How does ChatGPT Compare to a Professional Tool for Prototyping?

Peter Martinez updated on 2024-06-06 13:49:51
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ChatGPT for product design shocks the world that it can replace people completing many tasks. The questions arise of what exact cases ChatGPT can help in AI UI and UX design and whether it can take over professional prototyping tools. This article will explore this question and why a professional application is better than ChatGPT.

10 Application Cases ChatGPT Can Help in Prototyping

ChatGPT can offer help with prototyping in various industries. Here are ten application cases in that ChatGPT can give suggestions and improve your prototype.

1. Mobile App

ChatGPT can offer application ideas and suggest how the application would look and function. For example, ChatGPT can give you a meal planning and grocery shopping app idea as below.

chatgpt provides functions of mealmate

2. Web Application

When you have an idea for a web application but don’t know how to begin, you can ask ChatGPT how to create a prototype using HTML, CSS, or JavaScript. More specifically, it can be used to test interaction and validate the app concept. Here is an example:

use chatgpt to prototype web applications

3. E-commerce Platform

To create an e-commerce platform, ChatGPT helps a lot. It can tell you how to create a prototype that includes product listings, a shopping cart, a checkout process, and payment gateway integration. See the example below.

chatgpt instruction of prototype ecommerce platform

4. Social Media Platform

As for prototyping social media platforms, ChatGPT can generate a product brief that showcases user profiles, messaging, content sharing, and notifications. Just text ChatGPT as follows:

chatgpt provides social media platform ideas

5. IoT Device

When thinking about an IoT device, you can ask ChatGPT to create a prototype that showcases the device’s features and functions. You can use it to test and validate the device concept. Check how it works as below.

chatgpt suggests prototype for iot devices

6. Gaming App

To test a game’s playability and user engagement, you can apply ChatGPT in prototyping. The information below shows how ChatGPT defines the purpose and the target audience of a gaming app.

chatgpt prototyping for testing playability

7. Virtual Reality Application

If you want to develop a virtual reality application, you can use ChatGPT to create a basic design showing the application’s functionality and user experience. Ask ChatGPT like this:

virtual reality application design by chatgpt

8. Augmented Reality Application

As for augmented reality applications, ChatGPT makes it easy to incorporate real-world objects with digital content. The following is a specific example of asking for steps of testing a prototype for an augmented reality platform.

chatgpt suggests testing prototype for AR platforms

9. Educational Application

ChatGPT also plays a vital role in education. To launch an educational application, ChatGPT helps to prototype the features, such as quizzes, video lessons, and interactive content. You can send the message below to get quiz questions ideas.

educational apps questions by chatgpt

10. Healthcare Application

Except for business cases, as before, ChatGPT is helpful in prototyping for public services industries, such as healthcare. ChatGPT can assist in prototyping for a healthcare application, including fitness trackers, medical diagnosis tools, and virtual therapy platforms. Here is how it functions to create wireframes for the fitness tracker screens.

chatgpt wireframes for fitness tracker screens

ChatGPT Compared With Professional Prototyping Tool

As the chat screenshots show above, ChatGPT has many deficiencies compared with a professional prototyping tool.

Limited visual design capabilities:

ChatGPT cannot create visual designs and layouts. Instead, it only offers guidelines for you to follow. Professional prototyping tools have a wide range of visual design capabilities allowing precise design customization and refinement.

Inadequate interaction design capabilities:

Although ChatGPT can create fundamental user interactions, it doesn’t have the full range of interaction design capabilities that professional prototyping tools have. Professional prototyping tools allow for complex interaction design and the creation of micro-interactions that can be critical for user experience.

Insufficient collaboration features:

Professional prototyping tools, like Mockitt, have robust collaboration features that allow multiple users to work on the same prototype, share feedback, and track changes. As an AI language model, ChatGPT cannot facilitate real-time collaboration between team members.

Unreliable accuracy:

The abilities of ChatGPT are not credible in its programming and training. It may be unable to accurately represent all of the features and interactions you want to include in your prototype. With human beings’ creativity and professionalism, a prototyping tool can provide a more precise representation of the final product.

Mockitt for Prototyping as a Good Choice With AI Features

Mockitt is a professional application for prototyping, has more practical use with its latest version: Mockitt AI. It covers all processes when you aim to create an application prototype. Mockitt supports the Web, Windows, and macOS, and Ubuntu as online software. There are numerous ways to utilize Mockitt AI to aid your projects and bring your ideas to life.

mockitt official website

Features of Mockitt

Mockitt can help you in the whole procedure of designing a prototype, even beginning with coming ideas and needs. As an all-in-one tool, Mockitt provides all features you may need during the design. Here are some popular features for drawing in Mockitt:

  • Analyze the project feasibility

  • Rich templates

  • Plentiful widgets

  • Abundant graphics and text

  • Collaboration features:

After creation, the prototype can be delivered to developers and demonstrated to clients with the use of Mockitt share. It contributes to accelerating the speed of team collaboration and the confirmation with people in charge.

