What is UI Development and UX Development?

Peter Martinez updated on 2024-06-06 13:48:53

With the rapid growth in the technological sector, everyone wants the best without having to invest a lot of time and brains, and this is precise, applicable for mobile apps and internet websites. UI development technologies have become more consumer-oriented therefore, when it comes to apps, and website user satisfaction, UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience Design) are the key elements. The primary objective of UI/UX is to satisfy the users and improve the customer experience by easing down the interaction with them. This eventually leads to the increase in the number of users of that particular application.

The Best Tool for UI/UX Development

UI/UX determines the visual design principles and user interaction with the websites and phone applications hence, it is crucial to choose the best tool for the UI and UX development, and Wondershare Mockitt fills that gap for you. It is an online prototyping and collaboration tool to empower your design journey, present your idea, validate your concept and implementation of the design. Following are the key features of the tool :

Asset Library

The Wondershare Mockitt Asset library assists you to embark your excellent and efficient journey

  • Sufficient assets for free: You can make a prototype with zero design experience with an abundant amount of widget and icons. There 20+ industry templates, covering education, finance, e-commerce etc.
  • Management of asset library: Easy customization widgets with the option of saving and reusing in one click.
  • Shared Team Asset Library (coming soon): You will be able to share your design system with the team and manage, maintain and update jointly with this new feature.


Create dynamic effects using Design prototype without any coding knowledge.

  • With the fully stocked asset library, create beautiful and useful interfaces and interactions quickly by dragging and dropping
  • You can easily form your design files interactive by dragging and importing the images directly by adding a “Link area”.
  • You can make a graphic prototype without any experience with coding by merely using the variety of gestures and transition effects offered by this tool.

Efficient Presentation and Review

Good design enables smooth and efficient communication; therefore, the Wondershare Mockitt offers:

  • Device-border and full-screen presentation modes which help in simulating the real interactive experience.
  • You can let others see your prototype by merely sharing a link or QR code.
  • Members of the enterprise can give feedbacks online by commenting.
  • You can demonstrate offline without worrying about the internet.

Cloud Editing

You can quickly start using the software directly through the browser without installing.

  • The system automatically saves all changes leaving you free with the tension of keeping it.
  • No more manual transfers, cloud collaboration, and link sharing enables editing and viewing the project.
  • Don’t have to worry about data loss because of financial levels of security protection.

Multi-member collaboration

Wondershare Mockitt lets your co-edit and co-manage projects with your team members.

ui development

What is the user interface (UI) development?

UI Development or User Interface Development in fundamental terms is a process of developing web applications, mobile applications, websites and software development. The primary role of UI can be observed in the Software Development Life Cycle [SDLC]. There is a misconception about User development is all about creating websites and writing CSS, HTML and JavaScript, but UI is much more than these technical terms. The main objective of the User Interface is to make communication with the user as easy and efficient as possible. UI determines the point of interaction between the user and the product, for example, the touchpad on an ATM which helps you withdrawing money. UI mainly deals with visual elements of the product, and therefore, the focus lies on the icons, typography, colour schemes, buttons etc.

What is UX Development?

UX development implies the term “user experience development”. According to Cognitive Scientist & User Experience Architect Don Norman, User Experience (UX) composes of all the aspects of the interaction between users and the company, its services and its products. There are various elements involved in User experience development, like how the user feels about the experience and easement of the accomplishment of the desired tasks. The eventual objective of UX development is to develop a secure, efficient, relevant and pleasant all-round experience for the user providing maximum user satisfaction. For example, online shopping apps or digital payment apps. UX development seeks to develop and improve the interaction between the user and the website/app. It is not really about the visual aspect of the website or application, but the whole feel of the experience while using it. The key elements of UX is wireframing the implementation and structuring all its components and parts such that it provides the best and satisfactory user experience. The main thing which UX developer has to keep in mind are the customers and their needs to develop a basic structure of the application.