Top 10 Best Free Mockup Creators

Peter Martinez updated on 2024-06-06 13:46:00

When we say Mockup Creator, we simply mean being able to present a website or an app visually. Fortunately, there are some excellent and reliable mockup creator that you can go for. Designers use these mockup tools to enable their clients to take a look at the prototype of their website or app. You will some of the tools with higher fidelity format, while others come with low and medium fidelity format. The mockup that you will present the client will allow the client to take a look at the final product and see if it works for them or not.

Top 5 Online Mockup Tools

Mockups tools help immensely to enhance the ambiguity when it comes to client's expectations. With the assistance of the best mockup creator, the clients can share their feedback, talk to you about certain gaps in the prototype so that you can make the changes, and also do early revision.

1.Wondershare Mockitt

Compatibility: Windows and Mac

For a free online mockup, rely on a tool that will allow you to collaborate, design, interact, inspect, discuss, use various templates, save the prototype on the cloud, and more. This all in one tool is your best bet when it comes to app mockup creator. Wondershare Mockitt is an online tool, meaning you will not have to worry about downloading any software or tool.

 mockup creator

The online application comes along with an easy drag and drop feature that will let you add your file easily and swiftly. If you wish, you can add links too and finally preview the prototype of your app or website design that you have created. Not just this, the tool allows you to share it with other members as well. Go ahead, and try it, it's free.


+ Wondershare Mockitt is very simple and straightforward to use.

+ The tool has many robust features.

+ You can share your prototype with your team member and get constructive feedback.


- This is an online tool; you can't save it.

Compatibility: Windows and Mac

The next contender that we have on our list is, which will let you create lifelike prototypes without any hassle. The tool allows you to add animation and even vector animations. comes with a price, though, and that is $24. If you are thinking of creating a prototype, you can definitely consider using

mockup creator online

This is an online mockup creator, overloaded with useful features and add-on. You can think of importing files directly from good software like Photoshop and Sketch. There is a UI library available for the designers as well. Finally, it is not an easy tool to get a grip of. You will need some time to understand it fully.


+ You can record the user tests.

+ The prototypes you create can be shared.

+ The tool has a mobile app version available.


- Monthly cost.

- Not suitable for offline users.


Compatibility: Mac and Windows

Axure has successfully built up its reputation for being one of the best online app mockup creator. If you have more complex projects at hand, and you wish to try a robust tool, Axure could be the next best option. You can focus on creating a mockup of some of the most complex projects.

website mockup creator

However, Axure is not the first choice when it comes to high fidelity tasks, but it can still take care of difficult tasks without an issue. The uses of Axure doesn't stop here, though, you can add beautiful diagrams and visual flow charts if you wish.


+ Good option for difficult prototyping jobs.

+ You can add diagrams and flow charts.

+ Very functional.


- Not ideal for high-fidelity tasks.

- Not suitable for beginners.

4.Origami Studio

Compatibility: Mac

Origami Studio is a prototyping type, which was developed by Facebook. The reason behind the development of this app was to allow its employees to test different products. Origami Studio is free to use and can be downloaded in Mac.

You will find a little bit of difficulty while downloading the app, but once it is done, you can add different page links, swipe pages, add taps, and more. There is a tutorial available for the designers to follow the process.


+ It is a free online mockup creator.

+ You can export all kinds of prototyping components.

+ You can copy and paste your file.


- The installation process is not easy

- Only available for Mac


Compatible: Windows and Mac

For those who wish to create both website and app wireframe, they can consider using Mockplus. The online tool is very lightweight and allows you to work faster. The good part about this online application is that it lets you convert all of your apps and websites idea into reality.

free mockup creator

If you would like to test your app or website before handing it over to the client, you can think of trying the website mockup creator, It lets you check your prototype quickly and smoothly. The Mockplus allows you to collaborate with different people as well.


+ UI animation and productive interaction are on point.

+ You can collaborate with different members of the team.

+ You can share your prototype.


- Some people might find Mockplus very laggy.

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Top 5 App and Website Mockup Creator

Now let's talk about the top 5 apps and website Mockup Creator, which are excellent and intuitive.

1.Wondershare Mockitt

Compatibility: Mac and Windows

The best mockup tool, which is suitable for UI/US designing Wondershare Mockitt, is here to make your life easier. Now, creating a prototype or wireframe for different apps and websites will be more comfortable. There are lots of features that will allow you to customize the project just the way you want to.

free online mockup creator

This mockup creator online tool is free to use and will allow you to create a wireframe without any issue. The interface is highly interactive, and you can design or collaborate with different team members to get feedback and inputs about the prototype that you have created.


+ There are tons of tools that will let you design prototypes.

+ You may collaborate with different people to get feedback.

+ The tool is free to use and works very well.


- You may find it a bit laggy.


Compatibility: Mac and Windows

InVision is considered to be the best prototyping tool in the entire globe. It will allow you to design your prototype like you want to by adding status workflow and set columns. Not just this, the drag and drop feature makes it all the easier to work with the tool.

app mockup creator

You can upload multiple files if you wish to, and enables you to work on your design faster, better, and collaborate with the rest of the members in real-time.


+ The collaboration it lets you have is easy and smooth.

+ The app mockup creator is straightforward to use.

+ There are loads of features to try.


- The features seem to be a bit difficult to use.

3.Adobe XD

Compatibility: Mac and Windows

Another mockup creator prototyping tool that will let you work on both Windows and Mac is Adobe XD. This tool is, although not for beginners, the feature-rich prototyping tool that allows you to design and create a prototype without any hassle.

 mockup creator

You can design a complex prototype, add transitions and interactions, and finally share the prototype with the team members with whom you want to share the design. There are all sorts of editing tools available here.


+ There are tons of editing tools available.

+ You can share it with your team member.

+ You can integrate it with other products of Adobe.


- There is a lack of pug-in workflow.

- Not for the beginners.


Compatibility: Mac and Windows

If you have used Photoshop and are familiar with it, you will find working with Sketch quite easy. This mockup creator lets you manipulate, as well as edit all of the prototype designs that you wish to work on.

mockup creator online

The vector shapes available can adapt to different layouts, sizes, and styles. You can work on any prototype right from scratch. There is a broad choice of designing symbols available, which you can share and reuse.


+ The tool is great for working on smaller files.

+ There are built-in grids available, and the tool is easy to use.

+ Sketch contains all the robust elements of Vector.


- Illustration abilities are minimal.

- Not ideal for a complicated task.


Compatibility: Mac and Windows

The last one that we have for you is the very popular Balsamiq, which will let you create prototyping on both Mac and Windows. You can quickly brainstorm on the ideas that you wish to work on, and you can switch between the real work and brainstorming without any issue.

website mockup creator

You will enjoy working on it because it is effortless to use and lets you create a prototype just the way you want it. Those who are looking for an easy-to-use wireframing and prototyping tool, this could be the right choice for them.


+ This website mockup creator can be used for thirty days for free.

+ You can easily use it as it is easy to use and the interface is excellent.

+  Balsamiq allows you to create an incredible prototype with ease.


- There is a minimal canvas size.

- You won't get any support when it comes to interactive prototyping.