Top 5 InVision App Mac Alternatives in 2024 (Including macOS Ventura)

Peter Martinez updated on 2024-06-06 13:49:18

UX/UI design is a term used to design the interface of mobile and web applications. It is used to enhance a user’s experience of a product. Mac is a short form of “Macintosh”. It is the operating system developed by Apple Incorporation. Mac operating system is often platform dependent when it comes to UX/UI prototyping tool. To overcome this problem, different tools have been developed which are compatible with the Macintosh operating system including the InVision mac app. It’s very easy to download the InVision app for mac. There are several alternatives to the InVision mac app which also operates in macOS Ventura.

Top 5 InVision Mac App Alternatives

1. Wondershare Mockitt

Wondershare Mockitt is among the best prototyping tools that support the Mac operating system. The tool provides you with various predefined templates for your operating system. It’s the best tool for prototyping.

Wondershare Mockitt provides the following features:

  • Wondershare Mockitt tool offers users with an easy interface which enables a newbie as well as a professional to use this tool very efficiently and without difficulty.
  • It also provides the user with a flawless line which contains many useful build-in widgets and attractive icons to build a sleek and beautiful interface.
  • Wondershare Mockitt tool contains predefined codes, eye-catching templates, and attractive designs.
  • The cloud storage provided by this tool enables users to build their designs and sync them online so there is no need for users to download or upload the designs. This makes sharing easy for designers.
  • Real-time collaboration is supported by Wondershare Mockitt. This feature makes it unique to any other prototyping tool. This makes Wondershare Mockitt irresistible.
  • This tool has a strong potential to be used instead of the InVision sync mac app (InVision Sync mac application is an application used for syncing your sketch files with InVision Mac app).
  • The pricing range of Wondershare Mockitt is comparatively lower than any other prototyping tool available on the web.

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2. Axure:

Axure, another tool for prototyping is also compatible with the Mac operating system but one must have complete knowledge about the functionality of Axure’s interface. A newbie designer face may difficulties while using the Axure interface because of its complexity. A person with strong and complete knowledge of UX/UI designing and prototyping should use Axure Rp rather than InVision mac app. Also, Axure provides more advanced features than the InVision sync mac app.

Axure provides the following functionality:

  • Axure allows designers to create various animations and effects but it doesn’t provide predefined animations.
  • Software prototyping is a powerful aspect of Axure. Axure allows users software prototyping for both mobile and desktop applications but it is complex for newbies to handle.
  • Cloud storage is provided by Axure to store projects but the pricing of the package is a lot higher for an individual designer to afford. The ideal user for Axure is 10 to 1000 to function on it.
  • The packages provided by Axure is higher than any other prototyping tool

3. Figma

Figma is a collaborative interface design tool that is taking over the other prototyping tool. It is not only a browser-based tool, but it also works on all other operating systems including Mac, Windows, and even on Linux. Figma is a very heavy application compare to other prototyping tools such as InVision mac to use Figma tool properly users must have a device that meets the requirement to run Figma.

Figma offers users with a lot of plugins but on the other hand, it also lacks some major plugins which are provided in the InVision mac app.

Functionalities of Figma are as following:

  • The collaboration in Figma is very easy and user-friendly. Users can easily share files in Figma.
  • The interface in Figma is a lot easier to use and also makes it easy for newbies to understand the functionality of UX/UI designing prototyping tools.
  • Users who switch from other prototyping tools like Sketch and InVision mac app can easily understand the Figma interface. The cross-platform approach of Figma is highly effective.
  • Multiple designers can easily work on the same files while removing the need for file versioning i-e it is version independent.
  • Designers can also share their mockups with the developer so that they can inspect the designs and provide them with appropriate advice needed for the betterment of the designs.

4. Zeplin

Zeplin is a desktop application that allows designers to share their designs or export them to any other prototyping tool like Sketch, Figma, and InVision mac app. Zeplin tool is full of exponential features but lacks the capability to create scalable vectors graphics easily like InVision mac app and other similar prototyping tools.

Features of Zelpin are as following:

  • Zeplin offers free services but users have to create account to avail these free services. As it is a free prototyping tool it lacks some advanced features used by professional designers.
  • Designs created in HTML and CSS can also be exported to Zeplin as these are easy languages due to which the designers can easily work on them.
  • Zeplin prototyping tool provides pre-defined sizes to create mobile and desktop applications designing.

5. Sketch

Sketch is a prototyping tool that permits operators to design projects and collaborate with other designers. Sketch app enables the importing of designs from the InVision mac app and is also compatible with the InVision sync mac app. It provides free access to designers to create designs and projects, but with limited features. For full usage access, one has to buy the packages provided by them.

Following are the features of Sketch tool:

  • Sketch is a web-based application and it allows exporting from the InVision mac app.
  • Sketch allows real-time collaboration with other developers.
  • With its simple handy design, it makes it easier for a newbie to work individually. It is not necessary to have a team to work on Sketch.
  • When it comes to the pricing of packages provided by Sketch, it is comparatively lower than other prototyping tools except for Wondershare Mockitt.

How to use InVision mac app

First of all, go to the official website of the InVision mac app and select the Mac operating system to download the InVision app for mac. Once InVision studio is downloaded you can start creating your project. After downloading and creating your account you’ll have to choose your role from various options like Designer, researcher, engineer, etc.

After selecting a role, the next step is to create the prototype and select the device you want to create a project for instance desktop, iPhone, Android, etc. Now, when you are done with all the steps, import your project/design or sync your files from adobe or just drag and drop the files and you can start working right away.