Top 5 UI Design Blog Examples For Your Inspiration

Peter Martinez updated on 2023-03-23 14:48:53

Part 1: Introduction

If you are looking forward to create a blog, the most critical thing you should think about is the design you apply. The UI design blog applied will highly determine the feel or success you will get with your blog. The competition is already high, so you need your blog design to stand from the others to attract a lot of visitors. A good ui design blog should have all the necessary features to allow it offer a good experience to users. With the many designs and tools you can apply, be sure to check the best that will work for your situation.

Part 2: The Best Tool for Blog UI Design

When you go online, you will find several tools to use for your UX design blog. Choosing the best tool helps you do the designing fast. Even if you are a beginner, you must have heard about Wondershare Mockitt. It is the most popular tool for best UX blog. Using it offers you a positive experience you cannot get by using other tools. The tool is rich in features that make designers love it. One of the top features that make the tool good even for those who are new in the designing field is the ability to create a UX design blog without writing code.

This tool offers versatility because you can also create a design for any kind of device. Whether you need a design for PC or mobile devices, you can use the tool effectively. It is easy to use because it has a streamlined and organised workspace. The tool also allows you to create custom sized layouts, thus your specific requirements as you do the designing are well met. You might want to create UI design blog with your team members. Wondershare Mockitt allows for easy collaboration without the need to send screenshots or use other tools. You add the members instantly. You can also choose color themes, gestures, transition and test your design on your device.

ui design blog

Part 3: How to Create Blog UI and UX Design

As mentioned above, it is the best UX blog tool you can use. It does not require high level training to know how to apply it. Here are simple steps on how to create UI UX blog designing with Wondershare Mockitt .

Step 1: Create a new project

  • Login to Wondershare Mockitt
  • Click create project to start the UI design blog process. Here you need to create a blank project, select the correct device and name your project. In addition, you can also opt to create a project from templates .
ux design blog

Step 2: Design the app

  • Add widgets and icons- start the designing process by adding the fast widgets on the left. Double click, drag or press hotkey and draw to add them on the canvas. The right side has my widgets, build-in widgets and icons. Add them the same way by double clicking or dragging them to the canvas. You can also edit the widget properties.
ux blog
  • Add links between screens- it allows you to add links for screens by selecting one widget and then tap new link in the panel of the right side. You can also add the links by dragging the link icon on the left side of the widget. From there you can then do adjustment to the action, gesture and animation on the link panel.
ui ux blog
  • Add notes-Adding notes helps you to explain your UI design blog further. Do so by using the sticky which is a feature in the icon library. Put the texts in the sticky, which you can preview in preview mode.
best ux blog
  • Create interactive animations- use the dynamic widgets to create these animations
ui/ux design blog

Step 3: Preview the app prototype

This tool allows you to preview your design to check its look and feel. You can preview on your mobile device by sharing link or QR code of the design, personal computer on the top toolbar or offline.

ux design blog

Step 4: Share the app prototype

  • After previewing, you can now share your UI UX blog with others to help preview or test through the share button.
ui/ux blog

Part 4: Top 5 Blog UI/UX Design Examples

1. Justinmind

Justinmind UX design provides a lot of relevant information on a wide range of UX design topics. The posts are fun to read and the publications are done on a regular basis. On the design blog, you come across well researched topics that cover the latest developments and trends in UX designing. There are also guides on how you can use the available prototyping tools. In addition, the blog offers graphic and UX designing tips that are easy even for beginners to apply when undertaking their projects. You can bookmark the blog to get updated with the latest with relevant and fun posts on a weekly basis. Besides, you can also opt to sign up for newsletter so that you can get weekly posts in your inbox.

2. Smashing magazine

If you have been in the digital designing industry, you must be aware of the smashing magazine blog. This UX design blog is updated with regular posts with a lot of information that is relevant for both designers and others too. It is created by UX design professionals with vast experience and knowledge in the industry. Smashing magazine covers web developments and the best tips you can apply in the process. Here you will get some of the top techniques and trends from other UX blog designers in the industry. The magazine is unique as it also provides some of the most interesting and rarely covered topics. You also find posts on different topics on other subjects such as biology, psychology behind UX design.

3. Nielsen Norman Group

Nielsen Norman Group is one of the best UI UX blog design where you get a lot of information of expert UX designers. It was co-founded by Don Norman and it features education and research driven posts on UX design. A wide range of topics on the blog revolve around user behavior and testing. You also get other posts in mobile design, UX for ecommerce and user friendliness. All the posts here are scientifically oriented, they are written in a simple way to allow even lay people understand the content. One of the great feature of this UX design blog is the research posts published with facts and data from previous studies conducted on UX design. The information provided offer great help to all those designing or aspiring to design user friendly features in their products.

4. UX Matters

UX matters is a UI design blog that focuses more on design, research and accessibility. It offers top UX tips that are easy to understand and follow for both the novices and those with vast experience in the industry. On this design blog, you come across a lot of practical tips like managing your budget during user research, and the best ways to communicate to the developers. There are also a variety of relevant and interesting topics ranging from designing of usable UI apps and reviews of new books in the industry. One of the things that make this blog unique from others is the presence of a feature that makes it possible for you to send UX related questions to UX experts and get the right answers on all your burning questions.

5. UX Booth

UX booth is a UI design blog that prides with a lot of high quality article backed by current research in the UX design field. It is regularly updated with content. Here you will find a wide range of topics including unique topics like voice UX design. The blog also has posts on other relevant topics for UX designers that offer practical solutions. When you visit the blog, you can expect to get many other topics such as interaction design, general UX design philosophy, user analytics, accessibility design, business strategy in UC and others.