Top 5 UI Design Software for Windows

Peter Martinez updated on 2024-06-06 13:49:12

No matter what kind of UI design you are creating, it should be compatible with some device or operating systems like iOS, Android and windows. To create user interface design for windows, you would need prototyping software or designing tools like – Axure RP, Balsamiq, Sketch etc. These are not particularly UI design software for windows, but it serves the purpose. The fundamental use of UI design is the same for windows as well, which is to create an attractive yet not so intricate interface design to satisfy your user.

Top 5 UI Design Software for Windows

As there is already much software available in the market to make the best UI designs you can think, you might get confused as well. If you are looking for the best UI UX design software for windows, here is a list of top 5 UI design windows:

Wondershare Mockitt :

With numerous build-in templates, ease to work and free access, it is the most useful software and deserves to stay in the top.

ui design software for windows

Best features:

  • This UI design tools for windows is entirely free for individual use as basic. The advance level and enterprise is also pocket friendly which gives you an extra push to your work without thinking of the cost.
  • There are several widgets, templates, and icons already build in to help out the beginners. You can even create, edit widgets and save it in the library for future use.
  • Simple drag and drop method to choose and add the widgets in the canvas with ease.
  • You can add links between your pages like – gesture, action or animation to create a better UI design. This allows you to make user-friendly designs yet attractive to interact with.
  • The option for cloud storage allows you to save and reconnect to your work anytime, anywhere without any worries of data loss. It also lets you share your designs with others. You can have access through multiple devices and sync them anytime.
  • Enterprise allows you to connect with graphic designers, developers and managers from millions of users by which you can create your team to get the best output of your own best UI design software for windows.

Axure RP:

It is one of the most professional tools to create fantastic UI designs for windows with pinpoint accuracy.

Best features:

  • This best UI UX design software for windows comes in handy with 30 days of a free trial. The Pro, team and enterprises are paid packages
  • All in one compelling and compact tool with lots of features that make it designer’s favourite.
  • The connector mode allows you to connect between the pages and see the designs of multiple pages at the same time so you can check the flow.
  • It is a beautiful blend of Design and analysis. Axure RP comes combining with some designing tools like Sketch, Figma, Adobe XD and others which make it even better for UI designing of windows.


Another prototyping software compatible with windows and mac but especially for windows. It is easy and fast and comes up with some useful features.

Best features:

  • It’s a free software for essential uses, and the advance packages are also yearly payable.
  • It has 200+ components and 3000+ icons to provide everything you need to create UI design
  • Multiple ways of sharing and preview offer you the opportunity to share your work with others and also preview your design or prototype through numerous device.
  • There are some enhanced features like Auto data fill in, Mind map design mode, repeater to help the users even more for beginners and experts as well.


Balsamiq is a rapid and swift prototyping software where you can create UI designs and wireframes efficiently.

Best features:

  • It comes up with 30 days of a free trial plan as well, or you can avail the packages as per your requirement.
  • You can create great UI designs and wireframes pretty quickly and also discuss with others to get the best output for the project.
  • It has the best User Interface Design Library from where you can choose your required design from a wide range of UI designs.
  • The software is well designed itself, provides tutorials and templates which is helpful for the individuals with expertise as well. is also powerful software to create exciting User Interface design for windows and iOS.

Best features:

  • Cloud-based software where users can work online without downloading or installing it.
  • Comes up with a free trial and user-friendly pricing
  • It has a library that includes animated icons and sound effects. So it has a wide range of video and audio components.
  • Lottie animations or after-effects to create even more attractive UI designs.

Comparison chart

Name of the software Features Costing
Wondershare Mockitt

Build-in templates, widgets & icons

Add links and animation with ease

Cloud storage to save and work anywhere

Extra motivation for beginners

Free for Individuals(Basic)

$49/year for individuals(advance)

$99/year for Enterprise

Axure RP

All in one powerful tool

Connector Mode to connect between the pages of design

Combines with other tools like figma, sketch and Adobe XD

30-day free trial

$29/month for Pro

$49/month for team


Numerous components and icons to help

Option for multiple ways of sharing

Enhanced features like auto data fill in, repeater and Mind map designs

Free for Basic

$99/year for pro


Make powerful wireframes

User Interface Library

Several templates and tutorials

30 day free trial

$9/month for 2 projects

$49/month for 20 projects

$99/month for 200 projects

Cloud based software

Numerous audio and video components

Options to add after effects ( lottie animations )

$24/month for freelancer

$40/month for startup

$80/month (agency) $160/month for corporate