How to Do Game UI Design with Ease: Make Professional UI Designs (With Pics)

Peter Martinez updated on 2024-06-06 13:49:28

Game UI of video games has scaled tremendously over the past decade. Some of the best and addictive game UI designs help the player navigate through the game. Both the app and website game user interface enables the player to make a decision. For this reason, an immersive game UI design plays a key role in the video game story narration.

What is video game UI, and why make the best game UI?

The video game user interface connects the player and the machine. The user takes a decision, and certain elements or animations take place on the screen. Other times, the response to these actions are also in the form of game animations.

The better animations and user experience the game provides to players, the longer they play. The longer the gamer plays, the longer the chance to make in-app purchases. A stunning user-interface for video games brings the storyline to life.

The Best Tool for Game UI Design by Wondershare Mockit

On Wondershare Mockitt, you can make the best game user interface without coding. Mocking empowers everyone to create professional-looking UI designs in minutes. Gone are the days of hiring expensive designers to make game UI. You can make design prototypes for Android, iOS, MacOS, smart TV, watch and other ioT devices.

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In addition to it, Wondershare Mockit has powered millions of game UI designs globally. It also has a community of millions of satisfied users. As a user, you can make cool game animations of your choice. Moreover, the Wondershare Mockit wireframing and prototyping tool is free to use!

Wondershare Mockit UX/UI design tool features

Wondershare Mockit UX/UI tool for game design is super easy with hard to miss features by Wondershare Mockit.

  • The free template library has thousands of industry-specific designs ready to use.
  • High, medium, and low fidelity design support.
  • Drag and drop interface, which works without prior knowledge of coding.
  • Elements are resizable and customizable like icons, buttons, shapes.
  • Could collaboration make it easy to work from anywhere in the world.
  • Live inspection and feedback with the team.
  • Team collaboration tools an enterprise management feature with authorization level settings.
  • Advanced animation support and integration options with Google Suite, Sketch, etc.
  • Handoff mode for sharing the design with the developer team and clients.
  • A huge community of designers from around the world.

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How to Create Game UI Design on Wondershare Mockit

Lets learn how to create game UI design with Wondershare Mockit. The following brief tutorial will give you the confidence to design a game UI. Let’s dive into the details.

Step 1. Sign up or Login

Head over to Wondershare Mockit and click on login into your existing account or sign up for a free account.

Step 2. Select and create a new project.

Here you can select the type of design for your app prototype. For example, you can choose an iPhone, Smart Watch, Android, etc. Now a canvas will appear according to your device type selection.

Tip: You may also select custom size for custom canvas resize.

Step 3. Add widgets, icons, and related elements to match your game vision.

You can customize their color a size too. Repeat this process for every app screen in your project. After all screens are designed and ready, it would be easy to link them.

Tip: You can also add location elements or search text bars, additionally.

Step 4: Add links between screens.

Select a widget and click on “add link”. Now you can proceed to select gesture, screen/state or animation. Simply drag to establish links between target screens of the project.

Step 5. Preview and handoff you design

After establishing all screen links, you can preview your design. Wondershare Mockit allows you to preview the design layout mockup in many modes. To mention, these are:

  • PC mode preview
  • Mobile preview
  • Offline preview

This way, you can share the design preview with your game developer team or client for review.

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Top 5 Game UI Design Examples

The answer to "how to make the best Game UI" is now with you. With Wondershare Mockit, it's easy to design a video game UI and share too. Let's look at some of the best five games UI Design examples. It will inspire you to make a stunning game user interface.

#1 Skyrim/ Fall Out

People enjoy an immersive experience of gameplay. For this reason, the player is hooked in the game. The player can select skins, potions, spells, and a lot more. It translates well when it comes to the animation and design part of the game.

One of Skyrim's visually catching elements is that players can get into details of the granular level. And hence, it is also a reason for downplaying and a customer success story, both in one.

#2 Firewatch

Firewatch video games are famous for their neat and less crowded design. The reason we are mentioning the Firewatch game is for its easy learning curve. In the game, the user is naturally familiar with navigation and gameplay.

The interactions between the game and the player are real-world. It means that the animations are top-notch quality and carefully crafted. You can also consider adding minimal game designing to elevate user-friendliness with your game.

#3 Overwatch

TThe opening scenes for this particular game has the community’s vote. Moreover, while playing the game, user accessibility has been given paramount importance. If the gamer forgets where the buttons are, there is a popup feature. It hints the gamer the possible “presence of button.” And that is an excellent example of a game user interface done right!

#4 Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider is a story-line concept video game. By this example, you can understand the importance of mobile game UI design. The famous Tomb Raider game franchise owes its success partly to innovative gameplay mechanics backed by nice graphics.

The careful structure of navigation makes the immersive experience a possibility. The fans adore it for the heart yet edgy game glitch effects. There is little but significant 2D effect with text.

#5 Bungie by Destiny

Bungie, by Destiny, is a modern game with UI design as good as it can get. The system has careful introspection with text, sizing, iconography, and so much more! The screen progress bars to have excellent detailing work with color elements.

The variance in font also adds to the weightage of characters. On top of that, the gradient yet plain color backgrounds make the game design worthy of best design mention.

Quick Recap

A stunning game user interface is built with multiple design elements that add to its charm. An addictive game design understands the user's needs. Moreover, it guides the user to take control of navigation. And it also acts as a guide to extend the natural gameplay learning curve.

Flat game UI or video game UI, and everything is interlinked to make the best UI game design. Wondershare Mockit is a free tool with which you can create immersive video game designs. Try Wondershare Mockit today!