5 Creative Header Design for Your Inspiration

Laura Angelica updated on 2024-06-06 13:48:37

Today there is nothing more important than having a  creative header design  for your website. Wondershare Mockitt is an innovative application that helps you create the most impressive headers you have ever had.

Headers are essential for websites that share a lot of information with their visitors. They are necessary to be interactive and activate themselves after the mouse-over reaction of the desktop user.

Other website creators prefer their headers to be more device-oriented. Some headers appear on smartphones and others that have a design for desktop computers.

Let's now check what the Mockitt application can do for your website headers and how it can modify them to reach excellence.

Create a header design online

Wondershare Mockitt has been the best simple header design application of all time. People trust it to create the most impressive websites that have absolutely nothing to do with the old way of site-building patterns.

creative header design

First, you need to register on Mockitt website. It is vital to do so and give the email address. Mockitt can give you the opportunity to share your work with others and listen to their valuable comments and points.

Once you have registered, then simply click on the right type of device. It would be necessary to use your desktop to make the header creation on the Mockitt. Before starting your design, you can take a look at the Resources for inspiration. There are different kinds of templates and widgets in the Resources.

After you create a project and choose the size of your design, you will enter the main workspace. Just drag and drop the widgets in “Built-in”, you can start your header design easily. If you need more icons or components, click “More Resources” will provide you some design ideas.

If you want to share the header design when you are done, you can share it on social media or just copy the link to send to your team. Design with Mockitt is so easy, start your design now!

5 different kinds of header design

Here you can have the most impressive website header designs that make your site look awesome. The examples are here for you to explore

1-Creative Header Design

Mockplus Cloud has been the site with the most impressive headers and footers. It presents videos to the visitors that automatically play and give the information the site creator would like to transmit.

simple header design

Source: mockplus.com

The header has a font type that can easily get identified by all people involved. There is also color customization according to the cookies the site sends to the visitor's IP. Mockplus Cloud is a site with a successful header that brings more customers and increases the income in all parts of it.

Another creative type of header lies in the Go Daddy website. The site builders chose to present the fragmented pictures pattern that change according to the visitors' preferences. The header is creative giving the sense of site building to the incoming visitors that are all potential customers.

modern header design

Source: mockplus.com

The increase in website traffic only by the use of creative headers is incredible. All the site uses higher encryption methods to ensure that all information given by visitors is secure. Headers also have some special fonts and colors to assure all parties that Go Daddy could be the leader in his business sector.

2-Simple Header Design

In terms of simple header design, you can see the Slack website that is the best paradigm. There are plenty of colors covering the page and giving you all the information you need. Slack is also famous for interpreting all the scripts according to the geographical area you are located. That is why many of its customers offer a great traffic burden to the Slack company. Headers are important to keep the visitors engaged and satisfied to the fullest extent.

beautiful header design

Source: slack.com

On the other hand, Green Mountain gives the perfect incentives for new customers to stay and attached. The headers are simple and reflect the most precious information you can possibly ask. The simplicity of the lines, fonts, and patterns are always welcome in sites like that. It seems like headers are provocative enough for some customers to become loyal and bring more income to the owners.

Source: greenmountain.com

3-Modern Header Design

When talking about modern header design, the Woven website is the epitome of that effort. It has a simple picture depicted on the first page following the customers to any drive they make through the site. The modern header design is also necessary to give them an insight into the uniqueness of services that only Woven can offer to its clientele.

cool header designs

Source: woven.com/

Looking over more particular sites, the Impossible Bureau is one of them. There is a header that makes them look modern and natural to all audiences. The presentation of the warm colors is unique among the internet. It can also give you more reasons to stay at the site and ask for personalized help. That is why modern headers' adoption is essential for your site's final success and the increase to your income.

creative header design

Source: impossible-bureau.com

4-Beautiful Header Design

If you are looking for a beautiful header design, then Monstroid 2 is the ultimate site for you. It can give you the exact geolocation of your IP and impress the visitors right away. The header is always there for visitors to seek information and become their live tutor as they are going back and forth on the site. The header is always transformable to various sizes and can fit any screen from smartphone to desktop. It supports multiple languages and can give localized information to keep all customers updated about the services and goods sold in the web page.

simple header design

Source: zemez.io/monstroid2

Okb-studio is one of the most impressive sites with headers that always follow the flow of traffic. In other words, when navigating through the Okb-studio website, there is an interactive header appearing with a mouse-over and making it possible for visitors to ask questions and seek valuable information. Additionally, the header is a beautiful one in terms of colors and shapes. That is the first time that warm and cold colors are there together in a header. There is also a technology of rotating color wheel complementary pigments that can give your site a sense of uniqueness and beauty. Beautiful headers may only provide happy customers.

modern header design

Source: okbinteractive.studio

5-Cool Header Design

In case you are looking for some cool header designs, the webpage of The Cool Club remains the main example. It is as cool as you can think about it. There is always a card game generator in the main header. For that reason, the header becomes bright and shiny when people mouse-over it. That is another example of why younger people would choose to stay with that kind of page. The cool header design is also catchy to people who like to have some fun and like the ever-changing scripts and color patterns.

beautiful header design

Source: thecoolclub.co

Finally, the Ana-Santos website is there to redefine the word cool for younger ladies. It has been the first site that gives incentives to younger women to become entrepreneurs in their area. In other words, the website has a cool header to become satisfying and welcoming to women that want to overpass their limits. The flashing colors are always welcoming for younger women and can activate certain progressive parts of their brain. The header follows every visitor from the beginning to the end. That is why it would be necessary for the header to be close to visitors' needs no matter where they come from.

cool header designs

Source: ana-santos.com