  • Programming assistance

During the programming period, Mockitt can help you obtain the prototype and start the project.

  • Preview features

Launching Mockitt PRD mode lets you check the design and ensure the application or website is ready.

Features of Mockitt AI

Mockitt AI's capabilities make it an invaluable tool for designers. Here are its key features.

  • AI Chat. Mockitt AI provides suggestions, answers questions, and offers guidance in seconds.
  • AI Component Generator. The AI Widget Generator allows you to generate UI widgets that can be customized and integrated into your prototype designs.
  • AI Prototype Generator. You can create prototypes using built-in templates or generate one from scratch.
  • Magic Fill. Magic Fill completes your ideas based on the context. This can save you time during the content creation phase.

enter mockitt ai

Mockitt is generally helpful in any process, from thinking about ideas to checking and sharing with others. The simple interface of Mockitt makes it easier to do so. You will work smoothly and efficiently without buying another tool or switching to another application to complete the task.

A Guide to Registering Mockitt

If you don’t have a Mockitt account, you must create one to activate the tool first. The following is the guide to creating an account.

Step 1:  Go to Mockitt homepage website.

Click the “SIGN UP” button. Alternatively, launch the application, and the default page is to sign up.

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mockitt homepage website sign up

Step 2:  Click “Create an account.”

In the “Sign-Up form,” enter your email address and password. Then, click “Create Account.”

mockitt application sign up interface

Step 3: Log in with your email address and password.

How to Design Prototypes Using Mockitt With the Help of ChatGPT

In each step of creating a prototype, you can ask ChatGPT for ideas and suggestions. Then, you can take the advice and select the ideal widgets or pictures. Here is a step-by-step guide to using Mockitt to design a prototype with the help of ChatGPT.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Using Mockitt

Follow the steps below to create a prototype with Mockitt on your own.

Step 1:  Get Started

Go to Mockitt’s homepage. Click “Get Started For Free.” In the Personal Space, you can click “New Project” or “Create” > “Prototype” in the upper-right corner.

mockitt application homepage interface

Step 2: Choose your needed interface size from “Prototype Presentation” on the right side.

You can select one for “iPhone,” “Web Page,” “iPad,” “Apple Watch,” or “Car Play,” or customize your required width and height. After deciding on the device, you can choose the exact series of it—for instance, iPhone 14 Pro Max (430*932).

mockitt application new prototype interface

Step 3: Click the paper icon in the upper left corner of the page.

Create multiple artboards in the canvas area. You can add as many ones as you want.

mockitt application add artboard interface

Step 4: Click the widget icon on the left side of the interface.

Drag your needed widget from the library to the canvas. You can freely add Built-in widgets or insert one from “My Assets.”

mockitt application add widgets interface

Note: As there are various widgets for you to choose from, you may be bewildered about which is the most suitable.

In such a case, you can ask ChatGPT for ideas as below. It will give you suggestions based on your requirements.

mockitt application add images interface

Tip: Click the Icon and Image icon on the left side of the interface to add helpful icons and images.

You can insert built-in ones from the library and your asset and explore multiple free options from Mockitt online resources.

mockitt application add comments interface

Note: Icons and images are the best way to decorate and make the prototype attractive. However, too many decorations may seem messy. If you are not sure about the principles of color design, ask ChatGPT for ideas.

chatgpt offers color design ideas

Step 5: Commenting on some part of the prototype is common to notify yourself or others.

In particular, when you work in a team. Click the comment icon below, then input your thoughts. Your message will be displayed on the canvas and in the “Comment” section.

mockitt application share interface

Step 6A: When satisfied with the design, export the output.

Click “Export” in the bottom right corner, and then select which format you want to save the document, such as “PNG,” “PDF,” “HTML5 ZIP”, or “Android APK.” Confirm the settings and then click “Export.

mockitt application export interface

Step 6B: Or you can click “Share” in the upper-right corner of the interface to share with others.

Upgrade your account to the Team/Business Plan. Then you have access to invite other colleagues to join and cooperate with you at the same time.

mockitt application share interface

Note: When you finish editing but are unsure it’s an ideal one, ChatGPT will give you the answer. By asking what the best prototype is, ChatGPT offers you some standards. You can check whether you have met each before clicking “Save.”

chatgpt offers standards for checking


Mockitt is free for basic personal uses. You can download it without any payment and create simple prototypes. You can upgrade your account to unlock more professional functions or use the application in a team. Here are the details of the price for individuals.

  • Monthly plan - $12.9
  • Quarterly plan - $29
  • Annual plan - $69
  • Perpetual plan - $299

Please visit its official website for more information on offers for teams, businesses, education, and bundles.


As mentioned above, although ChatGPT helps a lot in prototyping, it can’t replace a professional tool. Due to its lack of visual design features, you cannot modify the prototype on the ChatGPT interface. On the contrary, Mockitt allows you to edit whatever graphic designs are in the prototype.

More conveniently, you can share your work with other team members and get real-time feedback. Start Mockitt now and enjoy a smooth and fast working experience!

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