How to Create Menu UI Design

Peter Martinez updated on 2024-06-06 13:49:20

It can be a hard task to master a perfect menu. A menu can have as many items as needed or required. However, with a menu UI design, all the problems involved in the mastering process are resolved. The design is remarkable because the menu is easy to find, use and are also placed prominently and strategically, making it easy to understand. As you create a Menu UI, you should focus on what end-user need and ensure that the design has all elements that can be accessed easily, understandable and enhance these actions. Continue reading the article to know how to create a menu UI design fast.

The Best Tool for Menu UI Design

To create a perfect menu UI, Wondershare Mockitt is the best tool to use. It is a free and easy tool to use, so you do not spend a lot of time learning how to use it. The tool stands out from the other similar ones you find in the market because of its rich features that make the main menu UI design process easy. Wondershare Mockit has plenty of icons and widgets that allow you to finish designing work fast. Some of the widgets you get here include material design, image, text and videos. It also makes it easy for you to drag and drop to create an interactive prototype. The tool also allows you to quickly share and preview your menu UI design to ensure it meets your intentions. It has a shareable URL or QR code that allows sharing of the project with other people.

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Getting feedback regarding your dropdown UI design is great in helping you make the right changes. Wondershare Mockit allows you to get feedback that allows smooth designing work. It has a handoff feature that helps in automatic conversion of all the platform measures such as converting color and resolution between different platforms. Some of the other features you get include a multi-resolution image export, color piker, current screen colors and global colors.

How to Create Dropdown Menu UI Design

Wondershare Mockit makes the menu UI design task simple. You do not need to be an expert in the industry to do a great job using the tool. All you need to do is to make the features to know how to apply them in the right way during the designing process. These are designs for you to follow.

Step 1: Create a new project

  • After login, start by creating a new project. You can either create a blank one, select the correct device type and give the UI design name. You can also opt to create a project for demonstrations.

Step 2: Create Menu UI Design

  • Start designing UI design by adding icons and widgets. Add the fast widgets on the left side by double-clicking or dragging them on the canvas. On the right side, there are the icons, build in widgets and my widgets. As you design menu UI, you can add them by double-clicking the widgets or dragging them on the platform. On the settings, you have the option to change name, size and then save.
  • From there, you then add the links by choosing a single widget and then click a new link on the panel on the right side. You can also drag the link icon found on the left side of the widget. Then make adjustment to the action, gesture and animation.
  • Add notes to explain your main menu UI design more. The tool has sticky feature in the build-in widget library that helps add the notes.
  • Create animations by use of the dynamic widget.

Step 3: Preview the menu UI design.

  • To preview your menu UI, click preview on the toolbar, and interact with the design. You can click full screen to see the full presentation of your design.
  • You can do the changes by clicking the settings to give it the look you desire.

Step 4: Share the menu UI

  • Wondershare Mockit makes it easy to share your dropdown menu UI with other people. You can share with them to do previewing or testing. Just click the share button get a sharing link or QR code which you send to others to view the design.

dropdown ui design

Top 5 Menu UI Design Examples

1. Dropdown UI design

Dropdown UI design offers a wide range of values end-user can choose, and be directed to the other area of a website. It takes users to a new location in a site and command menus that execute action depending on the last action taken.  It is helpful when you have a lot of options to show as you navigate a site, but still want to spare space. A good dropdown UI design helps enhance click-through rates of any type of a website.

2. Fixed Position UI Menu design

This is a type of a menu UI design with the header area that is visible as you do the scrolling. The content of the page remains beneath it. This design works perfectly on pages of a site where an action is required, for instance, e-commerce or retail sites. It is an outstanding design since it allows the user to get their navigation options quickly. With high speed, the fixed position UI menu design makes the website user friendly and enhances its performance.

3. Custom mega menu UI design

This is a multilevel menu design that is easy to expand as you navigate websites. The design has double dimensional panels categorized into groups of tabs, and all the links to each tab are available instantly. This means you do not have to scroll, just click over the tabs to see all the links. The design is a great option for accessible web design for a user with sight problems or old web visitors. Custom mega menu UI design is also perfect for magazine-style blogs with several topics.

4. Slide UI menu

A slide menu is popular iOS and android menu that helps in displaying several links. It is usually hidden from the screen. By triggering the icon, end users can get all the uncovered navigational links. The design works perfectly with responsive web design. It is well suited for hidden navigation, for instance, to de-clutter a mobile screen with several navigation links. It makes a responsive design more user friendly, thus attracts more users and helps attain the end desired goals.

5. Card grid menu UI design

This is a UI menu used for both mobile and website navigation. It has a set of graphics that are divided into blocks that are collapsible and expandable. It is highly visual and makes it easy for you to integrate relevant elements and visualize themes. The design is perfect for mobile UI navigation. Besides, the menu is also popular in many popular websites and web designs. It works well when searching for visual content like music streaming site, Pinterest, Spotify and others.