How to Use InVision Freehand Step-by-Step

Peter Martinez updated on 2024-06-06 13:49:34

InVision freehand is an application for prototyping made by designers for themselves. This tool enables you to reproduce interactive designs rapidly whom you can share with your group of workers or employers. What is more, is that it helps you to present your plan in light of wind as opposed to sending the designs out to the team members to inform them of a PDF or screenshots. Also, freehand by envision enables you to drop down some comments in connection to the points that you are talking about on the screen.

How to Use Freehand by InVision

Freehand by InVision tool is being used by many companies to perform several designs. It permits each of the team members to have the power to contribute ideas by drafting and illustrating with pictures what they have in mind. Here are my top 7 reasons for using InVision: Below, we have discussed for you the steps involved when using these applications when you want to draw the prototype.

  • Design

You can brainstorm ideas as well as solutions with the help of your team members. Then you can put it into the concept by sketching the designs on the paper the way you sketch them always. Moreover, you can design a freehand project using your plan file in the draft.

  • In addition to the InVision

You can add your designs to the InVision freehand application by uploading the designs on the screen. You should open the task and click the button that is picking plus at the top right, you should click upload and then select the documents you want to add to the InVision. Also, you can add the designs by dragging and dropping your proposal into the tool. Also, you can add your plan into the system by sync from Dropbox.

  • Generating Functional model

Freehand by InVision teams enables you to add the links from one file to another, therefore, ensuring that you make the user flows with no single line code.

  • Feedback

Freehand by InVision Microsoft teams will enable you to get responses from the shareholders by inviting them to your experience and allow them to leave a comment about your designs.

  • Teaming up With humanity

Using the live share tool from the InVision whiteboard, you can easily present your plans to the entire public and partners and obtain feedback using voice chats or comments. Also, this prototyping tool will enable you to get responses from the shareholders by inviting them to your experience and allow them to leave a comment about your designs.

Advantages and Disadvantages of InVision Freehand

Freehand InVision tool comes in handy to you because it allows you to models sites that are full at a faster rate. Also, since it can be posted on the fly, it can impact change to the viewers, therefore, permitting you to share your thoughts with the stakeholders and obtain the immense outcome.


  • Great designs and Output

With the help of this application, you can be able to produce unique designs and good Output. It does this by permitting flawless teamwork when doing the procedures. Also, it helps you to make clickable examples of the systems effortlessly.

  • Speed

Freehand by InVision helps you and your team to design faster because it is simple to use and is available almost everywhere whenever you want to make use of it.

  • Live Share

Freehand allows you to share your plans and designs with the team members as well as customers and obtain responses promptly about whether there is a need to improve the strategies. Also, you can easily share with clients on the progress and whether you have incorporated their response in the prototype

  • Flawless & Simple

This application is ideal and straightforward to use in your workplace to share and show off projects.


  • Navigate

Getting way through many designs is a bit hard and perplexing at times. Also, the application lags most of the time because it is heavy.

  • A limited number of Project

The number of projects that can be undertaken is only once per account.

  • Price

The cost incurred is in obtaining and running the tool is a bit high because the designs and updates run at a slower rate.

The Best InVision App Alternative

Wondershare Mockitt is an online prototyping tool that you can utilize in designing numerous types of models like applications, web, and other prototypes. Besides, you can use it to create mobile applications that are interactive within the shortest time possible and share it with your laptop and other devices.

InVision freehand

Apart from these, this tool is user friendly and can be used by both experienced and inexperienced people because it features defined codes as well as designs and templates. Moreover, with the Wondershare Mockitt, you can be able to cloud storage and sync your developments. Also, you can be able to make a prototype in the preferred mobile firmware.

Features of Wondershare Mockitt

Wondershare Mockitt depicts the following features making it a unique mobile application.

  • Simple to use and is valuable.
  • Facilitate teamwork.
  • Cost-effective pricing.
  • Predefined Templates
  • Platform independence.
  • Support System
  • Cloud Editing
  • More than 100 Icons in Icon library

Wondershare Mockitt is the best alternative to invasion freehand because of the following reasons:

  • Aids you in assembling interactive mobile applications and acts as a time-saver because it enables you to make prototypes at a faster rate.
  • Help in simplifying the creation of a prototype by offering you the knowledge to make objects and combo models as well as built-in widgets.
  • Enables teamwork and partnerships since it permits you to share your plans by adding the partners into your Wondershare Mockitt platform.
  • Facilitates responses on your platform from other people and does not allow them to change your plans and designs.
  • Has the ability to create QR codes to permit you to scan the code with the help of an android device. Also, advertise to others the model functionality to get suggestions on areas that need improvements.
  • It facilitates you to view and control your screen as well as edit your work.