Top 10 Design Communities for UI Designers

Albert Shepherd updated on 2024-06-06 13:49:30
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Communities are built as a support group to help the members learn, grow, and survive with each other's assistance. As a result, everyone in the community contributes their part and gets a share of the collective intelligence.

Applying the same concept to the design world, the concept of UI community is as active and prevalent here as in any other part of your life. Even better, the internet has made finding and becoming a part of any UI community easier.

Being a member of a UI design community has its perks, especially when you see the trends are evolving. Because working in an industry that is bound to change frequently, you need to stay updated with trends. Apart from the knowledge, you gain from experience, being a part of a UI community will be beneficial.

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Why Must UI Designers Visit Popular Communities?

The list of reasons why you should become a part of a UI community is a long one. From better career opportunities to networking and getting projects, there are numerous benefits.

  • In a community, you learn new concepts about UI designing from your peers and members.
  • If you are looking for some extra gigs, some people might hire or unload their extra work.
  • Some communities provide certified courses that can help you add more stars to your professional career.
  • Dedicated UI design communities cover everything about UI designing, in turn giving you access to a broader pool of knowledge.
  • Being a part of renowned communities can become a defining characteristic for you. In the professional capacity, when you say that you are a part of the "ABC" community, your chances of onboarding a new project can improve.
  • When you are stuck with a design problem, your UI community can help you solve the issue.
  • With a large pool of UI designers gathered in one place, you can easily find a mentor or coach and learn from them.
  • Beginners can get career advice from experienced designers.
  • Some members of the community can help you by reviewing your portfolio. Upon their recommendation, you can add more relevant projects to your portfolio.

So, these are only some of the benefits you can harness by joining a UI community. When it comes to which community you should join, don't worry. We have got you covered here too.

Top 10 UI/UX Design Communities

1. The Interaction Design Foundation Community

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By far one of the most authentic and amazing UI design communities, this one is run and managed by the Interaction Design Foundation. The name itself makes it clear that any member who is a part of this community is fortunate. Apart from housing some of the best industry experts, the Interaction Design Foundation Community also has local wings. There are 457 local groups spread in 99 countries across the globe.

2. Designer Hangout

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This is an invite-only community with more than 10,000 members and counting. The members span from different segments of designing, including UI, UX, researchers, etc. It is evident that to become a part of this community; you need someone to send you an invite. Once you are in, you will meet a group of professionals who are here to help each other in any way possible and advance their careers.

3. Dribbble

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Dribbble is a dedicated social networking site for designers and creators. The members are free to collaborate, and they also allow companies to hire the members from their platform. Most of all, Dribbble is the place you want to be if you want to share your portfolio with the world. It is a lively community of creators, thinkers, and innovators here to grow, learn, make friends, and take the industry forward.

4. Designership

ui design community

If you are searching for a proactive community of designers and connect with a large pool of talented UI/UX designers who will certainly inspire you to work harder and better. Designership is a casual UI community where you can make friends and enjoy the perks that come with it. Regular and instant feedback, better work opportunities, and collaboration are only a few of them.

5. Behance

community ui design

Behance is a UI design community meant for all sorts of designers and creators. The users here share their work with the community making Behance a good source to get inspiration for new designs and activities. Along with sharing your work, you can receive feedback on the same and interact with fellow designers.

6. Designer News

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Designer News is a platform to share and discuss all the interesting things about UI designing with a like-minded community. The good thing is that here you will find people who are working in the design and technology industry. So, it gives you a better perspective at knowing the latest news of the industry. You can vote on the stores posted by the members and discuss them with others.


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Awwwards is an online community of all types of designers, and it majorly works in the domain of giving awards. There are sections like Sites of the Day, Best Digital Agencies, etc. The members can vote and put in their works to get voted by other members. Moreover, you will also find courses and mentors here to learn more about design as a whole or get specific lessons on the aspects of designing.


ui design community is much more than a UI community. It is a destination where you will find yourself immersed in creativity and learn how to be more creative. On this platform, you may not be able to talk to other members directly, but you can hear their voices via blogs or guides. The platform also has some assessment tests to help you figure your design levels and make them to the next level.

9. Sitepoint

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This is one of the largest online communities that you can join on the web. Sitepoint is an all things technology community where you will find the latest news, trends, recommendations, and much more posted by fellow members. You can select any mini-group divided by different categories and interact with them or share your work to get reviews.

10. Web Designer Forum

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Web Designer Forum is a UK-based UI community, but it is not specific to share the UI-based topics. There is a lot more you can expect to read, understand, and share on the platform. Web Designer Forum is a great platform for increasing your network as it also has a marketplace and jobs board.

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