How to Create Modern UI Design Step-by-Step

Peter Martinez updated on 2024-06-06 13:46:34

A good modern UI design helps in enhancing the credibility of your brand or website. It is characterized by a style that makes it aesthetically appealing. These include visual trends, use the right development techniques, adapts to usability patterns and standards and others. As a designer, it is critical to understand the elements a modern UI design should have so that you create one that attracts your potential users and offers value to them. You need to use the best techniques and tools to make the designing process smooth and complete the work fast.

The Best Tool for Modern UI Design

Wondershare Mockitt has become the tool every designer is running for when doing modern UI design. It has rich features that make the designing process easy, even for those who have just entered into this field. One of its top features is that you can use windows laptop or MacBook to make the prototypes by using the tool platform. Once you are done with creating the prototype, the tools make it possible for you to edit or access it regardless of where you are. This is made possible since your project is stored on the cloud. As you create your modern UI, Wondershare Mockitt allows you to switch between screens and select text copies by applying the sharing and preview mode.

Wondershare Mockitt has an icon library where you can access more than one hundred icons to use for your designing work. It also makes it easy for you to create interactive animations with state transition of the same screen. The fact that it makes it easy for you to work together with your team members to design prototypes makes it a great tool. It allows you to add other members to the project without the need to use other tools or send screenshots. It also allows you to create as many screens as you wish, choose color themes and test your modern UX design before launching.

How to Make Modern UI Design Step-by-Step

Follow these easy steps to make modern UI design

Step 1: Create a new project

Create a new project after logging into Wondershare Mockitt. Choose blank project, give it a name and select the device to design the modern UI design. There is also an option for creating a demo project.

modern ui design

Step 2: Design the app with Modern UI

Add icons and widgets- Start the designing work by adding all the widgets and icons require for your project. You should add the fast widgets, build in widgets, my widgets and icons. Double click or drag them on the canvas.

modern ui

Add links between screens. Choose one widget and click new link on the right side panel. You can also add the link by dragging it on the left side of the widget. Make the necessary adjustments to the gesture, animations and action.

modern gui design

Add notes- adding notes helps you make further explanation regarding your modern UX design. Put the text using the sticky feature found in the icon library.

modern ux

Create interactive animations- use the dynamic widgets to design the interactive animations for your modern UI design.

modern ux design

Step 3: Preview the Modern UI Design

Preview your design to check its functionality and look at different screens. Use the top toolbar to preview on your PC. To preview for mobile, you can click the share button to get the sharing link and QR codes that help you preview it.

modern ui design

Step 4: Share the app prototype

You can share your design with others for recommendations or suggestions. All you do is send the QR code or the sharing link for others to check it. This is necessary so that they can give suggestions that will help you make the necessary improvements.

modern ui

Step 5: Launch

After you are satisfied that the UI design is great, you can launch it for other users to enjoy the experience of using it.

Top 5 Sites to Find Modern UI Design Examples

1. Medium

Medium is a top site where you get modern UI design examples. It is a reading and publishing site with an elegant look and fully functional. There are a few colors used in its designing, great line spacing and well-selected combination of typography. Medium has all the elements done in the right way. On the site, content is the major focus. Once you get into the site, you find a box at the top with the text write here, thus making you be able to write fast. There is a clean space, with no clutter for you to write, making it offer users an amazing experience.

2. Virgin America

Virgin America makes it easy for users to book flights. This site has a modern UI that puts the interests of the users center and front. The website has an interface that draws the attention of users with its appeal and also information that offers value to them. It makes it easy for users to begin the booking process without a lot of hassles. All the information on the site is highly visible. It is also easy for users to find and edit their choices. The UI design is made to ensure that users complete their goal as fast and efficiently, which is what users require on a great website.

3. Airbnb

The modern UI of Airbnb makes it easy for users to book a place to stay and develop trust between two strangers. The site makes it easy for users to begin making the booking from its home screen. The site invites the user courteously and simultaneously and then directs them on how to plan their stay. The interface is friendly to users since it does not have filters in the first step. This makes the site friendly, streamlined and easy to use even for those visiting for the first time. The website listing pages has all the descriptions with pricing, listing and booking information sitting on the right side of the page. This means users do not have to keep details from the previous page.

4. Boosted boards

Boosted boards is a site with a great personality. When you visit the site, you find an interesting dynamic video of the product to use. You get a skateboard turning, twisting and multiplying before it disintegrates into parts. With just a single click, the website responds fast and takes you where you want. The User interface does not have a lot of colours. You get the most relevant information, such as shipping time, image, range, top speed, and Buy now. If users want to learn more, there is a learn more option to click to get more information. Here the site offers all other information users might want to know before they can buy.

5. Dropbox

Dropbox has an easy to understand modern UI design. The site has a file and folder organizational structure that is easy to use. In terms of understanding how to navigate it, there is no much you cannot understand from the start. The website has lighthearted illustrations and makes the users feel comfortable navigating through it. Dropbox UI design is created with much focus to details with animated icons and color palettes. It depicts consistency and creativity, which makes it not only appealing but valuable to users.