What is AB Testing in UX and UI Design

Peter Martinez updated on 2024-06-06 13:48:45

As a designer you might have heard about ab testing UX, but really do not understand what it is because you might not have applied in your career. Most designers have heard about it, but they think it is too complex to do, but this is not the case. On the other hand, others feel that this is not part of their job. All these notions are wrong, ab testing UX is an important process every designer should know. It is not complex as many people think, all you need to know what it entails and the process itself.

What is AB Testing in UX and UI Design?

AB testing ui refers to a method whereby you make comparisons of two versions of an app or webpage against each other. The testing helps you determine the version that performs better. It is a more of an experiment whereby two, three or more variants of a page are shown to users randomly. During the process, statistical analysis is applied to make determination of the variation that works better for a certain conversion objective. AB testing UX design takes the guesswork out of web optimization and allow for more informed decisions that change business conversations from thinking to knowing. When you measure the impact that the changes have on your metric, you will be sure that all the changes produce positive results.

During the ab testing UX you take an app screen or web page and make modifications so that you develop a second version of similar page. The changes do not have to be major ones. You can make simple changes like single button or headline. You can also do a full redesigning of the page. Then, half of your visitors are shown the original version of the page that is referred as control. The other half are shown the changed version of the page also referred as the variation. The engagement that visitors have with either of the versions is then measured and collected, then analyzed through a statistical engine. This helps you know whether the changes had a negative, positive or no effect on the behavior of the visitors.

Benefits of AB Testing in UX and UI Design

Performing ab testing ux offers several benefits that ensure that the final product is of value to the end users. Here some of the major benefits.

Receive clear evidence

The testing helps you find out how many users complete a certain transaction or action with site A or B. The evidence you get is accurate since it is fully based on real behavior. So, you can rely on the data you get during the process to make the right decisions regarding your UI or UX design.

Allow testing of new ideas

In case you got an innovative idea on a certain website or app, AB testing ux offers hard proof as to whether the idea works or does not work. However, you are supposed to implement that idea in a hard code before testing it that way.

Assist you to optimize a step at a time

If you are designing a large UI or UX interface or several of them, AB testing ui allows you to patch test by beginning in a small corner and then work on the main pages. This ensures that in the long end, you will create a site or app you know that is functioning well since you have done the tests from one step to the other.

Help in answering certain design questions

AB testing UX helps answer most of the questions that come up as you do the designing. For instance, you will know whether the red buttons are better compared to the green ones for your website design. The testing helps you test the placements of buttons, test various colors, different images, page layouts which are perfect areas to improve your website.

Measures real behaviors

AB testing ui helps measure actual behavior of the users since it occurs without the targets knowing that they are part of the testing. This makes them to act naturally, which makes the testing process provide actual results a UI or UX designer can use to make improvements. The results are accurate.

It is a cost effective process

One of the things that most UI and UX designers take care about is the cost of the entire process. The greatest benefit with AB testing is that it is cheap since you do not have to use expensive tools or hire people to help do the testing. All what you require are two versions you are testing and tool to divide the target users into groups.

Ensure you have high quality content

Ab testing ux design is a great way to determine the content that is valuable and works perfectly for your product. It helps you make improvements or eliminate the content that does not add value to the users.

Help create user centered design

AB testing is focused on the users’ needs and the behavior patterns they show. After doing the testing, you get data that is more user friendly and valuable to the intended users. The other great thing is that it is easy for you to test all the metrics you need. Note all the UI/UX testing allows testing of small elements like heading placement, buttons color, fonts and others, making the ab testing ui ux a great option.

Top 5 AB Testing Tools

There are several tools you can use for ab testing ux design.

1. Google optimize

Google optimize is one of the best tools you can use for your ab testing ui. It has a native integration functionality with your Google analytics profile. It is a great tool since it makes you have details regarding how visitors behave when they visit your site or app. This information is necessary since you know what require to be tested first. The other thing that makes the tool a top one is the fact that it is provided for free. It also has a visual editor that is easy for any designer to figure out, even those with less technical skills. Google optimize also helps you test the mobile features and also optimize your mobile site for Google searches.

2. Optimizely

Optimizely helps you to do a lot of experiments on your site or app. These tests make it possible for you to pay more attention on the ab testing ui and personalization. One of the features that makes this a great tool is that it allows you to carry out the AB tests on several pages and platforms at the same time. For instance, it is possible for you to do tests on contact page and home page, as you also test the shopping cart on your mobile site or app. It generates results that are simple to read and comprehend, making it easy to come up with decisions depending on the outcome.

3. Apptimize

Apptimize is another top tool designed for conducting ab testing ux on mobile apps. It is a great tool that can help you in case you want to enhance profitability of a small business mobile app. UX/UI designing process is never complete when you launch the app. It is good that a designer always strive to make changes to improve on the platform. With Apptimize you can do ab testing ui from your mobile sites and PC. The other great thing is that the tool allows you to perform the testing no matter the code you used for development.

4. AB Tasty

AB tasty is a great tool for a business or designer who has just began to do the AB testing and paying more attention on conversion rate optimization. The tool is perfect for beginners, because the price is also affordable. The tool offers a wide range of options for testing. It makes it possible for you to test two or several variations of one element on your app or site such as colors, images or CTA placement. The tool also makes it possible for you to perform split testing. There is also the funnel testing feature that makes it possible for you to do testing of the user experience as visitors go through each step on your app or site.

5. Adobe target

Adobe target helps do the AB testing ux design by going through three steps. The first step involves determining the variation you would like to test. The next step involves deciding how to segment the variation with your target users. In the third step, you customise all your settings and set an objective for the experiment. One of the greatest features on adobe target is automated personalization, algorithm and allows you run tests regarding the way various visitors experience your app or site.

The Best UI UX Design Tool

The best UI UX design tool you get online is Wondershare Mockitt. This is a tool that allows for multi-platform prototyping for a wide range of platform meaning you are not limited on the device to use. You can prototype on Android, Iphone, PC or pad. When you use the tool, you enjoy a free design and convenient environment, thus allowing you work smoothly and efficiently. It has a high number of icons and widgets such as image, text, video, button and others that makes it easy for you to create prototypes and wireframes fast. It also makes it easy for you to customise the widgets and use for future projects.

It is a user friendly tool since it allows you do the designing by simple drag and drop for interactive prototype. It also offers a wide range of gestures, page transitions and interactive animations that you can use in your mobile design. There is also a sketch plugin you can easily synch with your sketch files and link the screens quickly. Through the shareable URL or QR code, it is easy for you to share your UI UX deign with others to allow them interact and preview it. They can do fast without logging in.