How to Make UI Design with Sketch App

Peter Martinez updated on 2024-06-06 13:48:44

Making UI design is not hard as it used to be in the past. The process has been made easy with the many innovative tools that have flooded the market. Sketch UI design is one of the easiest to make. Sketch has become a popular tool among many UI and UX designers because of its high level efficiency and ease of use. It can help you do the work simply from the first step to the last. Wondershare Mockitt is also the other top tool you can use during the process. Read the article to know how to create a sketch UI design and more about the tool.

How to Make UI Design with Sketch

Using sketch is easy even for beginners because of its simplicity. Creating a sketch UX design is a nice experience since you get all your artboards of screen designs in a single file. Here are steps on how to make a UI design with sketch.

Step 1: Open sketch

  • Once you open sketch you get a clean interface, with several tools and options for your design process.

Step 2: Create the UI design

  • Create pages representing the kind of content for the sketch UI you are creating. If the design is complex your pages might look like onboardingscreens, profile screens or splash and login screens.
  • Name the sketch artboards. You see them in my layers panel.
  • You can make the necessary changes such as button color and re-save. There are several features that make it easy for you to design navigation elements i.e. tab bars and headers that you will use throughout the project.
  • Choose colors. In case your colors are selected, you should now convert colors into symbols. Once you are done, save the colours.
  • Change icons into dynamic symbols making it easy to change their colors to any of the ones saved above. You can change the color of your sketch ui ux using the simple dropdown menu on the right of the platform.

Step 3: Prototype your UI design

  • After you have solidified your design, you can now prototype your sketch UX design. There is a sharing link that makes it possible for you to share your UI design with other people. Share the design with others so that they can preview and test it. By sharing it with other people, you get an opportunity to get suggestions or feedback that can help you do the right improvement making your design more valuable to the end users.

Step 4: Launch

  • After you are happy that your sketch UX design looks perfect after being tested by potential users, it is now time to launch it for your users. Use the best platforms that will reach your target users.

How to Make UI Design with Sketch Alternative – Wondershare Mockitt

The best UI sketch tool alternative while making UI design is Wondershare Mockitt. The tool is rich in features that make the sketch UI design process smooth. There is a handoff feature that makes it easy for you to get code and specs by simply clicking sharing URL. Some of the specs you get include size, spacing, color and code of any element. With the tool you do not have to do manual inspecting. The handoff feature is also great as it makes it possible for you to do manual input of HTML units. The tool also makes image export easy. Once you upload the sketch files to the tool, you can export images with various resolutions.

The tool is highly adaptive. This means that it is possible for you to prototype and wireframe online, making it possible for you to have to have an improved design process. It has sketch plugin that does not only help you in developing high fidelity prototypes with the same look as an actual app. The tool makes your work easy since it covers the entire post sketch workflow. By using it, you end up saving a lot of time with its easy flow. It also makes it easy for you to work together with your team on the same UI design simultaneously. You can add the members instantly without the need to use other tools or send them screenshots.

Steps on How to Make UI Design with Wondershare Mockitt

Step 1: Create a new UI design project

  • Login to mocking Bot and click new project. Select your desired device you are making the UI design for, choose size and then save. You can also opt to create a project for demos.
  • Edit the name of the UI design, by clicking the settings and do the necessary changes and then save.

Step 2: Create the UI design

  • Add widgets and icons. There are different widgets and icons to add to your design. They include fast widgets on the left, build in widgets, my widgets and icons on the right side. Add them by either double clicking or dragging them to the canvas. You can also edit to make desired changes.
  • Add links. Add links between the widgets by choosing one widget and click new link. You can also do it by dragging the link icon on the left side to the screen.
  • Adding notes. There is a sticky feature in the library where you can input texts to give further explanation regarding your UI design.
  • Interactive animations-Create interactive animations using the dynamic widgets.

Step 3: Preview the UI design

  • Preview your UI design to have a feel of its look and functionality. Previewing also helps you know whether it will meet the desired objectives.

Step 4: Share the design

  • Wondershare Mockitt allows you to share the UI design with others so that they can also test it and give recommendations for improvements. Wondershare Mockitt allows you to share by clicking the share button and get the link.