Top 5 Footer Design Templates

Albert Shepherd updated on 2024-06-06 13:48:10

It is more than apparent that only with the best footer design templates, your site is going to rank better on Google. The correlation of footers that give an unforgettable impression to the visitors and the traffic volume is humongous.

The template for the footers is a real headache for people who cannot have the right service. However, modern templates databases are more than enough to give you the best footer you have ever dreamt about.

How to Create a Website Footer Design?

Wondershare Mockitt is an online prototyping tool that you don't have to look anywhere else for ideas. The database of the application can get updated daily. It has several templates that follow the new trends, and others that are traditional and express some added value.

Wondershare Mockitt has been the first online application to offer you a chance to create your footer design without fancy instruments and tools. You only need your creativity and tons of ideas.

Once you register for the Mockitt services, there is a requirement to have a username and password. After signing up, you can start your footer design prototype.

footer design templates

One of the innovations that Mockitt has introduced to the world public has been the interactivity. First, you can join with other peers and permit them to check your progress. That will help them view your footers or headers' previews and give you their valuable opinion about them through the application. Another part of this valuable interactivity remains the fact that with the Mockitt, you can work on the same project from different places using your desktop computer.

You only need to register your desktop with the application. Soon after, you can choose to work on your templates you like. No matter where you work from, there is always the opportunity to check the footer that likes you the most.

It follows the simple drag and drops concept, where you can open all the template library and start picking and testing the ones that like you the most. You have millions of possibilities since you can work on the preloaded templates by altering the background colors and fonts. There is always the chance to create animations and integrate some videos on the footers. At last, you can have your information written there as well as the social media buttons that send people directly to your accounts to engage with them.

Creating afree footer design is comfortable with Mockitt. As soon as you learn some of the initial steps, then the whole procedure would look fun to you.

The Five Greatest Footer Design Templates in 2020

Besides the footers that you can create using Mockitt, there are other sites online that thrive with their design:

The famous dairy products maker from New York State has set new standards in footer creation. It is well known that Chobani comes from a Turkish citizen that decided to bring the production of real yogurt and skimmed milk in the United States. For that reason, his website footer had to be informative in as many languages as possible. The idea has been to introduce Americans to the daily habit of eating yogurt.

That is why Chobani has used some neutral colors like green to apply on the footer template background. The fonts and scripts are manageable to appear easily on any type of device. There is a direct link to the social media accounts of Chobani that create a secure bonding between the potential customers and the company. The website footer is among the most successful ones for delivering the company founder's message: People come closer as real food is available. The footer pays off for the expensive website.

When you have a small but developing business, then your footer needs to be extra informative. That is something founders understood better than others. So they decided to place an interactive map in their footer background, close to their contact information. People usually don't pay much attention to names and addresses. That is why the footer design can make them jump to Google Maps at a glance. It is evident that the more people engage with your site, the more probable it is for them to come to your premises using the footer directions.

The footer has some clear lines and colors. It remains a paradigm of how simplicity can make things work better for your site. The footer gives the visitors a simple message that attracts them to live the experience of being customers in their premises. That is something that anybody can read and understand. Following that, the social media links are easy to press and see some pictures and videos showing the company's legacy and operations. For all these reasons, the footer of this site belongs to the innovative ones. It engages more visitors to stay longer at their page and become loyal customers.

Sayers is the most prominent example of a newly founded PPC company. The pay-per-click advertisement has nothing more to show than a website that attracts views and clicks from any part of the world. For that reason, a website like that should look simple and have a neutral color. Since people with many ethnic and religious backgrounds can register to the site, the need for an international footer template is inevitable.

The site has a direct link to social media and can give updated information to its customers for the new advertisements that are on today.

The innovation introduced in their footer would be the individual registration for newsletter and consultation. That is because the breach of sensitive information security remains a top priority for PPC site visitors. It seems like the footer with a relaxing color and fonts can make people trust the site and give their deposits there to increase. In other words, the successful footer of this site remains an excellent example for all the other PPC sites that want to grow their business. Not to mention, the voice share is also higher than ever before, thanks to the reliable footer design.

Mackey Creative has been a new start-up company specializing in branding. That is the most competitive field in today's marketing industry since it has to be creative and give immediate results to their customers. Big pharma companies, TV channels, basketball teams, and millions of others need efficient branding to stay on top of the current news. That is why Mackey Creative has introduced the new style of footers that have vertical symmetry. All the information flows rapidly from the left side to the right, giving visitors the impression that they own that space. For some moments, visitors may think that they own the brand. After that initial amazement, visitors can press the information buttons and share videos and pictures directly from the owners.

Mackey Creative chose to use warm colors and black as a background to have people attached to its message. Anyone that visits their site can reach the footer easily. The footer becomes available with a mouse-over on any internal page of the website. The information bar is always international and can get read in many languages around the world. It seems like the footer contributes the most to the success of the website as a whole.

Digital marketing has been a science of its own. The founders knew well that their website should have an informative footer that gave a chance to visitors to register and become members of the excellent marketing team.

The footer is in black and white giving a sense of formality to the whole procedure. Everyone likes to register and give his personal information to some secure sites. That is why the footer advertises the existence of SLL encryption technology to all the internal pages of their website. On the other hand, the footer has some links to the Facebook and Twitter pages of the brand.

That is for Millenials and other young users to attract their share of voice and become viral in their social media accounts. The footer is vital for older users as well since they can find the telephone numbers. These are people who want to talk to a live agent before deciding whether they will hire them as consultants for their online marketing campaign.

Finally, the footer is brief and doesn't overwhelm visitors with extra useless information. It is apparent that anyone who has seen that footer will never compromise with anything else below that quality.