What is UI and UX Developer - A Full Guide

Peter Martinez updated on 2024-06-06 13:48:19

There is always a misconception regarding a UI developer and other related professionals. You will find people confusing UI developer with UX developer, UI designer, web developer, UX designer, and front end developer. All the work these experts do is related, but they perform different responsibilities in making an app or website functional and offer users a positive experience. This article provides well-detailed information regarding all these professions, what they entail, and differences. It also provides information regarding Wondershare Mockitt which is the best design tool for UI/UX design.

What is UI Developer - Job Description and Salary

A UI developer is involved in translating creative design ideas and concepts into reality by applying font-end technology. They have a thorough understanding of the user interface design solution both in its creative vision and practical intent. They then work on it and turn it into engineered softwares. A UI developer is usually the bridge that exists between the presentation layer and the backend layer. Their major task is to create and design a software interface by giving priority to the end-user requirements. The UI developer takes part in the designing process; take the design developed by the UX designer as an input. The developers have deep knowledge of CSS, HTML, Angular, AJAX, reactJS, javascript, and others. They need to have a good level of understanding of business and design to entire they never compromise on design intents and business goals.

Job description

  • Perform testing of completed websites, apps, and software to test the user experience.
  • Develop storyboards to conceptualize designs and showcase project plans to users.
  • Create seamless navigation through a wide range of digital interfaces and programs.
  • Code to create the aesthetics done within a product or website including drop-down options, layout menus, fonts, and colors.
  • Work together with programmers and back-end web developers to enhance usability.

The average UI developer salary ranges from $ 69, 000 to $76,929 per year.

What is UX Developer - Job Description and Salary

A UX developer focuses on making a design appealing to the end-users. It is this appeal that makes them develop the interest to know more about it. The developer should have knowledge of HTML and other creative skills. Their main task involves improving how users interact with an app or website to allow for a positive experience. They understand the large picture whereby they help in designing the organizational structure behind a site and create particular interactive elements. A UX developer should have communication and interpersonal skills. They need to be effective team players with good listening skills and take instructions in order to create concrete sites or apps. It is the role of the UX developer to bridge that exists between design and technology. They help the developer or coders know the ultimate vision of the project and what the designers need.

Job descriptions

  • Ensure that web applications and other projects offer a positive experience by having an appealing user interface.
  • Present UI layout ideas and web design plan to users.
  • Create web applications, pages, and user interface layouts with a positive user experience in mind.
  • Carry out usability tests and make an analysis of results to find out consumer experience when using the site or apps.

The average UX developer salary is $100,287 per year.

UI Designer vs UI Developer

UI designer and UI developer usually work together to design an application or program that is understandable and easy to use. Understanding UI designer vs UI developer is good to ensure that everything is clear when carrying out the different roles.

UI designer

A UI designer is involved in crafting and conceptualizing visual aspects that facilitate the use of a program. This requires them to have a good understanding of the programming language of an application. They should have deep knowledge of graphic design since they should incorporate their designs into the program perfectly. They create designs that are then implemented into a layout that is drafted by a UI developer. Once they are done with the design, they are required to turn them into programs and perform a demo for UI developers to find out if it meets their expectations and ensures there are no bugs. They are also involved in editing software, drafting graphic design, choose fonts, determine color schemes, and create storyboards.

UI developer

A UI developer focuses more on the functionality aspect of an application, programming, and coding throughout the entire stages of development with users in mind. They start by integrating the clients’ needs into the layout that is improved as progress is made. Once all the general functions are working, the UI designer put their visual concepts into the layout to ensure that the initial draft is working. In case there are some malfunctions or bugs to fix, the UI developer solves the issue and patches the app.

UX Designer vs Web Developer

Web Developer

A web developer focuses more on the functionality of a website instead of its appearance. They have a deep understanding of HTML, expert knowledge of programming languages, and databases. They develop build and maintains websites that are functional and resilient. They should have high-level proficiency in the use of HTML, javascript, ASP, PHP, or C++. In addition to this, they should also have knowledge of MySQL that helps in the management of online content in a database. Good communication, project, and time management skills are essential since they have to work with UI developers who are involved in creating the feel and look of a website.

UX designer

A UX designer is responsible for measuring and optimizing the web-based apps to enhance their usability. They focus on ensuring that the sites provide the best user experience by using a wide range of approaches to solving problems with the end-users. They can do this by performing user tests to check their behavior. The designer then tries to refine and tweak websites to come up with products that users like and find easy to use. A UX designer should have UX writing, collaboration, wireframing and coding skills.

Front End Developer vs UX Developer

Front-End Developer

A front end developer is involved in coding the front side of a website. They are more focused on front-end development which involves how the design is implemented on the website. The developer helps in linking the world of technology and design, by packaging up the utility of the back end in an appealing way to allow for smooth user interaction. A front-end developer takes the site design files and changes them into HTML, CSS, or Javascript that are the most critical elements of front-end development. They work on content, layout, navigation, buttons, and internal links. They are responsible for creating the environment for everything that users click, see, and touch.

UX Developer

A UX developer is more involved in ensuring that users have a positive experience when using a website from the start to the end. They apply various programs such as sketch, photoshop, and illustrator to design wireframes, storyboards, sitemaps, mockups, finish the product, and do testing with potential users. The developer is involved in designing the organizational structure of a website and ensures that all the necessary interactive components of a website are well achieved. Positive user experience is what drives a UX developer when working on a project.

The Best Tool for UI/UX Developer

If you are aspiring or you are already working as a UI UX developer, you should use the best tool that helps create great designs efficiently. Wondershare Mockitt is a must-use tool for any UI UX developer. It is one of the easiest tools that even beginners can use without a lot of problems. It has many features that make it offer a smooth experience for developers. With the tool, you can develop a mobile app, prototype, or wireframe within a short time. You also save a lot of time since you do not have to write codes in the process.

ui developer

Wondershare Mockitt has a nice workspace that makes it perfect for doing the design work. It easy to use since it has easy to use drag and drop features, there are no complications involved during the designing work. It works well for beginners since no coding skills are required to create perfect wireframes and prototypes. Once you are done with building clickable prototypes, the tool makes it easy for you to share it with your PC, laptop, iOS, or android device. Collaboration is also made easy since the tool allows you to build interactive mobile apps at a fast pace, thus allowing you to save a lot of time.

The tool makes it easy for you to create a prototype because it offers you the ability to design combo and object templates, build in widgets, and its drag and drop function. With Wondershare Mockitt the stress of writing complex codes is eliminated. If you are working as a team, the tool makes work easy for you since you can share the prototypes with others, you can add other members of your team directly to your project. You can also get feedback from others without giving them the ability to do any changes to your prototype. You do this by generating a URL that can be viewed in a web browser.