Zeplin vs InVision, what are the differences?

Peter Martinez updated on 2024-06-06 13:49:32

Zeplin and InVision are prototyping tools used to enhance the user’s experience of a website or desktop application. To make it possible, one must choose a tool for prototyping, and for that, he should have complete knowledge of the features, drawbacks of each tool. For that, designers have ton compare tools like if the tools are Zeplin and InVision so, (b>Zipline Vs InVision) the features and drawbacks of both will guide the designer which tool suits the best for his project. Every tool has its specialty which lacks in the other but some tools like Wondershare Mockitt are the ideal choice of any developer or designer.

zeplin vs invision

Zeplin vs. InVision, What’re the differences

Zeplin is a tool that is designed to associate designers with engineers. Zeplin is a tool that is mostly used by development teams who cannot work together at the same place. As Zeplin is a tool which works on several platforms including Android, IOS, and Window, it makes developers work on a single project remotely. Zeplin is a tool that allows designers of other prototyping tools to import their designs or projects to itself which makes designers of other prototyping tools to switch and work on Zeplin comfortably. InVision and Zeplin both are prototyping tools but with different features.

InVision is a prototyping tool that is used to enhance the user’s experience and interface. InVision provides a lot of features including drag and drop, online training sessions and cloud storage. InVision is a tool that supports many platforms which makes this tool platform-independent. The designs created in InVision can only be exported from Sketch but on the other hand, the designs created in Zeplin can be exported to several other prototyping tools for instance Adobe, Photoshop, Figma, etc. This makes it more preferable than InVision.

Difference between Zeplin and InVision

Comparing Zeplin and InVision (Zeplin vs InVision), InVision provides much more features than Zeplin with negligible drawbacks.

1.Price Range

Zeplin and InVision both provide a free trial package with limited but different features. The pricing of InVision is comparatively lower than Zeplin but InVision offers more features than Zeplin in that pricing. If you are a team and have to choose between Zeplin and InVision then go for Zeplin as it has other option like importing files from any other prototyping tool which give it preference than InVision


  • Zeplin offers numerous features but features provided b InVision is more in number as well as easy to use. Zeplin has an option that allows designers of different platforms to import their designs in Zeplin but on the other hand, InVision only allows exporting from Sketch.
  • Zeplin and InVision provide the feature to designers to share their designs via links or through providing access to their cloud storage but InVision’s real-time collaboration is better than Zeplin.
  • Zeplin is a lightweight software that meets the requirement of almost every device nowadays. Whereas InVision is comparatively heavier than the Zeplin prototyping tool.
  • Even after having a variety of features in InVision, Its interface is clear and simple which makes it easier for developers to work on it efficiently. Zeplin has less functionality than InVision and is also complex for newbies.

3.Support System

Zeplin support system is relatively poor then InVision. It only provides the option of frequently asked questions and a bot but does not provide real-time support whereas the InVision support system is very well created, they provide support in Business hours and also provides training sessions. InVision training session includes webinars, documentation, and live online training sessions.

4.The ideal number of users

A team can work on Zeplin and is recommended but and an individual or a student can also work on Zeplin but recommended one project at a time. The same is the case with InVision but an individual designer can handle multiple projects on InVision efficiently due to InVision’s convenient interface.

5.Ease of Use

InVision and Zeplin both provide a style guide but the only difference is that Zeplin provides a complete guide which makes it easy to design, InVision on the other hand provides semi-automatically generated style guide. Zeplin has a killer feature of adding comments at any point so, it makes it easier for other designers to understand the prototype and make changes to it, this feature lacks in InVision.

Best Zeplin and InVision Alternative in 2020

The best online prototyping tool that specializes in mobile application wireframes and prototypes is Known as Wondershare Mockitt. Not only mobile but Wondershare Mockitt is used for web-based applications as well. Wondershare Mockitt was created in America but mostly used in China.

Following are the killer features of Wondershare Mockitt that make it unique:

  • Wondershare Mockitt provides platform independence which makes it the ideal choice of a designer.
  • With its predefined templates and organized It is best for creating prototypes for Android and IOS.
  • A newbie can also create a prototype without writing even a single line of code.
  • Wondershare Mockitt is the ideal choice of an individual as well as a team because of simple and sleek design. Also, it lets users create code-free prototypes that means a beginner with very low knowledge of code can create prototypes easily using the best alternative to Zeplin and InVision.
  • It consists of hundreds of pre-defined icons for your project or design.
  • Pricing of Wondershare Mockitt is fairly lower than InVision and Zeplin. Even the free plan consists of more features and service than that of Zeplin and InVision
  • If there’s a competition, Zeplin vs InVision, that is sure of no use because Mocking bot can overcome both of them easily with its irresistible features.
  • Wondershare Mockitt is updated regularly, checked for bugs and malfunctions, and removes and solves the problems faced by users.

Reasons for Choosing Wondershare Mockitt

Using Wondershare Mockitt can help an organization generate more in less as this tool helps in creating prototypes much faster and saves a significant amount of time. Wondershare Mockitt provides free as well as paid countless prototypes tools and functionalities than InVision and Zeplin or any other prototyping tool available at least not in this pricing. Real-Time collaboration makes it easy to work together as a team on Wondershare Mockitt, just add a team member to any project you want and start collaborating. Sharing the project is a lot easier, A URL can be generated to share it with the team members through the web or there is the remarkable option of scanning a QR code through your mobile device generated by Wondershare Mockitt and designer can present the work on a mobile device. These all the astonishing features make Wondershare Mockitt an ideal choice for any designer.