Five online courses of motion graphics

Albert Shepherd updated on 2024-06-06 13:47:49

One of the most potent ways to make a website stand out is movement. It has evolved with time, and now designers have a wide range of options to choose from. Motion graphics can be simple micro-interactions or full-screen video backgrounds. Moving along these lines, it brings a highly-professional cinematic feel to the web. The animations are short in length but serve different purposes, such as scene transitions and animated background. A motion graphic can be used as a standalone element also. In this article, we’ll see the top motion graphics course picked by experts. Also, we introduce an easy tool to create a simple graphic design.

Five online courses of motion graphics

If you had been looking to learn motion graphics online, here are some of the best tutorials, classes, courses, certifications, and training available online for 2020:

1.LinkedIn Learning-Lynda: Free Motions Graphic

The 4.4 rating course is one of the best motion graphic courses offered by LinkedIn. The course focuses on Motion Graphics and related technologies like Cinema 4D, Adobe Premier Pro, and After Effects. It also delves deep into the Motion Graphics principles, its methods, and techniques of creation. The course also shares tips related to Adobe After Effects. The course is designed and delivered by experts in the field. The duration of the course is variable. You can choose the course according to your requirement from a variety of courses.

2.School of Motion- Motion Graphics Courses

The motion graphics online courses offered by the School of Motion are suitable for learners of different proficiency. The Path to MoGraph is the introductory level course. The next level courses focus on Illustrator, After Effects, Cinema 4D, and Photoshop. The courses teach you advanced Motion methods and allows you to practice by applying it to real-world assignments. The courses’further steps include character animation, VFX for Motion, Illustration for motion, and design. The course is designed to take one from novice to expert in the field. The final step is mastering character rigging. You can interact with your peers and teaching assistants. Video instructions, PDFs, and exercises are available at all times.

3.SkillShare- Motion graphics online courses free

SkillShare hosts a wide variety of Motion graphic design courses. You can pick a beginner, intermediate or advanced level course to master Adobe After Effects. The courses cover the software tools, methods, and their use in creating infographics. These courses delve deep into animation for those interested in details of Motion Graphics. The specializations are available in abstract art, character rigging, cinema 4D, repeating patterns, paper cut outlook, and hand lettering. To demonstrate and check your learning, you can work on projects. Enhance your learning by accessing resources and collaboration with peers with this 4.5 rated course.

4.Udemy- Motion Graphics and Data Visualization: After Effects

This 5.5 hours course offered by Udemy is built around captivating visual information from monotonous spreadsheet data. It covers the basics and advances to the essentials of motion graphics. The course content includes animation techniques, data visualization, infographic animation, camera animation, masking, exporting, color, and background. The course objectives are to be proficient in using Adobe After Effects, understand voice over importance, and build animated infographics. The resources and websites available as a part, of course, can help your career. The cheat sheets and exercise files are downloadable. It is a 4.6 rating course that can help you learn animating spreadsheet data.

5.Udemy- After Effects CC 2019: Complete Course from Novice to Expert

Another 4.6 rating Udemy course that offers 30 hours of video learning is for everyone who aspires to have a career in Motion Graphics. This course acts as a comprehensive guide to VFX Visual Effect, VFX compositing techniques, and creating pro motion graphics. The USP of the course is 50+ practical projects and hands-on tutorials for you to learn the necessary skills and practice. The course covers control shapes, graphics, layers, effects, masks, speed control, shadows, interpolation, visual effect techniques, publishing videos, understanding motion path, and animation with Adobe After Effects. The resources are downloadable and accelerate learning.

An easy-to-use tool to create a simple graphic design

After learning the methods for creating motion graphics and acquiring the skills required, it's time to implement your knowledge by creating animation for your projects. It is a fast designing tool that is available on both Mac and Windows. Millions of people use Wondershare Mockitt to bring life to their projects with movement and because of the following features:

motion graphics course

Designing- The design feature lets you create beautiful interfaces in minutes with the help of great built-in widgets.

  • Interacting- The interaction feature is used to prototype and animate apps/websites fast.
  • Inspection and Discussion- From designing to development, Mockitt makes the process automated and accurate by communication and commenting
  • Template Library- The rich templates and UI assets speed up the design process. You can also build your library for future use.
  • Cloud- Real-time co-editing keeps everyone in sync, which saves time and space
  • Enterprise- With Mockitt, everyone in the team can work together smoothly.

For motion graphics professionals or those who want to learn motion graphics by practicing, the Interaction feature of this platform is the savior. With the ‘links’ attribute offered by Mockitt, you can make static screens interactive. The workstation allows you to:

  • Set the link effect by using ‘Action + Target + Transition’
  • Drag and drop the link
  • Change the link event
  • Preview the interactions

With Mockitt, you can create animations in two ways:

  • Using State- For making animations within the screen, the state of the screen can be used. The size/position/color the widget can be changed by connecting different states. This gradual switch effect between the states is called Magic Move.
  • Using Dynamic Widget- Dynamic widgets can be created by creating a new widget, creating widget states, and linking the states.

You can choose from the best motion graphics courses mentioned in this blog to learn graphics and start creating your own using Mockitt.