designs for yourself. But here we are going to have a look at one of the best such tools which are Wondershare Mockitt.

contemporary graphic design 2020

Mockitt is an online highly-efficient graphics designing tool with the help of which you can create amazing web designs, poster designs, and contemporary graphic designs too. Let us have a look at the steps to develop a contemporary design: 

  1. Firstly, you need to visit the official website of Mockitt and create your account with email for free.
  2. Right after creating an account, you will enter the workspace, here you can create a new project.
  3. Then you can start the contemporary design by using the asset widgets, icons, and templates. As you can see in the picture above, you can not only use the widgets to create a graphic design but also create an interactive design.

With the help of these steps, you would be able to create a new contemporary graphic design using Mockitt.

More features of Mockitt:

  • Fast prototyping: Finish a prototype in just 10 minutes! The drag and drop operation can save your time a lot!
  • All data saved on Cloud: You don't need to download anything, all your creative design work will be saved safely on Cloud which allows you to start your design at any time and anywhere.
  • Wide design resources: There are more than 500 libraries of widgets, icons, and templates to help your design more efficient and convenient.