How to Do Sign Up UI Design

Peter Martinez updated on 2023-03-23 14:48:53

We are living in a digital time where almost everything can be done through a digital medium or platform, which provides the probable solution to every problem. To provide that solution to your particular problem among the millions of other user; you need to create your identity. You need to fill up a sort of form to log in and have access. That is where Sign up UI or sign up user interface comes to help you out with easy and efficient designs.

The Best Tool for Sign Up UI Design

As there is already many potential prototyping software available in the market to make the best sign up UI designs, you should look for the best. There are quite a handful of tools like Axure RP, Sketch, Balsamiq, Invision, and many others, among which Wondershare Mockitt is the most recommended one for beginners and individuals with expertise.

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Why is it best?

  • It provides free access for individuals for basic. The advanced level and enterprise is also pocket friendly, which gives you some motivation to design without thinking of any vast expenses.
  • Numerous widgets, templates, and icons already build to help out the designers. One can create, edit widgets and save it in the library for future use.
  • Simple drag and drop method to add the widgets and icons on the screen is quick and easy.
  • Add links between your pages like – gesture, action, or animation to create a better UI design. This allows you to make user-friendly designs attractive enough to interact with.
  • An option for cloud storage allows you to save and reconnect to your work anytime, anywhere, without the worry of data loss.
  • Enterprise lets you connect with graphic designers, developers, and managers by which you can create your team to get the best result of your Sign up UI design.

How to Create Sign up UI?

If you know how to use the tool , you are more likely to build a Sign up page UI design with ease. The steps to create UI design are the following:

Step 1: Create a blank new project

  • Select the option ‘Create Project’ and log in to your portal.
  • Select a blank project and check if it’s compatible with the requirement you have.

Step 2: Design your Sign up UI

Add widgets and icons

  • When you are using this portal, you will see components on both sides of your screen. Fast widgets and Built-In Widgets are two options that are available on your left and right side, respectively.
  • You can select your preferred widget by double-clicking or dragging to the workspace or canva.
  • If you need to edit the widgets, you can also do that by clicking on the “Edit Widgets” option. Simultaneously, you can save the widgets and use them in the future. Just click on the “My Widgets” to add it to your widgets library.

Add links between screens.

  • You can also add “New Link” by selecting this option on the right-hand side panel. You can also add some innovative animations, widgets, etc. to it.
  • Video components, Audio components, and spreadsheets can be added by pasting its URL link for the desired file and publish it to create better interaction between the user and the application.

Add Notes

  • Add notes to your sign up page UI design that you want to keep in mind for future use.

Create interactive animations

  • Several icons and widgets in the library and build-in templates as a demo to guide you.
  • Dynamic widgets are there to add interacting animation and manage the screen state by changing the shape, size, and color of an image component.

Step 3: Preview your UI design

  • You need to preview or test the Signup UI design through the target device before developing it, to understand the user interface that you are going to provide.

Step 4: Share your UI design

  • After designing hand off your work to the professional developers to start the development process.
  • Collaborate with a team of developers and managers through Enterprise to see your unique UI design getting into life.

Top 5 Sign Up UI Design Examples

Before jumping into a great design or decision, you need to take inspiration or see examples from the most used websites. Millions of users sign up through these platforms every day with ease. Here are the top 5 sign up UI design examples of some famous sites (all the sources are taken from Justinmind) :

Facebook: -

Facebook has the most users across the world; it means billions of common people interact and sign up to this platform every day. It has the potential to encourage all the users yet keeping its UI design as simple as possible.

It has the only necessary information to fill up with only 4-5 required fields. There is a small introduction to the platform to let users know what they will get. Also, there is an alternate sign up option so users can choose between email and phone number.

Medium: -

Medium is used as one of the best techniques to avoid all the input fields and create the most comfortable sign UI design for the users. It has only two sign up options, one with Gmail and the other one with Facebook. So this platform avoids the process of signing up by asking users to fill up that somewhere else and use that data. This allows a lot of space in the Signup page to put visual aesthetic and graphical elements.

Reddit: -

Reddit’s sign up UI design is as simple as it can be. A signup form appears when you click the signup button on the homepage. There is only one input field, that is email. A small description of the platform without any extra words and a sleek portion of graphical design creates a better UI design and visual experience.

Mailchimp: -

The Mailchimp has a minimalistic design with just texts and no additional colors. It has only three required input fields keeping it as simple as possible. The best part is that the password comes with a “show” option that enables the user to see what exact password he is putting.

When you are creating a password for the first time, you are more likely to forget it. So you better see it instead of asterisks. Neat bullet points to guide your password and the get started button are activated only when the form is filled with a unique idea.

Google: -

Google is the most widely used platform. Signing up for Google takes only four required fields to fill up; those are First name, Last name, Username, and Password. There is an option to view your password here as well. There is an illustration of a single user behind multiple applications with a line “One account. All of Google are working you “on the right side of the signup page. This is an excellent approach to letting users know how much they can trust. The signup UI design of Google is unique, smart, and easy to encourage all kinds of users.