Types of InVisonapp Animations and How to Create Animation in InVision

Peter Martinez updated on 2023-03-23 14:48:53

What is InVision used for? InVision is a digital invention designed platform that is cloud-based, that facilitates the experts of development and small size business to produce and manage trial products. InVisionapp animations affix the light to one's designs, therefore, enabling context and warmth when one is networking with the interface. As well, it permits the teams to work together, analyze and try out ideas on the dashboard using templates designed.

Moreover, InVision Studio enables the creation of animations as a component of usual workflow designs. One can start animation once they open the studio and make the layers equivalent automatically to facilitate links between them. Also, with the InVisionapp animation with the aid of a timeline editor, one can make a path, fine-tune, and accelerate the design animation speed.

Types of Animations in InVision

Animations in InVision needs the combination of originality, thoughts, and technological skills and tools that are right to enable the idea into life. The following are the types of Invision studio animation examples:

  • The season to get moving

Susan Osanyinbi invented it as a toggle alternative on this holiday-themed landing page. This creation enables one to differentiate and switch between the night and day modes.

  • Buzzin’ around

It was created by Camille Raviart. It Influences the bee log to be brought to life by enabling background and line animation.

  • Hello, it’s me

It is a pong motivated welcome attempt that comes into existent when

Rum said hello to the Dribbble community.

  • X marks the house

The X marks icon helps into a full-blown house transformation. This x mark was invented by Silvia Sguotti’s.

  • Where, oh where, have all the trees gone?

This helps in visually conveying a message on deforestation impacts. Oxygenna created this infographic animation.

  • Follow the light (to your mentor)

The following light animation makes use of colors that are bright and shapes that are geometrical to symbolize the designed organizations. This animation facilitates designers and mentors to connect easily.

  • Frida 2.0

It enables a fanciful version of Frida Kahlo, who is an artist to complete with her autograph flower grown.

How to Create Animation in InVision

InVision Studio is an application tool with animation at its heart; therefore, when using it, you need not be troubled regarding switching tools. All you need to do is concentrate on your work. Once you open the studio, join the screens that you intend to animate and get started.

Besides, creating animation in Invision can be a bit tricky, especially if it is your first time. We have, therefore, explained to you in detail how to create an animation Invision using the example of how to design the spinning plate animation.

Here are the steps to follow when creating the spinning plate animation


  • You will begin by copying and pasting the butternut squash group on the initial sculpture board in the same position. For example, the fresh layer will paste above the group if you click into it and paste it. Afterward, you can change it by turning it round to 360 degrees and zero percent opacity.
  • With the aid of vanilla pudding, you can copy and paste the group on the subsequent artboard in a similar location. However, when pasting, you need to ensure that the new group is below the butternut squash. Then tilt it to -360° and zero percent opacity.
  • Moreover, including the components for the vanilla pudding copy and paste the group on the succeeding artboard and set it in motion to the left. Next, you need to copy the group with the butternut squash ingredients and paste it on the initial artboard and set it in the right position. Also, you need to change to zero Opacity for both.
  • After, you need to copy and paste the butternut squash on the initial artboard and push it up. Ensure that the animation is under to facilitate the loading in effect. You need to replicate the above steps to obtain the titles and details of vanilla pudding.
  • Finally, you need to choose the layer of butternut squash on the first artboard and attach an animation to affix it to the subsequent artboard.
  • Furthermore, employ the Edit Timeline to alter it when the butternut squash into moves in and when vanilla pudding info moves out. After, do again step 5 and step 6 and turn round.

In conclusion, in the end, you should get amazed by the animation that you have created. Also, you can post your formation by attaching the hashtag #invisionstudio! On Twitter as well as Dribbble.

How to Create Animations with InVision Alternative

Wondershare Mockitt is an online prototyping tool that aids the user in creating and develop mobile application models and wireframes without taking much time. This application is simple to use in a workstation that is organized since you can drag and drop features with no obligation for coding. Also, you can share the clickable prototype developed with the laptop, android device, ios, and PC.

invisionapp animation

Wondershare Mockitt can be used as an alternative for animations in Invision because of the following features.

  • Facilitates the development of mobile applications that is interactive by generating the models at a quick space.
  • Feature simplicity when creating the model since it will enable you to built-in widgets, generate objects, and combo templates smoothly with the aid of drag-and-drop functionality.
  • Permits you to share your model with other team associates in your project.
  • It enables you to get feedback about the prototype from others without tampering with your project.
  • Come with the ability to create QR codes that renders you to scan and test the model using the iOS or Android camera.
  • Authorizes immediate seeing of the screen to be able to check and edit the workflow since the developments are stored in the cloud.
  • Come with the Wondershare Mockitt platform to enable the development of models offline.
  • Enables connecting between screens and selecting copies of text with the help of sharing and preview mode.
  • Feature a library icon with 100 icons and more.

Wondershare Mockitt application can help you to develop animations easily using the following steps and example of ‘progress bar.’


  • In the beginning, you can make one screen and name it player. Then create a grey bar and insert the playback and forward icons.
  • Then copy the grey bar into two, and modify the copy bar to the color yellow. After, drag it out of the screen and link up its end to the grey bars.
  • Following, in the state panel, generate state two that can be easily switched on by double-circle icon click. Also, at this state, 2 haul the bar that is yellow to the position where the grey bar is and alters the play icon to pause in the library of the icon.
  • After you need to create a link, the play icon into default state two and set the duration for a transition to 5s.
  • You should preview and see the animated outcome.