How to Do iPad UI Design Step-by-Step

Peter Martinez updated on 2020-09-25 17:19:49

UI designs are common and very resourceful in society today. Their uses vary greatly from leisure, gaming, education, and many more others. Apple users have not been left out and they also enjoy a great bunch of the UI design tools. In this article, we will outline some of the best iPad UI design in the market and from which you can enjoy greatly. More so, the best tool that can be employed in creating an iPad UI design will also be discussed; key features as well as the process of creating a UI design.

PART 1: The Best Tool for iPad UI Design

You will never miss out on the word Wondershare Mockitt in a conversation about UI designs. The program has a simple and intuitive interface that makes it easy for the user to design their iPad or any other type of design effortlessly. You will also don’t have to go to the troubles of downloading and installing a program on your computer or device since it is a web-based tool. The incredible features of this tool have led to the great popularity and use of the program in the design industry.

ipad ui design

Here are some of the features of this tool:

  • The program has a library that is greatly packed with widgets, icons, and templates that can be used in creating any type of design project.
  • You can easily integrate other tools such as Sketch and which are very resourceful in the early stages of the design process.
  • Real-time collaboration is one of the exceptional features of the tool making it suitable for use even in big companies since it allows a large number of members in a team.
  • It is a cross-platform tool, accessible and supported in varying types and model of the device.
  • The program allows you to export your project as an image and in the varying resolution of the image.
  • AutoSaving is one of the outstanding features and especially comes in handy when you tend to forget to save the progress of your project.

PART 2: How to Create iPad UI Design

In this section, we will introduce the steps that can be followed in your quest to create the best Ipad UI design.

Step 1: Account Login and Sign Up

Visit this tool’s official website from your browser and enter your login details to access the full features of the program. Alternatively, you can create a new account effortlessly using the sign-up button.

Step 2: Creating a new Project

You can easily create your project in different ways; either by designing your Ipad UX design

or iPad UI design or simply using the templates that are already available in the program’s library. To make your design from the scratch, then click on the Create Project button followed by a tap on the Blank Project alternative. Select Create Project from Demos when you want to use the templates in making the UI design for Ipad pro.

Step 3: Project Setup

Type the title of your project in the text box at the upper section of the window and select the desired device from the one available; watch, mobile, tablet, computer, and many more others. More so, on the lower section of the program’s window, you will be required to specify the intended size of the project.

Step 4: Designing the iPad UI Design

Once the iPad UI design is all set, it is now time to furnish it with widgets, icons as well as interactive elements. You can create your new shapes using the sketching tool or even way better, add the widgets and icons that are in the Wondershare Mockitt ’s library. Simply drag and drop them into the Canvas. You can also annotate or add notes on your design by just clicking on the Sticky button in the Widget library.

Step 5: Linking the Screen

Adding links between the screen allows you to display how the user will be interacting with the iPad UI design. Click on the element in the canvas that you intend to link to another item or page in the project and tap on the New Link button in the Link panel and select target gesture, animation, or screen.

PART 3: Top 5 iPad UI Design Examples for Inspiration

Below are top Ipad UI design inspiration


Sound Comfy! The sofa is such an amazing tool that assists you to keep track as well as evaluate your leisure time on the couch. You can create a list of books, movies, and TV shows that you intend or wish to watch or read. Sofa simply ensures that by the end of it all, at least you have read or watched something. Marking the book or movie as done moves the item from the list to the Activity section.

2.Cloud Music Offline MP3 Music

Music is one of the rarest things in the world that can calm the human mind and soul. With this in mind, having music that you can listen to even without an active internet connection would be a great deal. This iPad UI design has an unlimited music genre that you can easily download from the cloud and into your device. Most of the music file formats are supported.

3.Nowait Guest

Thing is an incredible application that allows you to skip the wait notification on most of the restaurants such as Buffalo Wild Wings. This tool treats you like a VIP user and can save your precious time and energy in securing a place in the restaurant. Nowait Guest iPad UI design displays the available wait times as well as placing you in the waitlist of your favorite eating place.

4.City App

This is a native but a very resourceful tool. This UX design for Ipad pro is meant to mimic the city guide by providing direction as well as recommendations of the most interesting places in the city. City App has an integrated Admin Backend feature that allows you to update, edit, delete, and also manage the data of places. More so, you can search a place from the user’s location through a camera, however, this would require an assistant from the Augmented Reality Technology which is implemented in the tool.


If you are a fun and fond of style, design, and fashion, then this would be the best iPad UI design and Ipad pro UX design that you shouldn’t miss out on. The tool allows you to locate your favorite fashions anytime. Since the human mind is prone to forget, you can add items My Feed tabs and check them out as you go shopping later.

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