Steps to Create User Profile UI Design

Peter Martinez updated on 2024-06-06 13:49:26

Think of the user profile design in some of the social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Those amazing user profiles were once wireframes that were developed and worked on. Creating a user profile UI design is a simple task that you can perform even without being experts in designing. Several tools exist that can be used to create a profile, however, for the best results; I would recommend you try out Wondershare Mockitt . It is a simple design program and one that has gained popularity in the design industry because of its impeccable features. In this guide, you will learn more about the features of the tool as well as the steps that can be followed in creating a user profile UI design.

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PART 1: The Best Tool for Profile UI Design

The internet can be a fun and awesome place to be until you will be required to look for an app that you need to perform a specific task. There are numerous tools for creating user profile UI design and it can be so overwhelming finding out the best one among them. No more frustrations since in this section, we have rounded up the market and filtered out the program to use in designing a user profile wireframe.

It is the best tool in the design industry and it has gained popularity over the past few years due to its amazing and incredible features. The program also has a simple and user-friendly interface that makes it pretty to use even by newbies to the design industry.

Let’s take a look at the outstanding features of this program.

  • It is a cross-platform tool accessible and support in types of devices including Windows, macOS, Android, and mac mobile devices.
  • The real-time collaboration of the team in designing the project is one of the amazing features of the tool . This allows timely feedback and corrections of the User Profile UI design project before it is more advanced.
  • Cloud services are also integrated into the program hence allowing you to access your project anywhere and from any device.
  • It allows you to export your design project as an image and in varying resolution.
  • The program has a library rich in templates and UI elements that facilitate the easy creation of design as well as help in maintaining consistency in the entire project.
  • Wondershare Mockitt can also be integrated with other tools such as Sketch that will simplify your design process by a great deal.
  • It also automatically saves the progress of your design project even after you forget to click on the Save button.

PART 2: How to Create Profile UI Design

Step 1: Account Setup

From your browsing tool, visit the tool official website and enter your login credentials. Besides, you can also easily create a new Wondershare Mockitt account if you do not have one yet.

Step 2: Creating a Project

Tap on the Create Project button from the program window. Hit on the Blank Project button located at the top left corner of the window. Just as the name suggests, selecting this option allows you to design your project as you wish it to be from the beginning. The alternative option is to select the Create Project from Demos. This will allow you to use some of the templates in the program’s library.

Step 3: Project’s Title, Device, and Size

Simply click on the text box below the Blank Project button to enter the name of your project. Next, you will be required to select the appropriate device that you need to use from the ones available there. Finally, you will have to specify the size of your project. You should be sensitive to the size of the project to avoid further editing of the project as you move from low to high fidelity designs.

Step 4: Designing the User Profile Interface

Since we are creating a User profile page UI interface, some essentials features will be required to be incorporated into the design such as the user display picture among others. You can also add some of the widgets from the Fast Widgets on the left side of the screen. More so, if the available widgets and icons do not please you, then you can edit and customize new ones in the Inspector panel.

Step 5: Sharing the User Profile Design

Once you are done creating the user profile UI design, you should share it with the team, client, or stakeholders for feedbacks and insight concerning the design. Tap on the share icon positioned at the top part of the page and use the link or the QR code to share the user profile page UI design.

PART 3: Useful Tips for Profile UI Design

Learning the essential and useful tips for user profiles will not only help you design the project easily and quickly but also improve your skills and expertise in the design industry.

  • Knowing your users is one of the key things that you should consider prior to creating the User Profile interface. This helps you to find out what the user love and expect from the design project.
  • Be consistent in creating your UI design. The fonts and UI elements such as widgets and icons should be consistent throughout the project. The elements as well as the menu position should also be consistent to avoid getting the user baffled.
  • Anticipate errors in your design project. Expecting to make changes to your design project a number of times. Sometimes it could be that you forgot to add a very important aspect in your design and some time, the changes may be due to a new and amazing idea.
  • Share your design with the team and the stakeholder. Collaborating with the team in the design project allows for timely feedback thereby correcting at an early stage of the design process.
  • Make the UX designer profile interface easy. Commonly, a more complex interface may end up confusing the user and this would lead to loss of interest in using the program or website. What a loss!
  • Following the design standards. The design standard is the simplest form in which you can create a design and make the changes necessary and as you desire. Design standards include things such as the addition of simple elements such as search bars.