Figma vs InVision, which is better?

Peter Martinez updated on 2024-06-06 13:49:19

To develop the user’s experience and interface (UX/UI) of a product or website, different tools are available these days for the application of UX/UI designs out of which the two tools are Figma and InVision. Figma and InVision are two prototyping tools both of them have their features and similarities too, but a team or an individual has to choose among them by keeping in view different aspects and are forced to compare Figma with InVision (Figma vs InVision). For a person with no experience, it gets difficult to choose which one suits him or his team more.

Figma vs. InVision from Different Aspects

Figma and InVision are among the best prototyping tools. But when these prototyping tools are compared Figma vs InVision. Figma overcomes InVision because it provides users with real-time collaboration and much more variety of design/features than any other prototyping tool. Although Figma is not a detailed prototyping tool, professional designers are switching from InVision to Figma. Figma is a prototyping tool that provides users with a complete collaborative interface that enables users to create attractive designs more easily than InVision. Figma is also the first tool to introduce real-time collaboration in prototyping tools. Figma enables designers to work easily on their projects without worrying about the complexity of using the Figma interface. Professional designers who have a lot of experience in designing of Figma and InVision prefer newbies to use Figma as it provides a variety of built-in function. InVision is a detailed prototyping tool with many features and simple collaboration. With the help of InVision, users can create interactive prototypes by using their design mockups. Basic software’s screen from prototyping tools like Sketch and Adobe can be easily imported in InVision.

Aspects that differentiate Figma and InVision are as following:

Pricing range

Both Figma and InVision have similar packages but Figma starting package start at $12 per month while on the other hand, the starting package of InVision is $15 per month. InVision also offers a free to the designer that wants to work on one project only although this offer has limited features in it it is great for newbies to test their skills.

The ideal number of users

A single individual or an organization can easily work in Figma and InVision. The ideal number of users for InVision Studio and Figma is in a range from 1-1000 plus users.

InVision is a bit more complex then Figma but still, a professional or either a designer with basic knowledge of prototyping tools can single-handedly create projects on InVision and Figma


InVision starting packages are more expensive than Figma’s starter package but still, InVision lacks many features that Figma provides. Figma is full of advanced and powerful features that help designers to create their desired prototypes.

Features Figma InVision
Drag and Drop
Software Prototyping
UI Prototyping
Usability Testing
UX Prototyping
Version Control

Ease of use

The interface provided by Figma is much better than the interface of InVision. Figma’s interface is simple and sleek in which designers can apply saved colors to texts, objects, and anything else that they desire. InVision primly focuses on making applications more attractive while providing concrete visuals. Figma has a lot of built-in features that mostly meet the requirements of the client, these built-in features are easy to use and apply to the user’s project. Although, in InVision users have to have to create a screen on other prototyping tools and then export them into Invision Studio. So that users can use those screens into any projects they want.

Support System

Figma and InVision support systems are very different from each other(as there is no proper support system in Figma). InVision provides support in business hours without an online support system while there is no support system in Figma. The lackness of this feature is slowing the growth of Figma is the best prototyping tool. There is no training system provided by Figma but InVision provides training through live online sessions, documentation, and webinars which enable new users to understand the functionality of the InVision tool more clearly and use its feature to their extends.

The Best Figma and InVision Alternative in 2020

Wondershare Mockitt Wireframe Tool

Wondershare Mockitt is a prototyping tool use for both mobile and web projects. Wondershare Mockitt was developed in America and is mostly used in China.This tool has all the advance features like anyother porototyping tool like Figma and InVision. MockingBor offers different templates, predefined sizes of icon and real-time collaboration. This tool provides ease to all users by making this tool platform independent. Wondershare Mockitt is a great competitior of Figma and InVision.

figma vs invision

Wondershare Mockitt have the following advantages that makes it better than others:

  • Designers with basic knowledge of prototyping tools can also use this tool without any sweat as Wondershare Mockitt's interface is very simple and clear which helps users to understand the fundamentals of prototyping.
  • To enhance the users's experience and interface, Wondershare Mockitt provvides alot of features like built in widgets and attractive predefined templates and makes the user's time valuable.
  • The pricing of packages of Wondershare Mockitt is comparatively lower than any other prototyping tool. Wondershare Mockitt also offers a free package for beginners or professionals with limited features to take a trial of Wondershare Mockitt tool.
  • The feature that makes Wondershare Mockitt tempting is that Wondershare Mockitt provides real-time collobration. Many famous prototyping tools still lacks this feature.
  • Wondershare Mockitt is platform-independent, both Windows and Macintosh users can use the product designed in it.
  • Wondershare Mockitt provides cloud storage for designers to store their designs online so that they can share and access them easily.
  • Wondershare Mockitt tool attract other users through its feature inclduing predefined codes, amazing templates, and
  • Not only a team of designers are required to work on MockinBot but an individual designer can create amazing prototypes by using its built in feature.