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Peter Martinez updated on 2020-09-25 17:19:49

Sketch and InVision have become major tools to use for UI/UX design. They have helped remove some of the issues designers face when using other tools to create their apps. Gaining more understanding about sketch vs InVision helps a designer to know which is better for the designing project. There are various differences between the two in terms of features and functionality. Even as you look at the major differences it is good to note that sketch is a tool for making a design, while InVision is for showcasing a design. With this knowledge, you can be able to understand other differences.

Sketch vs. InVision, What’re the differences?

As a designer, it is good to know some of their major differences so that you can be able to determine the best one that you can use. Here are the major sketch and InVision differences.


When you look at invision vs sketch, you note some differences in features. For Sketch, its interaction has not been good until 4.9 version was released. This version has the basic prototyping functionality that most users needed. On the other hand, InVision is more effective with its great interaction that makes it easy for users to create projects online with easy steps. It enables you to create a new project, upload design drafts, add links and generate a preview link for higher quality presentation.

Workflow and artboard

The artboard of InVision is referred as boards and is subdivided into five sections. There is activity, screens, assets and comments. It is possible for a user to click a single page from the interface to make preview and publish. With InVision you can share project including email, SMS message, social media platform and the online HTML link. However, it does not support mobile previewing and the board is separate from the section you do your project.

When it comes to sketch, the artboard is referred as artboard. Users have a chance to design the preferred artboard shape, size, text, image by just clicking insert on the upper left corner of the toolbar. Each of the artboard has a wide range of features such as colors, borders, fills and shadows.

Project management and team collaboration

Ass you look at invision studio vs sketch you note that InVision makes it easy for collaboration to occur during the designing process. It is possible for users to upload design drafts to the server through InVision studio and make use of collaboration features found on the web. This makes the tool a great option for teams that require remote collaboration. However, its access speed is usually slow with the servers located abroad. Only five members can be added to the project.

Sketch allows for better collaboration. It has library features that makes it easy to upgrade, share and synchronize files. The library is a normal sketch file that makes it easy for collaboration. It makes it possible for people to edit and communicate simultaneously. The access speed is high and it is possible to as many members as possible.

Vector graphics

If you would require a perfect vector graphics tool that you can use the plugin to get extensions, sketch is the best tool for you. On the other hand, InVision is not good for vector graphics, but it is perfect for UI designing. It offers better workflow and interaction setting.


Sketch is more popular because it has a lot of resources. It has all what you need online. On the other hand, InVision does not have many resources as sketch. Despite that it is trying to catch up, InVision provide the resources themselves, meaning that sources are also limited.

API interaction and plugins

Sketch is a great choice for many designers because it has a library that is rich in plugins. With the tool, you can be sure to get all the plugins that you might require for your designing project. On the other hand, InVision does not support a lot of plugins, but it is possible to integrate it with other popular third party apps for sharing and collaboration.


In terms of sketch prototyping vs invision, you realise that Invison is more advanced when it comes to prototyping compared to sketch. It offers designers a chance to create high fidelity prototypes and fluid interactions. For sketch, you have to do everything manually. In this case, it means that if you want to do the prototyping fast, you should opt for InVision.

The Best Sketch and InVision Alternative in 2020

The Best Sketch and InVision Alternative in 2020 is obviously Wondershare Mockitt. This is the trending UI/UX design tool with many features that make it a great option for designers. The tool does not limit you on the platform that you can do the designing work. You can work on watch, iPhone, android and even your PC. Besides, it is also possible to do the designing offline. It has a free and convenient environment that makes it great for both experienced and new designers. There is no other tool you find online that has many design icons and widgets like Wondershare Mockitt. It has a myriad of widgets such as image, text, button, video and a material design library; they make it easy for you to design prototypes and wireframes quickly. In addition to this, you can also customise the widgets and use them later on in future designing projects.

sketch vs invision

Wondershare Mockitt is an option for many designers because of its easy functionality. As you do the designing work, all you need to do is to drag and drop the widgets and icons. This means you do not need to have coding skills. It also has user friendly transitions, gestures and interactive animations that you can implement in your design. The tool also makes the entire designing work run smoothly since it supports export of PNG/HTML/IPA/APK offline files. This makes it convenient for you to showcase your prototype in any kind of environment that you need.

The other great aspects that makes Wondershare Mockitt a great tool is the fact that it allows for quick sharing and previewing. You can do this easily through a shareable URL or QR code that makes it easy to share your project with potential users, team members and others who can interact instantly without the need to log in.

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